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Do Leos like to chase or be chased?

Leos are known for being natural leaders and liking to be in the spotlight. This zodiac sign is represented by the lion, an animal that is dominant in the jungle. So when it comes to chasing and being chased in relationships, do Leos prefer to take the lead or sit back and let their partner make the first move? Keep reading to find out!

The Leo Personality

Leos are generally confident, charismatic, and enthusiastic. They love attention and compliments which strokes their ego. Here are some key personality traits of Leos:

  • Extroverted – Leos love being around people and tend to be the life of the party.
  • Ambitious – Leos set big goals for themselves and work hard to achieve them.
  • Loyal – Once you gain the trust and love of a Leo, they will be devoted to you.
  • Protective – Leos are quick to defend those they care about.
  • Fun-loving – Leos know how to have a good time and light up any room.

With their vibrant personality, it’s no wonder Leos never shy away from the spotlight. They want to be center stage at all times.

Do Leos Like the Chase?

When it comes to dating and relationships, Leos do enjoy a good chase. Here’s why:

  • Leos love the excitement – For Leos, the thrill is in the chase. They enjoy the butterflies in the stomach feeling when pursuing a new love interest.
  • Leos crave the ego boost – Having someone pursue them aggressively makes Leos feel wanted and desired. This fuels their self-confidence.
  • Leos want to be wooed – Leos feel they deserve to be romanced. They want their love interest to put in effort to win their heart.
  • Leos don’t like rejection – If Leos have to chase someone, there’s a risk of rejection. It’s safer when the chase comes to them.

So the chase allows Leos to feel good about themselves without having to put their ego on the line. It’s a safer bet for them.

How Leos Respond to Being Chased

When someone is pursuing a Leo, here is how they typically respond:

  • Leos will initially play hard to get – At first, Leos won’t make it too easy for their admirer. They don’t want to seem too available.
  • Leos enjoy the attention – Being pursued strokes a Leo’s ego so they will relish in the attention.
  • Leos will test their admirer’s devotion – Leos will string their admirer along to see how far they are willing to go to win the Leo’s heart.
  • Leos will eventually give in – If their admirer passes their tests, Leos will graciously accept their affections once they’re satisfied.

Leos love basking in the glow of an aggressive pursuer. It makes them feel special, desired, and admired.

Do Leos Like to Chase?

While Leos do enjoy being chased, they also very much enjoy doing the chasing themselves. Here’s why:

  • Leos like the thrill of the hunt – To Leos, pursuing a new love interest feels like an exciting game they want to win.
  • Leos enjoy the power – When Leos chase someone, they are in the driver’s seat. This puts them in a position of power which Leos love.
  • Leos are natural leaders – As natural alphas, Leos like taking charge when it comes to matters of the heart.
  • Leos can be impatient – Waiting around to be chased isn’t always an option for impatient Leos who want what they want.

So while Leos do appreciate when the chase comes to them, their dominant personality also enjoys taking an active role in the pursuit.

How Leos Act When Chasing Someone

Here are some of the ways a Leo will act when they have their sights set on a potential mate:

  • Leos make bold romantic gestures – Expect lavish gifts, sweet serenades, and extravagant dates.
  • Leos give excessive flattery – They will shower their love interest with so many compliments it’s borderline cheesy.
  • Leos display their best self – They try to impress their love interest by showcasing their strengths and talents.
  • Leos initiate contact frequently – They will text, call, and find excuses to “run into” their crush often.
  • Leos get possessive – They can come on strong and get jealous if their love interest talks to other suitors.

When chasing, Leos pull out all the stops. They will aggressively pursue their love interest until they get what they want.

Do Leos Prefer to Chase or be Chased?

So when it comes to chasing vs being chased, which does the Leo prefer? The answer is both!

Here’s why Leos enjoy both chasing and being chased in relationships:

  • Leos love the ego boost – Whether it comes from the thrill of the pursuit or being pursued, it feeds a Leo’s ego either way.
  • Both fulfill the Leo’s alpha nature – Leos assert their dominance when chasing but also enjoy the royal treatment of being chased.
  • Both involve winning – For competitive Leos, chasing someone is winning them over but being chased means winning an admirer.
  • Both are exciting – The butterflies and adrenaline rush of new romance keeps life interesting for drama-loving Leos.
Chasing Being Chased
Takes an active role Takes a passive role
Shows initiative Waits to be approached
Risk of rejection Ego boost when pursued
Loves the thrill of the hunt Loves the royal treatment

The table summarizes the main differences between chasing and being chased from a Leo’s perspective.

Overall, Leos enjoy both the excitement of the chase as well as the ego boost of being chased. Their outgoing nature means they thrive when romance is passionate, whether they are the pursuer or the pursued.

How to Attract a Leo

For someone looking to start a romance with a Leo, here are some top tips to gain their interest and attraction:

  • Compliment them – Flatter their appearance, talents, and accomplishments.
  • Plan exciting dates – Do fun, active things together that let the Leo shine.
  • Laugh at their jokes – Leos have big egos so laugh loudly even if they aren’t that funny.
  • Dazzle them with gifts – Shower them with thoughtful trinkets and luxury items when possible.
  • Pay them attention – Listen to them closely and make them feel special.
  • Don’t play hard to get – Be responsive and show genuine interest in pursuing them.

If you really want a Leo to chase you, try being a little aloof at first. But once a Leo starts pursuing you, reciprocate interest and don’t leave them guessing for too long. Leos bore easily so you need to match their passion when those sparks first start flying!

In a Relationship With a Leo

Once in a committed relationship with a Leo:

  • Continue lavishing them with praise, gifts and attention. Leo egos need constant stroking!
  • Plan thrilling adventures together like hot air balloon rides or skydiving.
  • Be ready to have heart-to-heart conversations. Leos crave intimacy and closeness.
  • Give them space to shine. Avoid vying for the same social spotlight.
  • Appreciate their generosity. Leos love showering loved ones with extravagance.
  • Accept their protective instincts. Your Leo just wants to take good care of you!

Leo lovers aren’t the most low-key but a little praise and excitement can go a long way to keep your lion purring with satisfaction!

In Conclusion

Leos are natural-born charmers who thrive on chasing, and being chased when it comes to romance. Their confident personalities means they enjoy taking an active role in pursuing a new love interest. But Leos equally love sitting back and soaking up the attention when an admirer is aggressively pursuing them.

Leo’s chasing style is bold and filled with grand displays of affection. When they are chasing someone, they will stop at nothing to win their heart. On the flip side, Leos respond well to being chased but will initially play hard to get to boost their ego.

At the end of the day, Leos just want to feel adored and desired in romance. Their outgoing, leadership-driven nature means they have no preference on chasing versus being chased — as long as there is passion and excitement, Leos will be satisfied. By understanding the Leo psyche, you can better attract a Leo into your life and keep the sparks flying once they are there!