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Do you need eggs for Betty Crocker brownie mix?

When it comes to baking brownies from a boxed mix like Betty Crocker, one of the most frequently asked questions is whether you need to add eggs. The short answer is: it depends on the specific brownie mix.

Examining Betty Crocker Brownie Mixes

Betty Crocker offers several different varieties of brownie mix, including:

  • Original Brownie Mix
  • Triple Chunk Brownie Mix
  • Fudge Brownie Mix
  • Low Fat Brownie Mix
  • Gluten Free Brownie Mix

The ingredient list and preparation instructions can vary between these different mixes. Here’s a breakdown of whether eggs are required for each variety:

Brownie Mix Eggs Required?
Original Brownie Mix Yes
Triple Chunk Brownie Mix Yes
Fudge Brownie Mix Yes
Low Fat Brownie Mix No
Gluten Free Brownie Mix No

As you can see, the Original, Triple Chunk, and Fudge brownie mixes require eggs as an ingredient, while the Low Fat and Gluten Free varieties do not need eggs.

Why Eggs Are Often Included

There are a few reasons why eggs are included in most Betty Crocker brownie mixes:

  • Eggs act as a leavening agent and help the brownies rise during baking.
  • Eggs provide moisture and tenderness to the baked brownies.
  • Eggs help bind the ingredients together.
  • Eggs improve the texture and crust of the brownies.
  • Eggs add richness, flavor, and protein.

So in short, eggs play an important role in creating the ideal fudgy, chewy texture that makes brownies so delicious. Leaving eggs out of a brownie recipe that calls for them can result in a drier, flatter, less tasty end product.

When Eggs Can Be Omitted

While most standard brownie mixes depend on eggs, there are some valid reasons why a mix may exclude eggs:

  • Dietary restrictions – Egg-free mixes accommodate vegans and people with egg allergies.
  • Reduced fat – Leaving out egg yolks cuts down on fat and cholesterol.
  • Shelf stability – Egg-free dry mixes can have a longer unrefrigerated shelf life.
  • Simplicity – Removing eggs makes preparation easier with one less ingredient to measure out.

Betty Crocker’s Low Fat and Gluten Free brownie mixes fall into these egg-free categories. Manufacturers can adjust the additional ingredients in the formula, such as using egg substitutes and extra leavening agents, to produce satisfactory results without eggs.

Can You Make Egg-Free Brownies from Scratch?

While store-bought egg-free brownie mixes are convenient, it is also possible to bake eggless brownies from your own recipe at home. Some substitutions for eggs include:

  • 1 tablespoon ground flax or chia seeds whisked with 3 tablespoons water
  • 1/4 cup unsweetened applesauce or mashed banana
  • 1/4 cup dairy or non-dairy yogurt
  • Commercial egg replacer liquids or powders
  • 1/4 cup aquafaba (liquid from a can of chickpeas)

You may need to experiment with ingredient ratios and baking times when developing an eggless brownie recipe. Allowing the batter to rest before baking can improve results by giving ingredients time to absorb moisture.


In summary, while the majority of Betty Crocker’s traditional brownie mixes call for eggs, there are some varieties designed to bake successfully without them. Omitting eggs creates a product tailored to specialized dietary needs. With the right recipe adjustments, it’s totally possible to whip up homemade eggless brownies that are just as fudgy and delicious.