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Does Febreze help with bed bugs?

Febreze does not kill bed bugs. While Febreze can help temporarily mask odors from bed bug infestations, it does not eliminate bed bugs or treat infestations. There are, however, some key things to know about using Febreze and other odor eliminators when dealing with bed bugs.

Can Febreze kill bed bugs?

No, Febreze does not kill bed bugs. Febreze is an odor eliminator that is designed to remove odors from fabrics and air. It contains no insecticides or chemicals that can kill bed bugs. The active ingredients in Febreze are cyclodextrin, a molecule that traps odor molecules, and perfumes that help mask odors. These ingredients do not have any effect on killing bed bugs. Using Febreze alone will not get rid of bed bugs or treat an infestation.

Why Febreze doesn’t work on bed bugs

There are a few key reasons why Febreze is ineffective against bed bugs:

  • No insecticidal ingredients: Febreze does not contain any chemicals or pesticides that can kill insects like bed bugs.
  • Doesn’t affect bed bug biology: The Febreze formula does not impact bed bug feeding, reproduction, or other biological functions.
  • Does not repel bed bugs: Febreze does not contain any compounds that naturally repel bed bugs away from treated areas.
  • No residual activity: Febreze only eliminates odors temporarily and has no lasting residual effects to keep killing or repelling bed bugs after application.

Without any ingredients that are directly lethal or repellent to bed bugs, Febreze has no mechanism of action to kill bed bugs or stop infestations. It only temporarily masks odors.

Does Febreze repel bed bugs?

No, Febreze does not repel bed bugs. The perfumes in Febreze that help mask odors have no effect on repelling bed bugs. There are also no compounds or essential oils in Febreze that are naturally repellent to bed bugs.

Why Febreze doesn’t repel bed bugs

There are a few reasons why Febreze does not repel bed bugs:

  • Lack of repellent ingredients: Febreze does not contain any known repellent compounds like DEET that are proven to deter bed bugs.
  • No residual activity: Febreze only eliminates odors temporarily and does not leave any lasting residue that could repel bed bugs.
  • Not enough concentration: Even natural repellents need to be in concentrated formulas to repel bed bugs, which Febreze does not have.

Without any repellent compounds or enough concentration of them, Febreze will not cause bed bugs to avoid treated areas or discourage them from biting and feeding. Bed bugs can persist even on surfaces sprayed with Febreze.

Will Febreze get rid of bed bug odors?

Yes, Febreze can help temporarily eliminate odors from bed bug infestations. The cyclodextrin in Febreze is able to trap and remove odorous molecules on fabrics and in the air that are caused by bed bugs. This includes odors from bed bug feces and body secretions.

By using the perfumes in Febreze, it can also help mask any lingering odors from bed bugs after the cyclodextrin has absorbed other odors. This can make rooms smell fresher and less like bed bugs.

How Febreze eliminates bed bug odors

Febreze is effective at eliminating bed bug odors because of:

  • cyclodextrin binding: The cyclodextrin molecules in Febreze trap odor molecules and remove odors.
  • Perfume masking: Febreze perfume counters any remaining odors to make the area smell clean.
  • Multiple applications: Applying Febreze multiple times helps fully absorb and mask odors.
  • Air and fabric freshening: Febreze can remove odors from soft surfaces like bedding and also freshen air.

Together, the dual actions of odor elimination and odor masking allow Febreze to both destroy bed bug odors and cover them up.

Can you use Febreze to help treat bed bugs?

You can use Febreze as a supplemental tool when treating bed bugs, but it cannot treat infestations alone. Here are some ways Febreze can assist other treatment methods:

  • Eliminate odors from infested rooms after treating bed bugs.
  • Freshen up bedding and fabrics by removing bed bug odors after washing and drying them.
  • Mask any lingering odors in rooms between pest control treatments.
  • Help confirm bed bug elimination if Febreze no longer removes odors.

However, Febreze itself does not have any direct impact on bed bug populations or stopping them from biting. Proper treatments need to be applied by pest management professionals to fully eliminate bed bug infestations. Febreze can just help keep the areas smelling cleaner in the meantime.

Tips for using Febreze on bed bugs

If you want to use Febreze to help control bed bug odors, keep these tips in mind:

  • Use Febreze as part of a comprehensive treatment plan, not the sole solution.
  • Apply Febreze multiple times to fully eliminate odors.
  • Spray or wipe down all infested surfaces, including inside crevices.
  • Focus on areas where bed bugs aggregate like mattresses and furniture.
  • Also treat fabrics like bedding, curtains, and clothing.
  • Combine with washing and drying to remove bed bugs and odors from fabrics.
  • Use unscented Febreze if sensitive to perfumes.

Using Febreze properly can help manage odors in between pest control treatments. But make sure to have qualified professionals apply proven insecticides to fully eliminate bed bug infestations.

Alternatives to Febreze for bed bug odors

While Febreze can help control odors, there are some other alternatives you can also use to eliminate bed bug odors:

Product Details
Baking soda Baking soda helps absorb odors. Sprinkle on mattresses and fabrics.
Cat litter The clay in cat litter absorbs odors. Spread across infested rooms.
Vinegar White vinegar removes odors naturally. Wipe down infested surfaces.
Sodium bicarbonate Also known as baking soda. Absorbs odors and can be vacuumed up.
Essential oils Oils like tea tree and lavender help mask odors.
Activated charcoal Charcoal filters absorb gases and odors from the air.

Using odor-fighting alternatives can provide affordable and effective options to control bed bug odors between pest treatments. Ensure any products used are safe for your surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does spraying Febreze on mattresses kill bed bugs?

No, spraying Febreze on mattresses does not kill bed bugs. Febreze does not have any ingredients that are effective at killing bed bugs. It can only help temporarily mask odors from bed bugs in mattresses.

Does Febreze get rid of bed bug eggs?

No, Febreze has no effect on bed bug eggs. It does not kill eggs or prevent them from hatching. Eggs will remain unaffected by Febreze and can still hatch into larvae.

Is it worth using Febreze on bed bugs?

Febreze can be helpful for managing odors from bed bug infestations between pest control treatments. But Febreze alone does not get rid of bed bugs. It should only be used as a supplemental odor-fighting tool and not the sole solution.

What scent of Febreze is best for bed bugs?

The scent of Febreze does not matter in terms of bed bug effectiveness. Any scent can help mask odors. But lighter scents like Spring & Renewal or Linen & Sky may be best to avoid overwhelming smells.

Can you put Febreze in a spray bottle?

Yes, you can dilute Febreze in water and put it in a spray bottle. Mix 1 part Febreze to 3 parts water and use on fabrics. This can help spot treat beds, furniture, and other infested areas for bed bugs.


Febreze can help temporarily remove and mask bed bug odors between pest control treatments. However, it does not kill bed bugs or stop infestations. Relying solely on Febreze will not get rid of bed bugs. But as part of a comprehensive treatment plan, Febreze can keep infested rooms smelling fresher. Combine Febreze with professional pest management and sanitation methods like washing and heating to fully clear bed bug problems.