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Can you own guns in Dubai?

Dubai has strict laws regarding firearm ownership and possession. Like most of the United Arab Emirates, private gun ownership in Dubai is heavily regulated and obtaining a license to own firearms is extremely difficult for civilians. However, it is possible for certain qualified individuals and companies to legally own guns in Dubai.

Gun Laws Overview

In Dubai and the UAE, most firearms are illegal for private citizens to own. Gun licenses are only issued for very limited purposes such as hunting, target shooting, and personal protection in rare cases. Licenses to own handguns or automatic weapons are generally not granted to civilians in Dubai.

The possession, import, and transport of firearms in Dubai is regulated under Federal Law No. 3 of 2009. Under this law, civilians are prohibited from possessing firearms without a license. Even licensed gun owners cannot openly carry firearms in public places. Violating Dubai’s strict gun control laws can result in severe penalties, including large fines and jail time.

Obtaining a Gun License as a Civilian

Although private gun ownership in Dubai is rare, it is possible for some civilians to obtain gun licenses for specific purposes like hunting or target shooting. However, the requirements are extremely stringent and applicants undergo thorough background checks.

Here are some key requirements to obtain a civilian gun license in Dubai:

  • Must be a UAE national or a resident foreigner with valid residency visa
  • Minimum age of 25 years
  • Must lack criminal record with no felony convictions
  • Only allowed 1 firearm per license
  • Mandatory basic training course for first-time applicants
  • Strict background checks and character assessments
  • Justification for requiring a firearm (i.e. for hunting)
  • Rifles/shotguns only, handguns prohibited
  • Mandatory psychological testing
  • Written permission from immediate family members

As you can see, the bar for obtaining a gun license as a civilian in Dubai is extremely high. Licenses must be renewed annually and the requirements recurrently met. Authorities reserve the right to refuse applications at their discretion.

Gun Ownership for Companies

The most common way that firearms enter Dubai legally is through licenses issued to private security companies. Security companies that operate in Dubai can obtain gun licenses for their personnel from the Ministry of Interior.

Security companies that want to arm their guards and personnel in Dubai must meet requirements such as:

  • Register as a security company with the Dubai Department of Economic Development
  • Provide extensive employee training programs
  • Follow strict gun storage and transportation guidelines
  • Detailed background checks on each employee applying for a gun license
  • Mandatory psychological testing for armed personnel
  • Adhere to strict legal guidelines for use of firearms by personnel

The security company applies for the quantity and type of firearms required by their business operations. Common examples include rifles like AK-47s or shotguns used to protect high-risk facilities like banks or armored vehicle convoys.

Hunting Licenses

Some civilians are able to obtain rare licenses that allow hunting rifles or shotguns. However, the stringent requirements usually limit these licenses to elite individuals who are able to justify a legitimate need for hunting.

To obtain a hunting license in Dubai, requirements include:

  • Proof of membership in a recognized shooting/hunting club for >3 years
  • Letter from hunting club verifying active membership
  • Detailed background check and interview
  • Only allowed hunting-type shotguns or rifles
  • Strict guidelines on storage, transport, and use
  • License must be renewed annually

Due to the rarity of hunting licenses, they are subject to intensive scrutiny and monitoring by the authorities in Dubai.

Target Shooting Permits

Some civilians are able to obtain firearms through membership in recognized shooting clubs and obtaining a license for target shooting purposes only. However, the requirements are still highly restrictive:

  • Must be a member of an approved shooting club with on-site facilities
  • Written attestation from club verifying active membership for >2 years
  • Only permitted basic rifles/handguns required for the sport
  • Firearm must remain stored at club location at all times
  • Mandatory participation in competitions/events to maintain license
  • Very strict monitoring of firearm use

Overall, the bar for civilians obtaining a target shooting license is extremely high in Dubai due to tight restrictions.

Personal Protection

Licenses to carry firearms for personal protection are virtually unheard of for civilians in Dubai. The only instances where these licenses are granted would be for extremely influential or high-risk individuals where credible threats exist.

