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Did they stop making oatmeal cream pies?

Oatmeal cream pies have been a beloved snack for generations of Americans. With their soft oatmeal cookies sandwiching a sweet vanilla creme filling, they are the perfect treat with a glass of milk or cup of coffee. However, some fans have noticed that oatmeal cream pies seem harder to find on store shelves lately. This has led to speculation that Little Debbie may have discontinued or scaled back production of these classic snacks. In this article, we’ll examine the history of oatmeal cream pies, look at any evidence of them being discontinued, and see how consumers are reacting to the possibility of no more oatmeal cream pies.

History of Oatmeal Cream Pies

Oatmeal cream pies first appeared on the snack scene in the early 1960s. They were launched by McKee Baking Company under their Little Debbie brand. The company had been founded in the 1920s by O.D. McKee as a means to sell excess cakes from his small bakery. McKee’s grandson Bob created the oatmeal cream pie concept, taking inspiration from his grandfather’s cookies.

The oatmeal cookies with creme filling were an instant hit with consumers. The low price point of around 5 cents per pie made them an affordable indulgence. Their popularity steadily grew over the decades, with various sizes and limited edition flavors being introduced over the years. Oatmeal cream pies became a lunchbox and snack cabinet staple for generations of Americans.

Key Facts and Figures

  • First introduced in the early 1960s
  • Created by McKee Baking Company and part of their Little Debbie snack brand
  • Originally sold for around 5 cents per pie
  • Have maintained steady popularity and sales for 60+ years
  • Are McKee’s highest selling product, with over 450 million sold annually

The oatmeal cream pie’s attractive price point and addictive flavor combination has ensured its enduring popularity among consumers both young and old.

Evidence of Oatmeal Cream Pies Being Discontinued

In the last few years, many loyal oatmeal cream pie lovers have taken to social media questioning where all the pies have gone. Complaints on Twitter and Facebook have noted empty shelves where oatmeal cream pies once sat plentifully stocked. Concerned consumers have contacted Little Debbie looking for answers, and received vague responses about supply chain issues affecting production and distribution.

Additional evidence comes from third party vendors and retailers. Some convenience stores, vending machine operators, and online snack retailers have posted notices about oatmeal cream pies being unavailable with no set return date.

There are also indications of shrinking production capabilities for oatmeal cream pies. In 2019, McKee Foods closed a bakery in Gentry, Arkansas that had produced oatmeal cream pies for over 50 years. They cited efficiency reasons, but this reduced their overall oatmeal cream pie output by tens of millions of pies per year.

While not definitive proof, these numerous data points strongly suggest that Little Debbie has intentionally scaled back oatmeal cream pie production to some degree. This reduced supply has created the consumer perception that the pies may be discontinued altogether.

Key Evidence of Reduced Supply

  • Anecdotal consumer complaints of empty shelves across stores
  • Vague corporate responses about supply chain issues when questioned
  • Notices of unavailability from vendors and retailers
  • Closure of a major production bakery in 2019

Consumer Reaction

The possibility of no more oatmeal cream pies has led to strong reactions from loyal fans who have enjoyed them for years. On social media, there are abundant posts lamenting the loss and imploring Little Debbie to bring them back.

Many fans express shock and disappointment that such an iconic snack could be going away. Some say oatmeal cream pies were a key part of their childhood that they want future kids to also enjoy. Others state that they’ve bought oatmeal cream pies for so long the thought of them being discontinued seems unfathomable.

In addition to online complaints, some customers have reached out directly to McKee Foods customer service to voice their feedback. Many request clarification on if oatmeal cream pies are being discontinued. If so, they ask if another variety could replace them or if customer demand could bring them back.

The sentiment from devotees is clear – oatmeal cream pies hold a special place for them and they don’t want to see them go away. The nostalgia and loyalty this classic snack has engendered makes the idea of its discontinuation unacceptable to these super fans.

Key Consumer Reactions

  • Shock and disappointment
  • Concerns about childhood nostalgia being taken away
  • Disbelief that such an iconic snack could leave shelves
  • Direct appeals to Little Debbie to bring them back
  • Requests for clarity around if/why they are gone

Has Production Really Stopped?

