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Do Pisces move on quickly?

Pisces is a water sign known for being emotional, intuitive, and sensitive. When it comes to moving on from relationships, Pisces can struggle more than other signs. Here is a look at how quickly Pisces tend to move on.

Pisces Tend to Feel Things Deeply

As a water sign, Pisces are very in touch with their emotions. They tend to feel things intensely, whether happiness, sadness, or heartbreak. When a relationship ends, Pisces feel the loss profoundly. They are deeply hurt and may struggle to let go of the person they cared for.

Pisces give a lot in relationships and devote themselves fully. The depth of their love and emotional investment makes moving on difficult. Even if ending the relationship was the right decision, Pisces will be pained by the separation from someone they were bonded to.

Letting Go is a Process for Pisces

Because Pisces feel breakups so deeply, moving on is often a process that takes time. Even if they understand that the relationship needed to end, Pisces have to work through their grief over what was lost. It is hard for them to quickly shut off their feelings and attachments.

Pisces may take months or longer before they are ready to fully let go and move forward after a serious relationship ends. They need to process the breakup, mourn the loss of the relationship, and heal emotionally before being ready to move on.

Nostalgia Can Keep Pisces Attached

Pisces are highly nostalgic. They tend to have strong memories of meaningful past events and people in their lives. When relationships end, Pisces will reminisce about the good times they shared with their exes. They have a hard time letting go of these memories.

The strong nostalgic pull can make Pisces stay attached to ex-partners long after the relationship is over. Lingering feelings and holding on to the past makes moving forward difficult. Pisces need to actively work on living in the present rather than dwelling on the past.

Rebounding is Rare for Pisces

Some signs are quick to rebound after a breakup, jumping into new relationships or casual dating to distract themselves. Pisces are very unlikely to rebound right after a relationship ends. They are simply too emotional and caught up in the breakup to immediately move on.

Pisces need time to find closure, regain their sense of identity, and re-stabilize their lives after a relationship ends. Until they have processed the breakup fully, Pisces will not feel ready to open themselves up to new romantic prospects. Rebound relationships are rare for sensitive Pisces.

Pisces May Idealize Past Partners

Pisces’ combination of emotional depth, nostalgia, and idealism can cause them to put ex-partners on a pedestal. Once the rose-colored glasses come off post-break up, Pisces may only remember the wonderful parts of the relationship and their ex’s positive traits.

This idealization makes it even harder for Pisces to move forward. Comparing new potential partners to an idealized version of an ex can be damaging. Pisces must actively reframe memories to recognize their ex’s flaws in order to give new relationships a fair chance.

Creativity Can Help Pisces Heal

Pisces rules creativity and imagination. When working through a breakup, Pisces can benefit from channeling their emotions into creative outlets like art, music, poetry, journaling, or fiction writing. This helps them process the loss in a productive way.

Immersing themselves in their rich inner world and channeling emotions creatively helps Pisces slowly let go, rediscover themselves, and emerge ready for new relationships. Creativity supports the healing process.

Pisces Can Get Lost in Fantasy

Pisces have a pronounced tendency to escape into fantasy worlds. Following a painful breakup, Pisces may indulge their imaginations and construct an alternate reality where the relationship worked out. They may even fantasize about getting back together with their ex.

These fantasies may comfort Pisces temporarily. However, too much escapism prevents Pisces from doing the hard work of grieving, letting go, and moving forward. Finding constructive ways to process the reality of the breakup is critical.

A Strong Support System Helps

Even more than most signs, Pisces benefit from a strong support system after a breakup. Close friends and family who comfort them, lend perspective, and give them space to process their emotions help Pisces through breakup recovery. Counseling can also assist with navigating intense post-breakup feelings.

Pisces should not isolate themselves. Spending time with supportive loved ones and talking through what they are feeling expedites healing. However, Pisces should be careful about venting to those who enable dwelling on the past.

Pisces May Need Closure

Pisces like to fully understand why things happened, especially why a relationship failed. Not having this closure can make moving on nearly impossible. Pisces may replay events over and over trying to make sense of what went wrong.

If possible, Pisces should have an honest conversation with their ex to gain insight into why the relationship did not work. Understanding the whys gives Pisces the closure they need to eventually let go. Hearing their ex’s perspective can dislodge idealized memories.

A New Crush Can Motivate Moving On

Pisces are not quick to catch feelings for someone new post-breakup. But if they do develop a crush or interest in a new person, it can help snap them out of dwelling on the past. A new prospect can motivate Pisces to try to move forward.

However, Pisces should not rush into new relationships on the rebound. They should take it slowly and give themselves time to fully process the breakup first. That way they can give a new partner a fair shot, without baggage from the past.

Pisces May Need to Go Cold Turkey

Part of why Pisces have trouble moving on is because they tend to stay friends with exes or continue communicating with them. This prevents a clean break and makes it harder to get over the relationship.

If possible, Pisces should make a decisive break – at least for a period of time. Cutting off contact and removing reminders helps with the cold turkey approach. Out of sight, out of mind supports moving on.

Moving On Takes Active Effort

Moving on can be extremely difficult for sensitive Pisces. But there are proactive steps Pisces can take to help themselves through it in a healthy way. This includes processing feelings through creative outlets, spending time with supportive friends, pursuing new hobbies and goals, avoiding escapism/dwelling on the past, allowing themselves to feel all emotions, engaging in self-care, and seeking counseling if needed.

Actively working to move forward, rather than passively dwelling in the past, empowers Pisces to heal and eventually open themselves up to new love. With effort, Pisces can move on in their own time.


In summary, Pisces tend to have a more difficult time moving on from romantic relationships than other zodiac signs. As deeply feeling water signs, they form intense emotional bonds and feel breakups profoundly. Their nostalgia, tendency to idealize the past, and escapist fantasies can cause them to dwell on lost relationships.

However, Pisces can move forward from painful breakups with the help of supportive loved ones, creative pursuits, self-care practices, closure/perspective, and actively focusing their thoughts on the present and future. While they may never fully forget past loves, Pisces can work through grief and find happiness in new relationships again.