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Can I bring vape to Japan?

Vaping has become increasingly popular around the world in recent years as an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. However, laws and regulations surrounding vaping products vary greatly from country to country. Japan has strict regulations regarding vapes and e-cigarettes, so travelers need to understand the rules before attempting to bring their vapes into the country. This article will provide a comprehensive overview of Japan’s vaping laws and regulations to help travelers determine if they can bring their vape to Japan.

Are Vapes Legal in Japan?

Vaping devices like e-cigarettes and vape pens are legal to possess and use in Japan. However, there are strict regulations surrounding the sale, import, and use of vaping products. It is important for travelers to understand exactly what is allowed and prohibited to avoid legal issues when visiting Japan with a vape.

Vape Device Legality

It is legal for individuals to possess and use vape devices in Japan, whether they are residents or tourists. Vape devices like e-cigarettes, vape pens, and mods can be carried on your person and used in most public places where cigarette smoking is allowed. However, there are regulations limiting where vape devices can be used, similar to traditional tobacco rules.

Nicotine E-Liquid Legality

While vape devices are legal, the possession and use of nicotine e-liquid is more strictly regulated in Japan. It is illegal to buy or sell e-liquids containing nicotine within Japan without a prescription. This applies to both residents of Japan and foreign visitors. This essentially bans the open commercial sale of any vape juice with nicotine.

However, it is not illegal for individuals to personally import nicotine e-liquid into Japan for personal use. This means travelers can bring vape juice containing nicotine into Japan within personal use limits.

CBD/Cannabis Legality

CBD and cannabis products are strictly prohibited in Japan, even products with only trace amounts of THC. CBD or cannabis-based vape products are completely illegal and carry severe penalties if caught. Do not attempt to bring any THC or CBD vape products into Japan.

Where Vaping is Allowed

In general, vaping follows the same public usage rules as traditional tobacco smoking in Japan. Vaping is banned in most public places like:

  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Offices
  • Stores
  • Public transportation
  • Parks

Vaping is generally allowed in smoking rooms and designated smoking areas. However, vaping may be banned entirely on some train platforms and locations even within smoking zones. Check signs carefully to determine if vaping is specifically prohibited before use.

Can Tourists Bring A Vape To Japan?

Yes, tourists and other travelers can legally bring their vapes and e-cigarettes into Japan. However, visitors must adhere to strict regulations on what they can bring related to vape juice, accessories, and other products.

Vape Devices

Travelers can legally bring their personal vaping devices like vape pens, e-cigarettes, mods, and vaporizers in their carry-on or checked luggage. There are no device restrictions on vapes brought for personal use. Disposable vape products are also allowed within reason.

However, visitors cannot bring in vape devices to sell or distribute in Japan. Bringing large quantities of vape devices could lead to issues at customs.

Vape Juice – Nicotine Allowed

Travelers can bring in personal supplies of vape juice that contains nicotine, despite the domestic sales ban. When entering Japan, adults can bring:

– Up to a 60-day supply of nicotine vape juice for personal use
– No more than 120ml of nicotine e-juice total

This allows most vapers to bring enough nicotine juice for their entire trip. However, restrictions still apply so carrying excessive amounts is not recommended. Bring what you expect to need during your specific travel dates.

Vape Juice – No Nicotine Allowed

Non-nicotine vape juice is treated the same as any other import. You can bring up to the duty-free import limit of:

– Up to ¥200,000 yen ($1,600 USD) tax free
– Must declare amounts above ¥200,000 yen

So travelers can bring a personal supply of zero-nicotine juice following standard import rules. Carrying unusual amounts could lead to questions.

Vape Accessories

Vape accessories like coils, cotton, wire, tanks, building kits, and other hardware can be brought into Japan for personal use. There are no explicit restrictions on vape accessories, just follow general import rules:

– Declare all vape gear properly on customs forms
– Do not attempt to bring accessories for resale
– Unusual quantities may get flagged

As long as accessories are clearly for personal use, they should pass through customs without issue. Use common sense on quantities.

Japan Vape Customs Rules & Enforcement

To avoid legal issues when entering Japan with vape gear, travelers need to follow Customs rules and regulations. Both airport customs and Japan Post have authority to inspect and seize imports violating Japan’s vaping laws.

Must Declare All Vape Products

Travelers must properly declare all vaping products on their Customs declaration form when entering Japan. All vape gear, juice, and accessories must be declared. Failure to declare could lead to fines or having vape gear seized:

– Declare vape devices, all e-juice, accessories
– Undeclared vape gear may be confiscated
– Honesty is best policy with Customs

Declare your vape equipment upfront to avoid trouble. This applies whether you have nicotine juice or not.

Banned Vape Products

Some vape products are completely prohibited from import into Japan. Customs can seize or penalize travelers attempting to bring in banned vape-related merchandise. Do not attempt to bring:

– E-liquid containing nicotine bought overseas
– Any CBD or THC vape products
– Vape juice intended for sale in Japan
– Large quantities of vape gear intended for resale

Avoid these items to prevent legal issues. Stick to personal use guidelines.

Vape Juice Limits Enforced

Customs agents may verify travelers have only limited quantities of nicotine e-juice consistent with personal use. Expect close inspection if carrying:

– More than 120ml total nicotine e-liquid
– Massive supplies intended for long-term use or resale

Stick within allowed limits to avoid trouble. Carry only what you need for the trip length.

Penalties If Caught

Penalties exist if you violate Japan’s vape laws and regulations:

– Nicotine vape juice bought abroad may be confiscated
– Undeclared vape products can be seized
– Fines up to ¥200,000 JPY possible
– Banned vape items lead to harsher penalties
– Smuggling for resale prosecuted as a crime

To avoid legal problems, follow all vape travel rules and declare your gear properly.

Other Japanese Vaping Laws & Rules

Beyond the customs regulations, some other Japanese vaping laws apply to travelers with vapes:

Minimum Age Is 20

Japan has a minimum age of 20 years old to purchase or use vaping products, both for residents and tourists. Those under 20 cannot legally possess vapes or e-juice.

No Flavored E-Liquid

Japan banned flavored vape juice in 2020, except tobacco flavor. Travelers cannot buy or import flavored e-liquid. Stick to unflavored or tobacco flavors only.

No Online E-Liquid Sales

Purchasing any nicotine vape juice online for shipment to Japan is illegal. All online e-liquid sales are prohibited.

Vaping Banned Many Places

Beyond banned public places, note these venues prohibit vaping:

  • Hotel rooms at some luxury hotels
  • Rental cars or rental apartment rooms
  • Schools, museums, libraries
  • Other posted non-smoking/non-vaping areas

Watch for signs indicating vaping prohibited and follow all posted rules.

Fines For Vaping Violations

Fines up to ¥300,000 JPY possible for vaping violations like:

  • Vaping in non-smoking areas
  • Underage vape possession
  • Using flavored e-liquid

Follow all vaping laws to avoid issues.


Bringing your vape to Japan is legal but regulated. Avoid banned items like CBD, THC, flavored juice, or excessive nicotine e-liquid. Stick to personal use limits, properly declare all vape gear, know the restrictions on use, and avoid fines or legal problems with your vape in Japan. Follow the rules and regulations, and your vaping experience in Japan can be hassle-free.