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Can I have a Twix with braces?

Quick Answer

It is generally not recommended to eat sticky, chewy candies like Twix bars while wearing braces. The caramel and chocolate can get stuck in the wires and brackets, which can lead to cavities, gum inflammation, and prolonged treatment time. However, occasionally enjoying a small piece of Twix by thoroughly brushing and flossing afterwards is unlikely to cause major problems. It’s best to avoid hard, sticky, chewy candies as much as possible and opt for softer alternatives that are less likely to damage braces. Moderation and proper oral hygiene are key.

Can You Eat Twix With Braces?

Eating a Twix bar with braces is not recommended, but occasional consumption in small amounts may be ok if it is followed by thorough brushing and flossing. The sticky caramel filling can adhere to the brackets and wires, while the chewy nougat poses a risk of damage from biting and chewing. Small particles left trapped near the teeth can also lead to plaque buildup and increase the risk of cavities. For these reasons, foods like Twix are typically on the list of foods to avoid with braces. However, having a small piece from time to time is unlikely to cause major issues as long as proper precautions are taken.

Risks and Dangers

There are a few main risks associated with eating Twix bars with braces:

  • Food stuck in braces – The thick caramel and chewy nougat can wedge between brackets, wires, and bands. This can be uncomfortable and requires careful removal.
  • Tooth decay – Caramel and chocolate left stuck in braces promotes acid and plaque formation, raising cavity risk.
  • Gum inflammation – Food trapped near the gums provokes gingivitis and swelling.
  • Breakage – The hard chocolate shell and chewy nougat require forceful biting, which may damage wires or brackets.
  • Prolonged treatment – Poor oral hygiene and breakage from eating sticky foods can extend overall treatment time.

Keeping braces free of debris through proper brushing and flossing helps minimize these risks. But sticky foods still raise the chances of complications.

Proper Precautions

If you do occasionally eat foods like Twix with braces, there are precautions you should take:

  • Brush and floss thoroughly afterwards – Brush carefully around each bracket and under wires. Use floss threaders to clean between each tooth.
  • Rinse with water – Swish water around after eating to help wash away excess food particles.
  • Avoid big bites – Take small nibbles to minimize damage from chewing.
  • Watch sugar intake – High sugar foods boost cavity risk, so limit frequency and portions.
  • Visit your orthodontist – Get regular adjustments and cleanings to detect any issues early.

Proper oral hygiene and being careful when chewing can help offset some of the risks of eating sticky sweets with braces. But they cannot completely eliminate the chances of problems.

Better Braces-Friendly Snack Options

While treats like Twix should be minimized, there are plenty of tasty snacks that are safer to enjoy with braces:

Fruit Snacks

Fruit snacks like gummies are soft, non-sticky candies that help satisfy a sweet tooth. Try brands that are all natural with no added sugars. Enjoy in moderation.

Yogurt and Cottage Cheese

Dairy products like unsweetened yogurt and cottage cheese are cool, creamy treats. The calcium strengthens teeth too. Just avoid varieties with crunchy toppings.

Ice Cream and Popsicles

Ice cream that can be eaten with a spoon is gentle on braces. Enjoy soft serve rather than crunchy cones. Popsicles also give a sweet frozen treat.


Whirl soft fruits and yogurt in a blender for thick, cold drinks. Some good smoothie ingredients are bananas, berries, pineapple, and melon.


Sipped slowly through a straw, milkshakes made with soft ice cream or yogurt slide easily around braces. Skip the whipped cream topping.

Pudding and Jello

Pudding and Jello offer sweetness in soft, smooth textures. They are good portable snacks too since they do not require chewing.

Scrambled Eggs

Protein-rich scrambled eggs make a nourishing brace-safe snack any time of day. Eggs are soft once cooked and easily chewed.

Mashed Potatoes

Warm, creamy mashed potatoes are wonderful snack comfort food. Just leave off hard, crunchy toppings like bacon bits.

Juice and Water

Sipping juices without pulp or plain water helps wash away food debris. Stay hydrated for healthy braces and teeth.


Applesauce contains fiber, vitamin C, and few natural sugars. Its smooth pureed texture won’t damage braces like raw apples might.


While treats like Twix should be minimized, having braces does not mean completely giving up sweets. With the right precautions and finding better braces-friendly alternatives, you can still enjoy snacking. Proper oral hygiene remains essential though. Avoiding excess sugars and foods that can damage braces helps prevent complications. With smart food choices and great care of your teeth and braces, you’ll stay on track for a beautiful straightened smile.