While the circumstantial evidence points to reduced output, there are no official statements confirming oatmeal cream pies have been permanently discontinued. A spokesperson for McKee Foods said only that “availability has been up and down” and did not provide specifics.

This leaves the door open that production may ramp up again if supply chain issues ease and consumer demand calls for it. Other iconic snacks like Hostess Twinkies have gone through similar periods of seeming discontinuation only to return after public outcry.

The lack of definitive confirmation from Little Debbie means oatmeal cream pies may return en masse. However, the company’s in-house data on sales trends likely led to the cutbacks, so a permanent discontinuation could still occur if Executives don’t see a path forward.

For now, oatmeal cream pie lovers will have to hope for sporadic store sightings when new batches make their way to market. Super fans may need to stock up when they do find them, never knowing when or if more will appear on shelves again.

Key Takeaways on Production Status

  • No official confirmation of permanent discontinuation yet
  • Could be temporary cutbacks due to supply chain and low sales
  • Return is possible if demand rebounds and supply issues resolve
  • Fans must buy when seen, as future availability is unpredictable

How Can You Still Get Oatmeal Cream Pies?

Despite reduced retail availability, there are still a few ways to get your hands on oatmeal cream pies:

Online Purchase

Some online retailers like Amazon and snack food sites still have oatmeal cream pie packs in stock. Availability and prices fluctuate, but they can be a good option for finding some when brick and mortar stores have empty shelves.

Specialty Shops

Check local bakeries, dessert shops, and old-fashioned candy stores. Some carry their own versions of oatmeal cream pies or similar homemade treats. These can satisfy the craving even if Little Debbie’s exact version is scarce.

Direct from McKee Foods

You can order cases of oatmeal cream pies and other Little Debbie snacks for delivery straight from their website. This ensures you can get them in bulk direct from the source.

Secondary Markets

Search resale sites like eBay where people resell snacks at higher prices but with more consistent stock. You’ll pay extra but it may be necessary for serious oatmeal cream pie fans.

With some effort, it’s still possible to get your hands on the oatmeal cream pie experience even in this time of reduced production. Brand loyalty runs deep for devotees of this classic snack.

Will Oatmeal Cream Pies Ever Return?

It’s difficult to predict if oatmeal cream pies will regain their previous ubiquity on store shelves. Much depends on the state of McKee Food’s production capacity once supply issues subside. It also hinges on whether Little Debbie’s internal sales data show consumer demand is still strong enough to warrant the volume they once produced.

If shortages are simply from supply logistics and not lack of product viability, we could see a triumphant return of oatmeal cream pies to their past numbers once problems get resolved. But if overall interest has waned significantly, Little Debbie may keep production at a lower rate more proportional to current buying trends.

There are some positive signs for oatmeal cream pies. The outpour of consumer complaints and longing related to scarcity indicates there is still a passionate fanbase out there. Customers are literally begging for their return, so meeting this demand could be profitable.

Ultimately fans will have to voice their love for oatmeal cream pies directly to McKee Foods if they want to see a resurgence. For generations these iconic snacks were a reliable staple. Only time will tell if that long-standing familiarity resumes.

Key Factors in Potential Oatmeal Cream Pie Return

  • Resolution of supply chain distribution problems
  • Strong demonstrated consumer demand
  • Fans vocalizing their desire for more directly to the company
  • Favorable internal sales data and forecasts at Little Debbie/McKee


Oatmeal cream pies have brought joy to snackers since the 1960s with their simple combination of creamy filling between soft oatmeal cookies. But recent shortages of this iconic treat have led to consumer speculation that Little Debbie may have discontinued them.

While the company has yet to confirm if they are gone for good, reduced production capacity and lack of reliable retail availability points to cutbacks at the least. Devoted fans have voiced disappointment and are eager for oatmeal cream pies to return in full force.

The future availability of oatmeal cream pies likely depends on Little Debbie’s internal assessment of consumer demand and feasibility of restoring previous production volumes. For now, fans will have to voice their love for these classic snacks and enjoy them when sporadically found until more consistent supplies hopefully return.