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Do lightsabers weigh anything?

Lightsabers are the iconic weapons wielded by the Jedi and Sith in the Star Wars universe. With their glowing plasma blades made of focused energy, lightsabers can cut through almost anything. But despite their intense power, lightsabers have very little mass. This leads to an interesting question – do lightsabers weigh anything at all?

The Physics of Lightsabers

According to Star Wars lore, lightsabers consist of a focused crystal that projects a blade of plasma energy. This plasma is suspended in a force containment field that shapes and controls the energy blade. The plasma blade has no physical mass – it is pure energized gas. This is how lightsabers can cut so cleanly through objects with little resistance.

The hilt of a lightsaber does have physical mass from its metal components. But the hilt is a small cylinder that would only weigh a couple pounds at most. The plasma blade itself weighs almost nothing.

In the real world, laser beams have no mass. They are composed of focused photons – packets of light energy with no rest mass. So in theory, a lightsaber’s plasma blade should not have any weight at all beyond the containment field that shapes it.

Does Mass = Weight?

But weight and mass are not exactly the same thing. Weight is the force exerted on an object by gravity. It is directly proportional to mass, but weight also depends on the strength of the gravitational field.

So for example, a 1 kg object would weigh 9.8 N on Earth. But on the moon with 1/6th Earth’s gravity, that same object would only weigh about 1.6 N. The object’s mass is the same, but its weight changes based on gravity.

Jedi and Sith battle with lightsabers across many different worlds. The gravitational fields may vary, affecting the apparent weight of objects including lightsabers.

The Force Can Manipulate Weight

The Force adds another wrinkle to the question of lightsaber weight. According to Obi-Wan Kenobi, “the Force can have a strong influence on the weak-minded.” Jedi and Sith trained in the Force demonstrate telekinetic abilities, able to move and manipulate physical objects without touching them.

A Jedi or Sith skilled with the Force could potentially use telekinesis to make a lightsaber feel heavier or lighter. They can exert an external gravitational force on the hilt and blade, altering its apparent weight.

So a lightsaber could feel weightless one moment, then suddenly gain mass through the Force the next. The weight shifts dynamically based on the wielder’s connection to the Force.

Lightsaber Dueling Styles

The varied weight and balance of lightsabers is reflected in the different dueling styles employed by Jedi and Sith warriors:

  • Form I (Shii Cho) relies on strong two-handed blows, suggesting a lightsaber has enough weight to put power behind swings.
  • Form IV (Ataru) uses acrobatic leaping and flourishing motions, implying a lightweight blade.
  • Form V (Djem So/Shien) features tight bladework close to the body, hinting at a lighter weight.
  • Form VII (Juyo/Vaapad) uses rapid striking and sweeping motions, indicative of a lighter blade.

The diversity of lightsaber forms shows that the weapons have variable weight distribution and balance. Their construction gives the wielder options in how to move with and control the plasma blade.

Lightsabers vs. Traditional Swords

There are other clues about lightsaber weight based on how Jedi and Sith duel with them compared to battles using traditional metal swords:

Lightsabers Traditional Swords
– Very rapid striking and parrying – Slower, more deliberate motions
– Two-handed and one-handed styles – Usually two-handed for leverage
– Flourishing, spinning techniques – Less flourishing due to heavier blades
– Light footswork and agile footwork – Heavier footwork to wield sword

The differences suggest lightsaber blades have much less mass than metal swords. Jedi and Sith can use quicker, more agile techniques thanks to the lighter plasma blades.

But Internal Battery Adds Some Weight

However, the battery pack and other components inside a lightsaber’s hilt would add some degree of weight and resistance. This gives the weapons an overall balanced feel.

If lightsabers weighed nothing, they would be completely unwieldy and difficult to control. The internal battery components provide physical substance that helps offset the zero-weight plasma blade.


In summary, lightsabers are depicted as having very little physical mass, but their weight shifts and varies based on several factors:

  • The plasma blade itself has no inherent mass.
  • But the strength of local gravity affects apparent weight.
  • The Force can telekinetically alter weight and balance.
  • Hilt components add some mass to offset the blade.

So a lightsaber could feel feather-light or heavy and club-like depending on how the Jedi or Sith warrior chooses to connect with and wield the weapon. The variability and balance of lightsabers is a key part of mastering them as an extension of oneself through the Force.