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Can the founding Titan live longer?

The founding Titan is one of the nine Titans in the world of Attack on Titan. As one of the nine Titan powers, the founding Titan is incredibly powerful and coveted by many factions in the story. The founding Titan has the ability to control other Titans and make them follow its will. It also has the power to alter the minds and memories of the Subjects of Ymir.

The founding Titan is currently in the possession of Eren Jaeger. One of the key mysteries around the founding Titan is whether its holder can extend their lifespan and live longer than a normal human. Most Titan shifters only live for 13 years after gaining their power, but the founding Titan may operate differently.

In this article, we will analyze whether the founding Titan can extend the lifespan of its holder and allow them to live longer. We will look at evidence from the Attack on Titan story, powers of the founding Titan, and theories from fans.

The 13 Year Curse

All nine Titan powers in Attack on Titan are subject to the “Curse of Ymir” which limits their lifespans to only 13 years after acquiring their Titan power. This is because the power of the Titans originated from Ymir Fritz, the first Titan. For some unknown reason, no Titan can live longer than 13 years after gaining their power.

This 13 year limit applies to all Shifters including the founding Titan. When Friedman Fritz, the first holder of the founding Titan died 13 years after gaining her powers, this began the 13 year lifespan curse. Every succeeding founding Titan has also died approximately 13 years after gaining their Titan power.

So based on the history of previous founding Titan holders, there is strong evidence that the 13 year curse applies equally to the founding Titan. This suggests that even the powerful founding Titan cannot extend the lifespan of its holder beyond 13 years.

The Power of the Founding Titan

The founding Titan is considered the most powerful of the nine Titans. It has a wide range of abilities that put it above the other Titans:

  • Controlling other Titans at will
  • Altering memories and minds of Subjects of Ymir
  • Access to the “coordinate” which gives it control over all Subjects of Ymir
  • Ability to unlock past Titan abilities that were lost

The founding Titan is essentially a god-like power within the world of Attack on Titan. This has led some fans to theorize that it should be able to overcome the 13 year lifespan curse.

Its powers over other Titans and Eldians suggests the founding Titan may be able to manipulate biology and physiology. This could potentially include removing the 13 year limit. However, this has never been demonstrated in the manga or anime. Past founding Titan holders like Karl Fritz were unable to use the Titan’s powers to extend their lives.

Until proven otherwise, we have to assume the founding Titan’s considerable powers still do not include removing the 13 year curse that was placed on it by Ymir Fritz.

Theorized Methods to Extend Lifespan

While no founding Titan holder has broken the 13 year limit, fans have theorized ways it could be possible:

Passing the power more frequently

The power of the Titans can be passed down by being inherited or by a Titan shifter being eaten. Some fans theorize that by frequently passing the founding Titan power to a new holder, its lifespan could be extended indefinitely.

For example, if each holder passed it on exactly at the end of 12 years, the founding Titan power could continue without ever losing a holder to the 13 year curse. However, this theory has logistical issues and has never been put into practice.

Using the coordinate to alter biology

As mentioned earlier, the founding Titan’s connection to the “coordinate” could theoretically allow it to alter Eldian biology. This could include removing the 13 year lifespan limit. However, this ability has never been demonstrated by any founding Titan holder.

Combining multiple Titan powers

Eren Kruger suggested that combining multiple Titan powers could unlock new abilities. Perhaps by acquiring more than one power, the founding Titan could overcome the 13 year curse. So far this remains just speculation.

Evidence from Eren Kruger

One revealing quote comes from Eren Kruger, a previous Attack Titan holder who passed his power onto Grisha Yeager. While explaining the power of the Titans, Kruger said:

“The Founding Titan’s power can make all Eldians obey whatever order it gives. Even wipe out their memories or alter them. If the Founder’s master wished it, Eldians could trample the rest of the world over and over again. And no one could stop them.”

Kruger describes the founding Titan’s immense powers over Eldians. But he notably does not mention any ability for it to extend lifespan, even though he is explaining its full capabilities. This is evidence that not even the mysterious Attack Titan holder knew of any way for the founding Titan to exceed 13 years.

Evidence from Uri Reiss

More clues come from Uri Reiss, another previous founding Titan holder. Uri inherited the power from his father and passed it to Frieda Reiss. In a conversation with Kenny Ackerman, he implies that 13 years is his maximum lifespan:

“I’m afraid my life is coming to an end. A successor must be found within the next few years, before I succumb.”

Based on this quote, Uri believes he only has a few years left before he dies and must find a successor. If he knew a way to extend his lifespan with the founding Titan, he would likely not be so concerned about passing his power on soon. This is strong evidence that even a founding Titan holder accepts the 13 year limit as unchangeable.

Theorized Examples

Here are some theoretical examples of how the founding Titan could attempt to extend lifespan, and potential obstacles:

Method Attempt Obstacles
Frequent succession Pass power every 11 years Difficult to coordinate successors
Coordinate manipulation Remove 13 year biology limit This ability not demonstrated
Hold multiple Titans Acquire Warhammer and Attack Titans Uncertain if this would work

This illustrates the lack of any known, proven way for the founding Titan to overcome its 13 year lifespan curse, even with its considerable powers.


Based on all current evidence from the manga, anime, and character quotes, there is no indication the founding Titan can extend its holder’s lifespan beyond the standard 13 year limit. This 13 year “Curse of Ymir” remains in effect for all nine Titans, including the incredibly powerful founding Titan.

Attempts to break the curse through methods like frequent succession, manipulating Eldian biology, or acquiring multiple Titans remain purely theoretical. Until shown otherwise, we must conclude that even the mighty founding Titan remains confined by the 13 year lifespan its predecessor Ymir Fritz established long ago. Just like its predecessors, Eren Jaeger will likely have 13 years maximum with the founding Titan, before he too must find a successor.