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Does PS5 use much electricity in rest mode?

The PS5’s rest mode allows users to keep their console in a low-power state while still allowing downloads, uploads, and charging of controllers. This can be convenient, but some users are concerned about how much electricity the PS5 uses in rest mode. In this article, we’ll look at PS5 power consumption in rest mode and help you decide if it’s an efficient feature to use or if you’re better off fully powering down.

PS5 Rest Mode Explained

The PS5 has two power modes – On and Rest Mode.

On Mode is when the console is fully powered on and can play games, media, and run apps as normal. This uses the most electricity.

Rest Mode puts the PS5 into a low-power sleep state where it consumes less energy but can still download updates, charge controllers, and power external USB devices. The console can be woken instantly to return to On Mode.

Rest Mode essentially allows your PS5 to sleep while still running key background functions. This means you don’t have to fully boot up the console just to download a game update.

Electricity Use in Rest Mode

So how much power does the PS5 use in Rest Mode?

Sony reports that the PS5 draws around 10W in Rest Mode.

To put that in perspective:

  • In On Mode, the PS5 draws up to 200W
  • The PS5’s massive power supply is rated for 350W total
  • 10W in Rest Mode is just 3% of the PS5’s max power draw

The table below compares the power draw between On and Rest Modes:

PS5 Mode Power Draw
On Up to 200W
Rest Around 10W

As you can see, Rest Mode uses about 5% of the power compared to when the console is fully on. That’s a substantial reduction.

Estimating Electricity Costs

To estimate how much keeping your PS5 in Rest Mode costs on your energy bill, you need to know your electricity rate.

The average residential rate in the U.S. is around 13 cents per kWh.

So for a PS5 in Rest Mode drawing 10W:

  • 10W = 0.01 kWh
  • 0.01 kWh * 13 cents = 0.13 cents per hour

This means keeping your PS5 in Rest Mode would add around 13 cents to your electricity bill for every 10 hours used. That’s just $1.30 if you left it in Rest Mode continuously for a full month.

Compared to the PS5’s massive power draw of 200W while gaming or streaming media, Rest Mode is very efficient. Using Rest Mode to download updates overnight will add at most a few cents to your bill – much less than a single hour of gaming.

Should You Use Rest Mode?

For most users, the PS5’s Rest Mode is an efficient and convenient feature to take advantage of. The power savings compared to leaving the console fully on are enormous.

Here are some of the benefits of using Rest Mode:

  • Downloads and installs game updates automatically
  • Charges PS5 controllers and accessories
  • Powers external hard drives and USB devices
  • Saves your spot in games instantly
  • Wakes instantly to On Mode

The minor power draw is a small price to pay for these conveniences. Unless you carefully turn off the console after each use, you’re better off using Rest Mode.

However, there are a few cases where you may want to fully power down:

  • You won’t use the console for an extended period like a vacation
  • Need to unplug the PS5 to move it or rearrange cords
  • Having technical issues and need to power cycle the system

But for everyday use, Rest Mode is ideal. Take advantage of overnight updates and convenient charging without worrying about wasting electricity. Those extra cents per month are worthwhile.

Just make sure you don’t accidentally leave the console in Rest Mode forever! It’s still best to fully power down occasionally when you won’t need it for a while.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about the PS5’s Rest Mode and power usage:

Does the PS5 use electricity in Rest Mode?

Yes, the PS5 consumes around 10W of power in Rest Mode. This allows it to keep running background tasks like downloads, charging, and powering USB accessories.

How much does 10W cost per hour?

At the average U.S. electricity rate of 13 cents per kWh, 10W of power costs about 0.13 cents per hour. Monthly costs would be around $1.30 if left in Rest Mode continuously.

Is Rest Mode bad for the PS5?

No. Rest Mode is an intended power state for the PS5 that poses no harm. Fully powering down is not required for system health.

Should I turn off Rest Mode?

For most users, no. The convenience and instant wake of Rest Mode outweigh the minor power costs. Fully powering down periodically is still a good idea for long-term storage.

Does PS5 Rest Mode use internet?

Yes, the PS5 stays connected to the internet in Rest Mode to enable background downloads, multiplayer functions, and remote play. It does not run any active apps or stream media though.

Can the PS5 overheat in Rest Mode?

It’s very unlikely. The PS5 consumes little power in Rest Mode and has an advanced cooling system. As long as ventilation is not obstructed, overheating is not a major risk in Rest Mode.

The Bottom Line

The PS5’s Rest Mode offers substantial power savings compared to full On Mode with very minor electricity costs. For most users, the benefits like automatic updates and controller charging easily justify leaving the console in Rest Mode whenever not playing. Fully shutting down is only necessary for long-term storage or troubleshooting. Use Rest Mode without worries – your electricity bill will thank you!