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Do guys that like you text everyday?

Whether a guy texts you every day or not when he likes you depends on a variety of factors. Some guys are simply more communicative over text than others. The frequency of texting can also depend on where you are in your relationship and how you communicate best as a couple.

Guys Who Text Every Day When They Like You

There are a number of reasons why a guy who is interested in you may text you every day or nearly every day:

  • He wants to talk to you and get to know you better. Texting daily allows him to have flirty, fun conversations and build emotional intimacy.
  • It’s his preferred communication style. Some people are just more frequent texters by nature.
  • He wants to establish a routine with you. If he texts you at the same time each day, it shows consistency and reliability.
  • He doesn’t want you to forget about him. If he is really interested, he will want to stay top of mind.
  • He wants to share things throughout his day. Frequent texting allows him to update you on his daily experiences.

So in summary, a guy who texts you every day when he likes you is likely being intentional – he wants to connect with you, show interest, and develop your budding relationship through consistent communication.

Guys Who Don’t Text Every Day When They Like You

However, there are also reasons a guy who likes you may not text every single day:

  • He doesn’t want to come on too strong. He is trying to play it cool so you don’t think he is obsessed or needy.
  • He is focused on other priorities. Work, school, family obligations, or hobbies may keep him busy.
  • He prefers in-person communication. Some guys aren’t huge texters and would rather talk face-to-face.
  • He is still figuring out his feelings. If he is on the shyer side, he may be hesitant to communicate daily until he knows how he feels.
  • He doesn’t want the conversation to get stale. He may want to talk about meaningful things and not force small talk.

The bottom line is that not every guy will text daily at the start. As long as he makes an effort to communicate and shows interest in other ways, he could still have strong feelings for you.

How Communication Style Changes in a Relationship

Generally, texting frequency changes as a romantic relationship develops. Here is how it often evolves:

  • Early stages: Lots of enthusiastic texting and getting to know each other. Communication is exciting as you build attraction.
  • Several months in: Texting becomes more routine check-ins and practical conversations about plans.
  • Established relationship: Texting decreases as you connect more in person. Communication focuses on coordinating your lives together.
  • Years into a relationship: Texting may ebb and flow depending on what’s going on in your lives. The focus is likely on quality over quantity.

So while a guy may text you constantly in the first few weeks, this naturally changes over time. As your lives become more intertwined, you may not need to text every day but you stay connected in other ways.

Signs a Guy Likes You Even if He Doesn’t Text Every Day

Wondering if a guy is still interested even if his texts are less frequent? Here are some positive signs to look for:

  • He initiates contact first and replies in a timely manner when you do text.
  • He asks engaging questions about your life and remembers details you tell him.
  • He contacts you via other methods like phone calls or social media.
  • He makes plans to see you in person and follows through.
  • When you are together, he gives you his full attention and seems happy.
  • His texts are affectionate using terms of endearment, flirty emojis, or hints about the future.

Focus on the overall quality of communication. A few less texts does not necessarily mean disinterest – look at the full context of your interactions.

How to Respond to Less Frequent Texting

If you are concerned about the guy you like not texting as much, here are some dos and don’ts:


  • Let him know you enjoy talking and ask to set up a phone or video call.
  • Focus on making plans to spend quality time together in person.
  • Occupy your time with friends, hobbies, and other priorities in your life.
  • Respond warmly and ask questions when he does reach out via text.
  • Evaluate if you are compatible in your communication styles and needs.


  • Bombard him with multiple texts if he hasn’t replied.
  • Make passive aggressive remarks about him not messaging.
  • Constantly check your phone and obsess over when he will text.
  • Assume he has lost interest or is talking to someone else without discussing it.
  • Let your anxiety about infrequent texts ruin an otherwise good relationship.

The best approach is to focus on open communication about texting preferences and finding a style that makes you both comfortable.


While some guys will text daily from the start when they are into you, others may text less frequently for a variety of reasons. Try not to take it personally. Focus on whether he shows interest in other thoughtful ways and makes effort to spend quality time with you. The frequency of texting often decreases in a relationship over time anyway as you connect more offline. Pay attention to the overall communication patterns with a guy and you will get a better sense of whether he has strong feelings for you, no matter how often he texts.