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Can I take my 7 month old to the movies?

Taking your 7 month old to the movies is absolutely possible, but there are some important factors to consider before booking those tickets. At 7 months, babies are becoming more mobile and vocal, but their attention spans are still quite short. Going to a movie theater exposes them to new sights, sounds, and environments that can be overstimulating. However, with some preparation and care, bringing your 7 month old along can be an enjoyable experience for the whole family.

Quick Answer

The quick answer is yes, you can take a 7 month old baby to the movies, but you’ll need to consider their temperament, nap schedule, feeding times, and ability to sit still. Choose an engaging but not too loud kid’s movie, go at an off-peak time, sit near the exit, and be prepared to step out if they get fussy. Check the sound and lighting levels in the auditorium first too. Overall, know your baby’s limits and have backup plans for if it’s too much for them.

Things to Consider Before Going to the Movies with a 7 Month Old

Your Baby’s Temperament

Every baby is different, so think about your 7 month old’s general demeanor. Are they typically calm and adaptable to new situations? Or are they more sensitive and easily overstimulated? Fussy babies will have a harder time at the theater while laidback babies may take it all in stride. If your baby is on the fussier side, a movie may be too much too soon.

Nap Schedule

At 7 months, babies are still supposed to get 2-3 naps per day, lasting 1-2 hours each. Make sure the movie time aligns with your baby’s nap schedule. Don’t plan a movie right when they tend to nap or will be getting tired and cranky. They should be well-rested so they can enjoy the experience.

Feeding Times

Factor in when your baby will need to eat before and during the movie. Feed them right before going in, and bring a bottle or snacks in case they get hungry. Breastfeeding moms can try feeding during less active scenes. But don’t rely on being able to feed them easily there, it will be dark and distracting.

Ability to Sit Still

While most 7 month olds can sit up on their own, they are still wiggly and don’t have great head/neck control. Recliner-style seats are best to keep them comfortable but still. Or you can sit and have them on your lap. Bring toys or books to keep them engaged during the movie too.

Picking a Movie

Choose a movie meant for young children, like a Disney or Pixar film. The music, colors, and images will be most engaging at this age. Avoid action films or anything too loud, scary, or violent. Keep in mind their limited attention span too, so aim for a 90 minute movie at most. You want them to enjoy their first theater experience.

Making the Theater Experience Easier with a 7 Month Old

Go at an Off-Peak Time

Matinee and weekday showings are best, when there will be fewer people. This reduces stimuli and gives you more space to move around if needed. Big crowds in a darkened theater could be overwhelming.

Scope Out the Auditorium First

Before the movie starts, walk into the assigned theater to check the lighting, sound levels, and seating options. Make sure the volume isn’t painfully loud where you’ll be sitting. See if there is crying room seating available too.

Sit Near the Exit

Book seats on the end of a row near the exit doors. This makes it easy to slip out quickly if your baby gets fussy or overwhelmed. You don’t want to have to climb over a bunch of people with an upset baby in your arms.

Bring Backup Entertainment

Even the best kids’ movies can lose a 7 month old’s interest quickly. Bring a favorite toy or book to grab their attention if they seem antsy. Quiet crinkle toys or soft books work well. Be prepared to entertain them yourself too.

Pack Snacks and Supplies

Bring a diaper bag with diapers, wipes, a change of clothes, pacifiers, snacks, a cup, and any other essentials in case you’re out longer than planned. Keeping them fed, changed, and comfortable will lead to a better experience.

Watch for Signs of Distress

Pay close attention to your baby during the movie for any signs of irritation, like crying, grabbing ears, startling, or trying to turn away from the screen. Be ready to step out and soothe them in the lobby if the lights or sounds become too much.

Take Breaks as Needed

Don’t feel bad about stepping out when you need to. Getting up to walk around, feed them, or just give their eyes and ears a break from the stimulation can make a big difference. Do whatever you need to keep your baby happy.

Best Movies to Take a 7 Month Old To

Movie Why It’s a Good Choice
Finding Nemo Playful fish and ocean scenes hold their attention.
Toy Story Entertaining characters and upbeat music.
The Lion King Colorful animal characters for them to point at.
Frozen Enjoyable songs and soothing winter scenes.
Inside Out Bright emotions as characters are captivating.

Tips for Keeping a 7 Month Old Entertained

Come Prepared with Snacks

Stock your diaper bag with healthy finger foods like small pieces of banana, puffs, and teething crackers. Offer them snacks to stay content.

Have Fun Toys on Hand

A few small, engaging toys can make a big difference, like soft blocks, board books, and linking rings. Rotate through them to pique their interest.

Take Movement Breaks

Let them stand up in your lap or gently sway/bounce them during especially slow parts. Change positions too.

Narrate the Movie

Quietly describing what’s happening on screen gives them something to focus on. Point things out for them to look at.

Encourage Interactions

Have them hand you toys, wave hello/bye to characters, clap for fun moments, etc. Anything to help them participate.


Bringing your 7 month old to the movie theater can be done with the right preparation and mindset. Choose an age-appropriate film, pick a time when they’re alert, well-fed, and well-rested, and sit near the exit. Have toys, books, and snacks on hand too. Monitor them for signs of distress and don’t hesitate to step out when needed. Limiting stimuli and taking breaks can make all the difference. While it requires effort, sharing a movie you both enjoy can be a fun bonding experience!