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Does delish have an app?

As a popular food website, Delish has taken steps to make their content easily accessible on mobile devices. While they do not have a standalone app available for download, Delish does have a mobile-optimized website and partnerships with select third-party apps to reach readers on the go.

Delish Mobile Website

The main way that Delish makes their articles and recipes available on mobile is through their mobile-optimized website. If you visit from a smartphone or tablet, you will automatically be taken to their streamlined mobile site. This site provides all of the same content and functionality as the desktop version of Delish, just formatted to fit and work better on smaller screens.

The Delish mobile site includes full recipe articles with ingredient lists and instructions formatted for easier reading and tapping on mobile. It also includes their latest food news, entertaining ideas, restaurant guides, and videos. You can browse articles, search for recipes, and seamlessly access all areas of the site right from your mobile browser.

Some key features of the Delish mobile website include:

  • Responsive design that automatically adapts to fit phone or tablet screens
  • Clean, image-focused layout
  • Simplified navigation menu
  • Tap-friendly recipe formatting
  • Social media sharing options
  • Ability to save recipes for later

The site is designed with a mobile user in mind, making it easy to quickly find recipes, get cooking inspiration, and enjoy Delish content on the go without downloading an app.

Third-Party Apps

While Delish does not have its own official app, it has teamed up with a few third-party apps that provide access to Delish recipes and content. Here are some examples:

Apple News

Delish has a channel within the Apple News app where iOS users can access a curated selection of Delish articles and recipes. This provides an easy way for iPhone and iPad users to read Delish content in a format optimized for Apple devices without installing a separate app.


The news aggregation app Flipboard has a Delish section featuring their popular recipes and food articles. Flipboard takes content from around the web and presents it in a customizable, magazine-style layout.


Delish has an official Pinterest account with a wide variety of recipe pins that Pinterest users can easily save and access. Their profile has boards featuring desserts, chicken recipes, holiday ideas, and more.

Should Delish Create Their Own App?

While the Delish mobile site and third-party app integrations provide good accessibility on mobile, some users may prefer using a standalone Delish app tailored specifically to the brand. There are pros and cons for Delish to consider when evaluating whether or not to launch their own app.

Potential Benefits

  • Dedicated app tailored to Delish’s style and branding
  • Additional features like offline recipe access, grocery lists, meal planners
  • Expanded push notification options for new content
  • Centralized, app-specific user accounts and preferences
  • App store visibility and searchability
  • In-app traffic and engagement analytics

Potential Drawbacks

  • Significant development and maintenance costs
  • Ongoing app optimization for different iOS and Android versions
  • Need to persuade users to download yet another app
  • Competition from other popular food and recipe apps
  • Difficulty driving downloads and active usage
  • Less ability to control user experience within third-party app stores
Platform Pros Cons
Mobile Website
  • Lower development cost
  • Easier maintenance
  • Universal availability
  • Less customization for mobile experience
  • Limited analytics data
  • No offline access or special features
Standalone App
  • Customized mobile experience
  • Additional features like offline access
  • More analytics data
  • Higher development costs
  • Ongoing maintenance for updates
  • No guarantee of downloads or usage

Overall, while a standalone Delish app would allow for greater branding, customization, and features, the mobile site provides significant accessibility benefits with lower costs. Developing an app may be something for Delish to consider further down the line once their mobile site and third-party integrations are maximized and if audience demand for a dedicated app surfaces.


Delish focuses their mobile strategy on a fully responsive and optimized website experience at, allowing users to easily access recipes, articles, and videos from any device. They also leverage integrations with select third-party apps like Apple News, Flipboard, and Pinterest to extend their reach. While Delish does not currently have their own mobile app, they may consider developing one in the future if there is clear audience demand and a viable cost-benefit analysis. For now, their combination of a great mobile web presence and smart partnerships provides good accessibility of Delish content on the go without needing to download yet another recipe app.

Here are some key takeaways:

  • Delish does not have a standalone mobile app, but has a mobile-optimized website.
  • The Delish mobile site provides all the same content and functionality as the desktop site, formatted for mobile screens.
  • Users can access some Delish content within third-party apps like Apple News, Flipboard, and Pinterest.
  • A Delish app could allow greater customization but would require significant development costs.
  • The mobile site meets many user needs but Delish may consider an app in the future if demand merits it.

So in summary, Delish makes their recipes, articles, and videos easily available on smartphones and tablets through their mobile website and integrations, without yet making the leap into becoming another downloadable food app.