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Does agave have birria tacos?

Birria tacos have become an incredibly popular food trend in recent years. These tacos are filled with savory, slow-cooked meat that is dipped in a rich, red chile broth before being loaded into a tortilla. While birria tacos originated in the state of Jalisco, Mexico, their popularity has exploded stateside. Many taco shops and Mexican restaurants now offer their take on birria tacos. But one question that often comes up is whether popular Mexican restaurant chain Agave has jumped on the birria taco bandwagon. In this article, we’ll take a look at what exactly birria tacos are, we’ll explore the history and menu of Agave, and we’ll determine whether or not you can find birria tacos at Agave.

What are Birria Tacos?

Birria tacos are a delicious taco variety that has its roots in the city of Tijuana in the Mexican state of Baja California. The key components of birria tacos are:

  • Protein – Traditionally, birria tacos are made with goat meat or lamb. However, beef and chicken are also popular proteins used. The meat is braised and slowly cooked until ultra soft and tender.
  • Spices – The birria meat is seasoned amply with bold Mexican spices like chiles, garlic, cumin, oregano, cloves, cinnamon, and more.
  • Chile Broth – The cooked meat is then dunked into a sauce made from the seasoned cooking liquid. This gives an extra punch of flavor.
  • Corn Tortilla – The dunked, tender meat is loaded into a fresh corn tortilla.
  • Onions and Cilantro – Finally, the tacos are topped with chopped white onions and cilantro before serving.

The dipping step is what really sets birria tacos apart from other taco varieties. Dunking the meat in the chile-infused broth before putting it in the tortilla results in an extraordinarily flavorful taco experience. The meat is infused with spice and moisture, making for some unforgettable tacos.

The History of Agave Mexican Restaurant

Agave Mexican Restaurant is a popular family-owned Mexican restaurant chain with several locations across the state of California. The first Agave restaurant opened its doors in 1988 in San Jose, California by founder Richard Sandoval. Since those early beginnings over three decades ago, Sandoval has grown the Agave brand to include over 40 locations across California, Nevada, Maryland and Virginia.

The Agave menu puts a modern, gourmet twist on classic Mexican dishes. Some signature items that Agave has become known for include:

  • Tequila Lime Chicken – Sauteed chicken breast with a sweet and tangy tequila lime sauce.
  • Shrimp Tostadas – Crispy corn tortillas topped with shrimp, black beans, cabbage, avocado, cotija cheese and chipotle sauce.
  • Enchiladas Suizas – Shredded chicken or cheese enchiladas smothered in salsa verde and sour cream sauce.
  • Margaritas – Agave boasts an extensive tequila and margarita menu with unique flavored margaritas.

While the menu puts a modern spin on Mexican cuisine, Agave still pays homage to traditional Mexican cooking techniques and flavors. High quality ingredients and attentive service help make Agave a popular choice for Mexican food lovers.

Does Agave Have Birria Tacos?

So does the popular Mexican chain actually serve up any birria tacos? The answer is yes! While birria tacos are not a permanent fixture on their menu, Agave does offer specialty birria tacos for limited times.

Here is a look at some of the details around Agave’s birria tacos:


Agave will occasionally offer birria tacos as a seasonal or limited time special. They tend to make them available during certain winter months or for special events only. So don’t expect to find birria tacos at Agave year-round. Make sure to call ahead to see if they are currently offering them.

Protein Option

Agave’s birria tacos feature shredded beef that has been braised until melt-in-your-mouth tender. They don’t offer other protein options like lamb or goat.


The birria tacos come served alongside a dipping bowl of the chile-infused beef broth for dunking. A side of corn tortillas, limes, cilantro and onions also come with the tacos.


You can expect to pay around $16 for an order of two birria beef tacos. So while not cheap, they are competitively priced compared to other restaurants charging $12 to $18 for two birria tacos.


Here are some example reviews of Agave’s specialty birria tacos:

Reviewer Comment
Michelle K. The birria tacos were amazing! The beef literally melted in your mouth and the dipping broth put it over the top. An absolute must try during birria taco season at Agave!
James P. Hands down the best birria tacos I’ve had yet in San Diego. The beef was perfectly spiced and cooked as well as the rich dipping broth. My only complaint is that Agave doesn’t offer the birria tacos year round!
Sabrina L. I went to the Agave in Mission Valley specifically to try their birria tacos. The beef itself was good but lacked a bit in flavor compared to other birria tacos I’ve had around town. But the broth made up for it and had an amazing deep chile flavor.


So in conclusion, yes you can find specialty birria tacos at Agave Mexican restaurants. However, they are only offered for limited times during certain seasons or events. Agave’s birria tacos feature shredded beef that is served alongside a flavorful chile-infused beef broth for the essential birria taco dipping experience. Reviews are mostly positive from customers who have tried Agave’s take on the viral birria taco trend. While not available year-round, be sure to keep an eye out for the next time birria tacos make an appearance on the menu at your local Agave Mexican Restaurant. They make for a tasty and memorable seasonal treat.