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Can Kurama be revived?

Kurama, the Nine-Tailed Fox demon sealed within Naruto Uzumaki, played a pivotal role throughout the Naruto series. However, Kurama met his end during the climactic battle against Isshiki Otsutsuki, sacrificing himself to save Naruto. This left fans wondering – can Kurama ever be revived in the Boruto series?

Kurama’s Death

Kurama died protecting Naruto from Isshiki Otsutsuki. After Isshiki shrunk himself and attempted to kill Naruto from within using rods, Kurama used his chakra to shield Naruto. This protected Naruto but cost Kurama his life, as the Tailed Beast chakra ran out in the process.

Kurama’s death was an incredibly emotional moment, as he and Naruto had formed a true bond of friendship over the years. The loss of his longtime partner left Naruto devastated. However, Kurama assured Naruto that although he was vanishing, their bond would remain through the chakra he had given Naruto over the years.

Can Tailed Beasts be Revived?

The answer is yes – tailed beasts can be revived after death under certain circumstances. There is some precedent for Tailed Beast revival in the Naruto story:

  • After Kurama was sealed into Naruto as a newborn, his leftover chakra gradually formed into a new Nine-Tails over time.
  • Chōmei, the Seven-Tails, was revived after being sealed into the Chakra Receiver by Tobi during the Fourth Shinobi World War.

This shows that it is possible for tailed beasts to naturally reform after death, provided they have leftover chakra. However, this process takes many years.

Can Kurama’s Revival be Accelerated?

There may be ways to accelerate Kurama’s natural revival process:

  • Using the Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation technique to temporarily revive Kurama in an immortal body.
  • Gathering Kurama’s leftover chakra dispersed in Naruto and the environment to reform him faster.
  • Obtaining chakra from the chakra fruit on the Divine Tree that originally spawned the tailed beasts.

However, all these methods have major limitations. The Summoning technique requires sacrifice and imperfectly revives the soul. Gathering Kurama’s leftover chakra could take decades. Finally, obtaining more chakra from the Divine Tree is likely impossible now.

Will Kurama be Revived Within Boruto?

Given the limitations of accelerating Kurama’s revival, it is unlikely he will be fully revived within the Boruto timeline. However, there are some possibilities that may allow Naruto to reconnect with Kurama in a limited capacity:

Kurama’s Chakra Remains Within Naruto

Although Kurama has passed on, some of his chakra permanently resides within Naruto. This chakra allowed Naruto to still use Kurama Mode even after losing the tailed beast. Through training, Naruto may be able to improves his synchronization with the remaining vestige of Kurama inside him. This could allow the two to communicate heart-to-heart again to some extent.

Temporary Reanimation

The Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation technique may be able to temporarily reanimate Kurama’s spirit. This would allow Naruto to speak with Kurama again. However, this technique is forbidden and has strict limitations – Kurama would only be a shadow of himself and bound to the caster’s control.

Communing With Kurama’s Spirit

Naruto may be able to connect with Kurama’s spirit through very advanced Sage training. As an enlightened sage, Naruto could potentially commune with Kurama on a spiritual level from beyond. However, this would require Naruto to attain incredibly rare spiritual mastery.

Will Kurama Ever be Fully Revived?

While unlikely within Boruto, there are scenarios many years in the future where Kurama could be fully revived with all his power:

  • His chakra naturally reforms over several decades.
  • Somehow the Divine Tree or a similar source of massive chakra is regained to recreate him.
  • He is revived through means not yet introduced within Naruto, such as abilities from the Ōtsutsuki clan.

However, these possibilities are very speculative. Realistically, it could be lifetimes before Kurama returns at full power. His noble sacrifice to protect Naruto is likely to remain permanent for the foreseeable future of the Naruto world.


Kurama made the ultimate sacrifice to protect his friend Naruto and the world from Isshiki Otsutsuki. This beloved tailed beast will be sorely missed by Naruto and fans alike. While it is possible for tailed beasts to be revived through certain means, Kurama is unlikely to return in full within the Boruto timeline or even Naruto’s lifetime.

However, the bond and chakra Naruto shared with Kurama will allow him to connect with his departed friend on some level. There is a small chance Kurama may be temporarily reanimated or that Naruto can commune with his spirit through training. But realistically, it will probably be generations before the Nine-Tailed Fox can ever be fully restored. Until then, his spirit will live on through Naruto and the Shinobi world he gave his life to protect.