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Does Harris Teeter sell orange smash?

Determining whether a specific grocery store like Harris Teeter sells a particular product like orange smash requires some investigation. As an assistant knowledgeable about Harris Teeter’s offerings, I can provide helpful information to answer this question.

What is Orange Smash?

Orange smash is a popular orange flavored soft drink. It often contains orange juice or orange flavoring along with carbonated water and sweeteners like high fructose corn syrup or sucrose. The bright, refreshing orange taste makes it a staple summertime beverage for many.

Orange smash comes in a few major varieties. The most common is orange soda like Fanta Orange or Sunkist. These have a bold, sweet orange flavor. Some brands use orange juice concentrate for a slightly more natural taste. There are also orange smash sports drinks like Gatorade Frost Thirst Quencher, with electrolytes for rehydration.

The drink was invented in the late 1920s and became popular in the 1930s and 40s. Brands like Orange Crush were mainstay sodas alongside colas and other fruit flavors. The bubbly, citrus drink remains nostalgic for many and is still commonly purchased today. Its versatility makes it popular year round.

Availability of Orange Smash at Harris Teeter

Harris Teeter is a large supermarket chain with over 250 stores across the Southeastern United States. The stores emphasize quality perishables, customer service, and specialty departments. Harris Teeter carries national, local, and private label brands across grocery, produce, meat and seafood, bakery, deli, household items, and more.

Given its comprehensive product selection, Harris Teeter does stock various types of orange smash drinks. However, availability can vary by location. The specific brands and flavors will depend on regional supplier relationships, store size, demographics, seasonality, and other factors.

Here are some of the orange smash product varieties commonly found at Harris Teeter stores:

Beverage Type Brand Examples
Orange Soda Fanta Orange, Sunkist Orange Soda
Orange Juice Soda Crush Orange Soda, Orange Crush
Orange Sports Drinks Gatorade Frost Thirst Quencher, Powerade Orange
Bottled Orange Juice Simply Orange, Minute Maid Pure Squeezed Orange Juice
Orange Juice Cocktail Orange C, SunnyD

National brands like Fanta, Sunkist, Crush, and Minute Maid have broad distribution across Harris Teeter locations. Regional brands like Cheerwine and Sundrop may also be carried in stores within their distribution territories.

Ways to Find Orange Smash at Harris Teeter

When looking for a particular product like orange smash at Harris Teeter, there are a few ways to check availability:

In-Store Search

The most direct method is to visit your local Harris Teeter and look for orange smash in person. Check the soda aisle thoroughly for brands like Fanta, Crush, Sunkist, and others. Also browse the juice and sports drink sections. Ask a store employee if you need assistance locating it.

Online Search

Search the Harris Teeter website or mobile app to see if orange smash is listed at your store. Enter the name of the drink or brand in the search bar. This will display matching products and indicate whether they are sold at your selected location. You can also browse virtual aisles and departments.

Contact the Store

Call or visit Customer Service at your Harris Teeter and ask whether they stock orange smash. Let them know the specific brand and type you are looking for. They can check inventory records and inform you if and where that item is available in the store. This may be the fastest way to get an answer.

Delivery Services

Harris Teeter offers Instacart delivery and curbside pickup services. Search the websites or apps for orange smash products. If they are available from your store, you can place an order. This confirms they have it without traveling to the store.

Other Nearby Options for Orange Smash

If your local Harris Teeter does not have the orange smash drink you want, there are other places nearby to find it:

  • Other grocery stores – Check chains like Kroger, Publix, Piggly Wiggly, Food Lion, etc.
  • Convenience stores – Try gas stations and stores like 7-Eleven, Wawa, Circle K, etc.
  • Drug stores – Look at Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid.
  • Big box stores – Search Target, Walmart, Sam’s Club.
  • Dollar stores – Dollar General, Family Dollar, and Dollar Tree often have soda and juice.
  • Online – Order orange smash drinks online from grocery delivery services, Amazon, soda specialty sites.

Searching beyond Harris Teeter provides more chances to find that perfect orange smash. Another option is asking Harris Teeter customer service whether they can order or stock it if not regularly available.

Factors Influencing Orange Smash Availability

Why might Harris Teeter have certain orange smash drinks but not others? Here are some factors that impact what products are sold:

  • Regional preferences – Stores stock items tailored to local customer tastes.
  • Seasons – Orange smash sells better in summer so may have more variety.
  • Supply chain – Distribution and supply issues can cause shortages.
  • Store size – Larger locations carry more products.
  • Consumer trends – New drinks are added based on emerging preferences.
  • Reformulations – Brands change recipes, causing variations.
  • Competitors – Stores match or beat offerings from nearby chains.

Understanding why assortments differ between locations can help strategize where to shop when searching for a particular orange smash option.

Purchase Considerations for Orange Smash

When buying orange smash, keep these tips in mind:

  • Check labels for natural versus artificial ingredients based on preferences.
  • Compare amounts of added sugars.
  • Look for versions with added vitamins for nutrition.
  • Select single serve sizes for portion control.
  • Buy multi-packs for value on frequent purchases.
  • Consider low-calorie or zero-calorie varieties to save calories.
  • Choose name brand or generic for different quality and pricing.

Examining the different factors when purchasing orange smash ensures you get the best product for your needs, whether shopping at Harris Teeter or elsewhere.


The availability of specific orange smash drinks like Fanta, SunnyD, or other brands varies by Harris Teeter location. Checking inventory online, in-store, or by contacting customer service can determine whether your local store stocks your desired orange smash. Neighboring grocery, convenience, drug, and big box stores are other options to find a wide range of orange soda, orange juice, sports drinks, and juice cocktail options. Considering seasonality, store size, regional tastes, supply issues, and other factors helps understand assortment. Comparing labels for ingredients, sugars, vitamins, portions, and pricing ensures you get your favorite refreshingly flavored orange smash.