Requirements for a civilian personal protection license would include:

  • Highly justified reason involving likely threat to life
  • Endorsement from Dubai Police confirming need
  • Only permitted concealed carry of handgun
  • Mandatory retention of security detail
  • Extensive monitoring and oversight by authorities

Given these stringent barriers, civilian personal protection licenses are extremely rare due to the high justification required.

Gun Licensing Process

The process for obtaining any civilian gun license in Dubai involves extensive vetting, documentation, and background checks. Here are some of the key steps:

  1. Submit detailed application to Dubai Police specifying purpose
  2. Undergo extensive background checks, records review
  3. Interviews and assessment by Dubai Police licensing department
  4. Justify need for firearm and ability to comply with regulations
  5. Review by police committee and security agencies
  6. Medical exams including psychological testing
  7. Firearm safety training and testing
  8. Permit issued if approved; license valid for 1 year
  9. Strict monitoring, auditing, and renewal process annually

As you can see, legally owning a firearm in Dubai as a civilian requires clearing many high hurdles. The process often takes a minimum of several months to complete even for approval of a basic hunting rifle or shotgun.

Legal Use of Firearms

Individuals who are granted gun licenses in Dubai must adhere to very strict guidelines regarding lawful use and handling of firearms:

  • Only for approved purposes specified in license
  • Must follow all transport, storage, and usage regulations
  • No openly carrying firearms in public
  • Mandatory reporting of any discharge/use of firearm
  • Licenses subject to immediate revocation if violations occur
  • Carriage permits required for transporting gun to approved locations
  • Mandatory participation in oversight such as annual relicensing requirements

Failure to follow these rules can result in severe criminal penalties including fines, imprisonment, deportation, and revocation of residency.

Penalties for Firearm Offenses

Dubai has very harsh penalties for the illegal possession, smuggling, or misuse of firearms including:

  • Illegal possession of a firearm – Up to 15 years imprisonment
  • Smuggling guns into the UAE – Up to life imprisonment or death penalty
  • Discharging a firearm illegally – Minimum 2 years imprisonment
  • Providing false license information – Up to 5 years imprisonment
  • Carrying a gun without a license – Minimum 2 years imprisonment

Deportation and hefty fines up to AED 1 million may also accompany jail sentences for firearm offenses. Overall, the penalties are severe and strictly enforced.

Gun Ownership Statistics

Exact data on private gun ownership in Dubai and the UAE is difficult to obtain. However, estimates suggest there are approximately 5.7 civilian-owned firearms per 100 residents in the UAE. For comparison, the US has approximately 120.5 civilian-owned guns per 100 residents – over 20 times higher than the UAE. Based on these statistics, private gun ownership in Dubai remains extremely low compared to many other countries due to the strict prohibitions enforced through the firearm licensing process.

Breakdown of Estimated Civilian-Owned Firearms in UAE

Firearm Type Estimated Number
Rifles 250,000
Shotguns 50,000
Handguns 20,000
Total 320,000

As shown in the table, most civilian-owned firearms in the UAE are rifles, followed by shotguns and a small number of handguns. However, these legal firearms represent only a tiny fraction per capita compared to the US and most other countries due to Dubai’s tight restrictions.

Exemptions for Weapons Prohibition

There are a few exempt categories that are permitted to carry firearms in Dubai without a standard license. These include:

  • Police, military, security forces
  • Licensed security company personnel on official duty
  • Individuals transporting a licensed weapon to/from shooting range
  • Hunters carrying licensed firearms during approved expedition
  • Citizens of other countries transiting through the UAE

However, these exempt categories must still adhere to strict protocols such as only carrying firearms that are government-issued or in the course of official duties under direct supervision.


In summary, Dubai strictly prohibits most private firearm possession and acquiring gun licenses is extremely difficult for civilians. Gun ownership rates remain very low in Dubai compared to other countries. The only realistic avenues for legal gun ownership are through hunting, sport shooting, or security company licensing, which all involve stringent requirements and monitoring. Dubai’s laws impose harsh penalties for violating its firearms regulations. Overall, private gun ownership in Dubai is effectively prohibited for the vast majority of ordinary citizens and residents.