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Does Costco sell BBQ ribs?

Yes, Costco does sell barbecue ribs at many of its warehouse locations. BBQ ribs are a popular item that many Costco members seek out for summertime grilling and entertaining. Costco offers pork and beef rib options, typically sold in large, family-sized quantities at a good value.

Types of Ribs Sold at Costco

Costco sells both pork and beef ribs. Some of the specific rib options typically available include:

Pork Ribs

– St. Louis Style Pork Ribs – These ribs are trimmed of the brisket bone and cartilage to make a rectangular-shaped rack of ribs. They are sold in cryovac packages of about 4 pounds.

– Baby Back Ribs – Baby back ribs come from the top part of the ribcage near the spine and include more meat between the bones. Costco sells them in cryovac packs of 8 to 12 pounds.

– Country Style Pork Ribs – Boneless country style pork ribs are cut from the shoulder area. Costco sells them in packs of 10 pounds cryovac packed.

Beef Ribs

– Beef Short Ribs – Short ribs contain a lot of connective tissue so they benefit from slow, moist cooking methods. They are sold at Costco in 6-8 pound packages.

– Beef Back Ribs – From the rib primal cut near the spine, beef back ribs have a high meat to bone ratio. Costco carries them in 4-5 pound cryovac packages.

Costco Rib Quality

The ribs sold at Costco are known for being good quality cuts of meat. Here are some of the benefits Costco ribs offer:

– Premium Grades – Costco typically sells upper choice or prime graded beef ribs and enhanced pork ribs for juiciness.

– Good Marbling – Rib cuts sold at Costco exhibit nice fat marbling through the meat for flavor and tenderness.

– Trimmed and Membraned – Pork ribs have the membranes removed for ease of eating. Beef ribs have a tidy fat cap.

– Reputable Suppliers – Brands like Swift, Farmland, and Kirkland assure quality supplies and processing.

– Cryovac Packed – Vacuum sealing locks in freshness and reduces freezer burn.

– Large Packs – Feeding a crowd is easy with multiple pounds per package.

Costco Rib Prices

Costco is known to provide competitive pricing on quality meat products, including ribs. Here is a sample table outlining some average per-pound prices for Costco ribs:

Rib Type Average Price Per Pound
Pork Baby Back Ribs $4.99
Pork Spare Ribs $2.49
Beef Short Ribs $6.99
Beef Back Ribs $7.99

As you can see, prices vary by cut but remain competitively priced compared to other grocery stores and butcher shops. Certain sales, coupons, and Costco promotions can bring the per-pound prices down even more.

Availability and Selection at Specific Costco Locations

The selection of ribs can vary somewhat between different Costco warehouse stores. Availability will depend on factors like location, season, and local supplier relationships. Here is a sampling of data on rib offerings at some example Costco locations:

Costco Richmond, VA

– Pork spare ribs and baby back ribs regularly stocked
– Beef back ribs sometimes carried
– Short rib selection limited
– Prices slightly lower than national averages

Costco Seattle, WA

– Good assortment of pork ribs year-round
-Beef ribs regularly available due to proximity to meat packaging plants
-Primal and Duroc pork supplier relationship benefits rib quality and cost
-Larger packs of 15 lbs+ available for bulk buying

Costco Business Center Los Angeles, CA

– Caters to business and resellers with bulk quantities
– Wider selection of beef ribs including plates, short ribs, and chuck rolls
– Availability of specialty cuts like Korean Galbi ribs
– Rib inventory consistent year-round to supply restaurants

Costco Rochester, NY

– Smaller weekly rib shipments and more limited selection
– Beef back ribs most prevalent due to regional availability
– Best rib selection during summer grilling months
– Pricing follows national averages closely

How to Buy and Prepare Costco Ribs

When shopping for ribs at Costco, look for racks that appear meaty and have a nice shape. The ribs should have a thin coating of fat on top. Avoid racks with dry spots or bones poking through. For short ribs, look for those with thick, meaty sections between each bone.

Once home, the ribs should be refrigerated promptly if not cooking soon. Refrigerate for up to 4 days. For longer storage up to 4 months, place ribs in freezer. When ready to cook, thaw ribs in fridge 1-2 days before grilling or smoking. Trim excess fat and remove membrane before applying a spice rub.

Pork ribs benefit from low and slow cooking methods like smoking and indirect grilling. Cook for 4-6 hours at 225°F – 250°F. Beef short ribs can braise for 2.5 – 3 hours until tender.


Costco is a prime shopping destination for top quality beef and pork ribs at member-only warehouse prices. The impressive rib selection, buying power in bulk, and savings opportunities make Costco a go-to for ribs to feed a crowd. Taking advantage of rib inventory, specials, and prices specific to each location can help shoppers find the best rib values. With some preparation like trimming and rubbing, Costco ribs turn out juicy, savory, and delicious using low and slow barbecue cooking techniques.