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Does PS5 automatically turn off in rest mode?

The PS5’s rest mode allows users to suspend gameplay and power down the console without fully shutting it off. This enables features like charging controllers, automatic game updates, and remote play. However, some PS5 owners have reported that their console turns off completely while in rest mode. So does the PS5 really turn off automatically in rest mode?

What is rest mode on the PS5?

Rest mode on the PS5 allows users to enter a low-power suspended state, while still keeping key functions active. When in rest mode:

  • Games and apps remain suspended – you can immediately resume where you left off.
  • Downloaded games and apps can continue downloading updates.
  • Controllers can charge while connected to the PS5.
  • You can wake your PS5 using a paired DualSense controller or the PlayStation app.
  • Remote play and Share Play are available.

So in summary, rest mode provides convenience and quick start-up while minimizing energy use. The console remains connected to the internet and performs key background tasks.

PS5 rest mode issues

While rest mode offers useful functionality, some users have experienced issues with rest mode on their PS5 consoles:

  • PS5 turns off completely – Some users report their PS5 shutting down and powering off fully while in rest mode. This defeats the purpose of rest mode’s quick wake feature.
  • Games and apps crashing – Suspended games and apps may crash or fail to properly resume after waking from rest mode.
  • Peripheral devices losing connection – DualSense controllers or other connected devices losing sync or connection with the PS5 in rest mode.
  • Failed downloads – Downloads, updates, and installs stopping before completion in rest mode.

These types of issues indicate there may be underlying problems with how rest mode functions on some PS5 consoles. The system appears to be fully powering down during rest mode for some users.

Does PS5 turn off automatically in rest mode?

Based on user reports, it appears some PS5 consoles do turn off entirely while in rest mode. However, this does not happen for all PS5 users.

Sony has acknowledged issues with rest mode in PS5 firmware updates. Some of the confirmed problems include:

  • PS5 turning off during rest mode due to a bug in firmware update 20.02-02.26.00.
  • Issues downloading content and minor glitches in rest mode in firmware 20.02-02.30.00.
  • Rest mode instability after transferring PS5 data to a USB drive.

Sony states only a small percentage of PS5 owners are impacted by these rest mode bugs. They have released firmware patches to address the known issues.

Based on this information, while the PS5 does not intentionally turn off in rest mode, hardware and software bugs can occasionally cause full power downs for some users. It is likely a combination of factors like PS5 hardware variance, unstable firmware code, crashing apps, and external factors like power fluctuations.

Why might the PS5 turn off in rest mode?

There are a few potential reasons why some PS5 consoles inadvertently power down in rest mode:

  • Bugs in system software – As Sony acknowledged, bugs in firmware can cause full shutdowns in rest mode instead of staying suspended.
  • Hardware faults – A small percentage of PS5 consoles may have hardware faults triggering complete shutdowns.
  • Power fluctuations – Any disruption to consistent power could cause a full reboot. For example, a brief power outage or surge.
  • Overheating – Overheating while downloading games in rest mode may trigger an emergency shutdown.
  • Crashed apps – A game or app crashing while suspended may lead to a system shutdown.

So in summary, while not intentional, several issues can arise that cause the PS5 to power down completely while it should remain in rest mode. Sony continues releasing software updates to improve stability and prevent unintended shutdowns.

How to prevent PS5 from turning off in rest mode

You can try these troubleshooting steps to prevent your PS5 from powering down in rest mode:

  1. Check you are updated to the latest PS5 system software version. Install any available updates.
  2. Make sure your PS5 is well-ventilated and not overheating. Give it some extra clearance.
  3. Use a surge protector power board to minimize potential power disruptions.
  4. Avoid using rest mode when downloading large game files. Only suspend smaller downloads.
  5. Rebuild the PS5 database to clear any system errors. Do this by booting into safe mode.
  6. Factory reset your PS5 if other steps don’t resolve the issue.

Following Sony’s recommended usage guidance can also help prevent issues:

  • Do not unplug the AC power cord when the PS5 is on or in rest mode.
  • Use the official Sony AC power cord that came with your PS5.
  • Avoid switching users when the PS5 is booting up from rest mode.

While frustrating, full shutdowns in rest mode only impact a small number of users. As Sony releases firmware patches, the issues should occur less frequently.

Does PS5 rest mode use a lot of power?

The PS5’s rest mode uses far less power than leaving the console fully on. Exact power consumption varies between models:

PS5 Model Rest Mode Power Use
PS5 Standard 0.5W (Standby)
PS5 Digital 0.3W (Standby)

For comparison, the PS5 uses between 200W and 240W of power while gaming or running intensive apps. So rest mode provides substantial energy savings.

However, rest mode does use more power than fully shutting down the console. The PS5 uses just 0.02W when powered off. But rest mode’s ongoing background activity comes with increased energy needs.

Overall, rest mode only uses about 0.2% to 0.3% of the PS5’s maximum power draw. This makes it very efficient for a suspended low-power state.

Tips to reduce PS5 rest mode power usage

You can slightly reduce power consumption in rest mode by:

  • Turning off the ‘Stay Connected to the Internet’ setting. This prevents background downloads.
  • Disabling USB power supply while in rest mode.
  • Avoiding using rest mode when downloading large files.

But for most users, the convenience of rest mode is worth the minor power draw. The average rest mode cost works out to around $0.002 per hour. So you need not worry about rampant energy use while the PS5 is suspended and sleeping.

Should I use rest mode on my PS5?

Rest Mode Pros Rest Mode Cons
  • Instantly resume games and apps
  • Controllers charge while suspended
  • Enable automatic downloads
  • Makes remote play and Share Play available
  • Low power state saves electricity
  • Potential stability issues on some consoles
  • Can fully power down unexpectedly
  • Slightly higher power draw than full shutdown
  • Cannot physically swap game discs

Overall, rest mode provides significant utility that makes it worth using for most PS5 owners. The pros outweigh the cons in enabling convenient classic PS5 features.

Using rest mode is recommended. But you may want to avoid it if:

  • You need to physically change game discs frequently.
  • You experience stability issues or crashes in rest mode.
  • You want to achieve the lowest power use when not using the PS5.

As Sony continues updating PS5 firmware, rest mode’s reliability should keep improving over time. The benefits make it an advisable feature for the majority of PS5 console owners.


While the PS5 is not designed to fully power down in rest mode, some users do experience their console shutting off completely when suspended. This appears tied to software bugs and hardware faults in a small number of devices. Using the latest system software, proper ventilation, and a surge protector can minimize the chances of unwanted rest mode shutdowns. When functioning correctly, rest mode is an energy-efficient way to keep your PS5 primed for quick gaming while performing useful background tasks.