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Do Pisces get possessive?

Pisces is known as one of the most romantic and emotionally driven signs of the zodiac. Their loving and caring nature means they often form deep bonds with their partners. However, this intensity can also manifest as jealousy and possessiveness at times.

The Pisces Personality

To understand if Pisces tend to be possessive, it’s important to first look at the key traits of this sign:

  • Idealistic and imaginative
  • Compassionate and empathetic
  • Emotionally deep and intuitive
  • Prone to fantasy and escaping reality
  • Seeks true love and romance
  • Can be impressionable and have porous boundaries

Pisces feels everything very deeply. They desperately seek an emotional, spiritual and even mystical connection with their partner. When they believe they’ve found “the One,” they devote themselves completely.

Pisces in Love

When in love, Pisces tends to:

  • Idealize their partner
  • Want to merge their identity with their partner’s
  • Need constant reassurance and affection
  • Fear abandonment
  • Become clingy or dependent

In healthy relationships, this creates an intimate, caring bond. However, it can also tip over into possessiveness. Pisces may become jealous if they feel their partner pulling away or directing their attention elsewhere.

Pisces Possessiveness

Here are the key signs a Pisces may display possessive or controlling behavior in a relationship:

  • Needing to know where their partner is and who they are with at all times
  • Repeatedly texting or calling when apart
  • Acting jealous of outside friendships or interests
  • Making their partner feel guilty for focusing on anything but the relationship
  • Monopolizing their partner’s time
  • Reading their partner’s texts, emails or social media messages
  • Discouraging contact with members of the opposite sex
  • Threatening to break up if their demands aren’t met

This controlling behavior stems from the Pisces fear of losing their loved one. They worry that if their partner’s attention is elsewhere, the relationship will crumble.

Why Pisces Become Possessive

There are several key reasons a Pisces may struggle with possessiveness in relationships:

  • Insecurity: Prone to self-doubt, Pisces needs constant reassurance.
  • Vivid imagination: They may imagine flirtations or affairs that don’t exist.
  • Escapism: The relationship becomes an escape from ordinary life and responsibilities.
  • Boundary issues: Pisces struggles to see where they end and their partner begins.
  • Fear of abandonment: Terrified their partner will leave, they hold on tighter.
  • Caretaking: Pisces may infantilize partners and control them “for their own good.”

Learning to address these emotional triggers and establishing a sense of self outside the relationship can help Pisces gain perspective and avoid possessiveness.

Are Pisces Men or Women More Possessive?

Pisces possessiveness affects both genders, however, some key differences exist:

Pisces Men

  • Prone to intense jealousy and mistrust of partners
  • May use charm, guilt trips and false fragility to manipulate
  • When heartbroken, can sink into substance abuse or self-pity
  • Benefit from developing self-confidence and their own interests/friendships

Pisces Women

  • Great listeners and nurturers, making partners dependent
  • May test lover’s commitment with exaggerated emotional needs
  • Use tears, intimacy or the cold shoulder to punish “wrongdoings”
  • Learning assertiveness provides healthier boundaries

Regardless of gender, Pisces need help building trust in relationships and distinguishing fantasy from reality.

How Possessive is Pisces Compared to Other Signs?

Compared to other zodiac signs, Pisces is one of the most likely to display controlling or possessive behaviors. Here’s how they compare:

Sign Possessiveness Level
Pisces High
Cancer High
Scorpio Moderate to High
Capricorn Moderate
Taurus Moderate
Leo Low to Moderate
Virgo Low to Moderate
Aries Low
Gemini Low
Libra Low
Sagittarius Low
Aquarius Low

Water signs (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio) and Earth signs (Capricorn, Taurus) are most inclined to possessiveness. Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) and Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) tend to be the least controlling.

How to Know if Your Pisces is Unhealthy

Possessiveness alone doesn’t necessarily mean a Pisces partner is unhealthy. But taken too far, it can damage the relationship. Watch for these red flags:

  • They make unreasonable demands of your time and attention
  • They isolate you from friends and activities you enjoy
  • Everything is your fault and they are always the victim
  • They guilt, manipulate or coerce you to get their way
  • Your needs and wants are ignored or criticized
  • You feel like you’re “walking on eggshells” and nothing you do is right

A truly unhealthy Pisces will undermine your self-esteem, gaslight you and exercise coercive control. If you no longer feel safe or respected, it may be time to leave.

How to Handle a Possessive Pisces

If your Pisces partner shows some possessive behaviors, there are constructive ways to address it:

  • Have an honest talk about both your needs and fears
  • Agree on “rules of the road” that respect your autonomy
  • Encourage them to develop their own interests and friendships
  • Don’t tolerate abuse, manipulation or unchecked jealousy
  • Suggest therapy if possessiveness becomes extreme
  • Build trust slowly and be reliable in your affection
  • Maintain your outside support system

With understanding, firm boundaries and open communication, a Pisces’ dark side can be kept at bay.


Pisces are one of the zodiac’s most romantic, emotional and sensitive signs. Their need to bond deeply can become unhealthy possessiveness and control without checks. However, their devotion also allows profoundly loving relationships, if cared for properly. By building confidence, asserting needs and providing steady love, their possessive shadow side can be managed.