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Does Olive Garden use Andes Mints?

Olive Garden is a popular Italian-American restaurant chain known for its unlimited salad and breadsticks. After finishing their meals, many Olive Garden customers look forward to receiving the restaurant’s signature mints. So, what are these mints that Olive Garden gives out? Do they use Andes mints?

What are Andes Mints?

Andes Mints are a brand of small, chocolate-covered mints produced by Tootsie Roll Industries. They were first created in 1921 and named after the Andes mountains due to their snowy, white appearance.

Andes mints have a cool, refreshing peppermint flavor and are often served as breath mints at the end of meals, especially in finer restaurants. Their thin candy shell quickly melts to reveal the smooth peppermint cream inside. They are a popular after-dinner treat and breath freshener.

Key Features of Andes Mints

  • Small, bite-sized candies
  • Coated in a thin layer of dark chocolate
  • Have a smooth, cool peppermint cream center
  • Provide a refreshing flavor and breath freshening
  • Individually wrapped in logo-branded foil

Olive Garden’s Signature Mints

So do the mints you get at Olive Garden match the description of Andes mints? The simple answer is no – Olive Garden has their own special house mint that is different from the Andes brand.

Here’s a look at Olive Garden’s after-dinner mints:

  • They are small, rectangular shaped mints
  • They have a thin, crunchy candy shell like Andes
  • But their shell is white instead of chocolate
  • The inside is a cool, mellow wintergreen flavor
  • They are white with a green Olive Garden logo on the wrapper

So while they share some similarities with Andes mints, Olive Garden uses their own custom wintergreen mints. They have a different shape, flavor, and wrapping than the Andes brand.

Why Olive Garden Uses Their Own Mints

There are a few key reasons why Olive Garden opts to use their own signature mints rather than Andes or other national brands:

Unique Branding

Olive Garden’s mints allow them to create unique branding. The monogrammed wrappers with the Olive Garden logo make them distinctly associated with the chain. Using a branded mint helps build brand identity and recognition.

Consistent Guest Experience

Having their own custom mints allows Olive Garden to offer a consistent guest experience across all locations. Customers expect those iconic Olive Garden mints, so using their signature mint ensures consistent quality and flavor.

Lower Cost

Producing their own private label mints in such large quantities helps Olive Garden lower costs compared to buying branded candies like Andes. This may help improve profit margins.

Nutrition Facts Comparison

Since they have different ingredients, Olive Garden mints and Andes mints also have slightly different nutritional values. Here is a nutrition facts comparison:

Mint Type Calories Total Fat Carbs
Olive Garden Mint 5 calories 0g 2g
Andes Mint 25 calories 1g 5g

As you can see, Olive Garden mints are lower in calories and sugar since they do not have a chocolate coating. But both provide a nice sweet treat at the end of your meal.

Where to Buy Olive Garden Mints

Wondering where you can get Olive Garden’s mints outside of the restaurant? Unfortunately, the signature wintergreen mints are not sold in stores or available for online purchase.

The only way to enjoy these mints is to dine at Olive Garden and receive them at the end of your meal. Some loyal fans have found third-party sellers offering packs of used Olive Garden mints for sale online. But there is no official retail availability for these mints at this time.

Other Mint Options at Olive Garden

Although the wintergreen mints are the iconic Olive Garden mint, they aren’t the only minty option available. Here are some other mint varieties you may receive at the end of your meal:

Peppermint Mints

Around the winter holiday season, Olive Garden sometimes switches to peppermint flavored mints. These have a bold peppermint taste like candy canes.

Chocolate Mints

For a change of pace, you might sometimes get chocolate mints. These have a rich chocolate flavor instead of mint.

Fruit Mints

Occasionally, mints with fruit flavors like raspberry or lemon are offered for some extra fruity freshness after your meal.

So while the signature wintergreen olive mints are the classic, keep an eye out for these seasonal specials too!

Mint Alternatives

If you don’t care for mints, Olive Garden has some non-minty choices too. Here are a few other treats you may receive instead:

  • Chocolate cakes – Rich chocolate cake with chocolate frosting
  • Biscotti – Almond or chocolate dipped biscotti cookies
  • Ricotta desserts – Ricotta cheese cannoli or lemon ricotta cake
  • Chocolate truffles – Decadent chocolate ganache in a candy shell

Olive Garden aims to have options for every guest. So if you’re not a fan of mints, let your server know and request an alternative end-of-meal sweet treat!


Olive Garden’s iconic mints are a signature part of the restaurant’s dining experience. With their cool wintergreen flavor, crunchy shell, and distinctive Olive Garden wrapping, they are unique from Andes and other common mints.

Olive Garden uses their own custom mints to create unique branding, maintain consistency, and control costs. While you can’t buy them in stores, you can enjoy these refreshing mints with any meal at Olive Garden.

And if mints aren’t your thing, don’t worry – you can always request another sweet treat instead!