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Does Saitama get a girlfriend?

Saitama, the protagonist of the popular anime and manga series One Punch Man, is known for his immense strength and ability to defeat any opponent with a single punch. However, when it comes to his romantic life, things are not quite as simple for the heroic bald man.

Throughout the series so far, Saitama has shown little interest in pursuing romantic relationships. His primary focuses have been on becoming the strongest hero possible and finding a worthy opponent that can finally give him a real fight. However, that doesn’t mean that Saitama will necessarily remain single forever. Fans are often curious whether Saitama will eventually find a romantic partner later in the story.

Saitama’s personality and lifestyle

First, it’s important to examine Saitama’s personality and lifestyle to understand why he is currently single and disinterested in romance. A few key factors stand out:

Lack of strong emotions or passions

Due to his immense power, Saitama has become bored, apathetic, and disconnected. He feels numb even in dangerous situations since no enemy poses a threat. This lack of emotion and excitement also carries over to how he views relationships.

Focus on individual hero work

Saitama prefers to work alone as a hero. He has no interest in joining the Hero Association or teaming up with other heroes. This solitary focus on his heroic duty keeps his life simple and prevents any distractions.

Minimal human connections

Aside from his sidekick Genos, Saitama has very few meaningful human connections. He prefers spending time alone in his apartment rather than socializing. This loner lifestyle makes meeting new people or potential partners unlikely.

Lack of income or career

Saitama is unemployed and quite poor due to being an independent, unpaid hero. His lack of steady income or impressive career doesn’t make him an appealing partner.

Saitama’s interactions with female characters

Aside from his disinterest in romance in general, Saitama has had minimal interactions with female characters that hint at potential relationships. Here are some of his notable encounters:


One of the most powerful heroes in the Hero Association, Tornado is an aloof woman with psychic abilities. Saitama typically ignores or dismisses her condescending attitude, showing no signs of attraction to her.


Another psychic hero who tries unsuccessfully to recruit Saitama into her faction. The two have limited interactions, and Saitama again shows no interest beyond her abilities as a hero.


A female hero featured primarily in bonus chapters of the manga. She expresses some interest in Saitama’s reputation but there are no real hints of romance between the two.


Tornado’s younger sister, she initially views Saitama with disdain but eventually gains some respect for his abilities. There is no indication she views him romantically though.


The evil leader of the Monster Association, she briefly encounters Saitama but their exchange is entirely focused on their status as enemies rather than anything romantic.

Could romance develop in the future?

While Saitama has shown minimal interest in romance so far, there are some possibilities that he could develop a relationship later in the story:

New female character introduction

The manga is still continuing so the author could introduce a new female protagonist that captures Saitama’s attention. She would have to be able to connect with his emotions and passions in a way no other woman has.

Existing character redemption/transformation

An existing female character, villain or hero, could go through changes that make them a potential partner. For example, Psykos or Fubuki overcoming their evil ways.

Gradual bonding with female character

Prolonged interaction with an existing character like Tatsumaki or Fubuki could slowly turn platonic friendship into something more over time. This would require deeper character development.

Sudden realization of feelings

There’s always the possibility Saitama himself doesn’t realize he has romantic feelings for someone until there is some revelation or life-threatening situation that makes those emotions clear.

Why Saitama might remain single

While there are scenarios where Saitama could plausibly end up in a relationship later on, there are also strong reasons why he might remain single for the entirety of the series:

Ruin his underdog image

Much of Saitama’s appeal as a character comes from his underdog status and simple lifestyle. Giving him a girlfriend could damage that image and ruin some of the jokes around his loner status.

Shift focus away from action

One Punch Man is focused on dynamic fight scenes and epic battles. Romance subplots could distract from that central appeal. Keeping Saitama single helps maintain emphasis on action.

His ideal partner likely doesn’t exist

Considering Saitama’s immeasurable power and apathetic attitude, finding a partner who truly interests him may be impossible. No female character so far has come close to being ideal for him.

A girlfriend doesn’t fit his motivation

At his core, Saitama is motivated by the thrill of battle and the pursuit of finding a worthy opponent. A girlfriend would not contribute to those driving motivations, so love is not something he seeks.


Saitama getting a girlfriend would certainly be an unexpected twist for the One Punch Man story. However, when looking at Saitama’s personality, his interactions so far, and the overall tone of the series, the most likely scenario is that Saitama remains single throughout the entirety of the manga’s run. This allows the character and plots to retain focus on spectacular fight scenes without the entanglements of romance.

While Saitama entering a relationship can’t be ruled out as impossible, the chances seem low. The few female characters he has encountered have yet to make any substantial connection to him as a potential partner. For the time being, it seems Saitama is destined to continue demonstrating his unmatched strength and prowess while remaining an underdog in the arena of love. His passionate fans will undoubtedly be fine with that prospect.