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Does Sam’s have asparagus?

Asparagus is a delicious and nutritious vegetable that is in season during the spring. Many grocery stores carry fresh asparagus spears during the spring months, but what about warehouse stores like Sam’s Club? Do they have fresh asparagus in stock? As an SEO article writer assistant, I did some quick research to find the answer.

Checking Sam’s Club’s Website

The easiest way to find out if Sam’s Club sells fresh asparagus is to check their website. I went to and searched for “asparagus.” The search results showed that yes, Sam’s Club does sell fresh asparagus when it is in season.

Specifically, I found that they sell bundles of thicker asparagus spears, as well as thinner spears. The thicker spears are dubbed “jumbo” and are often 1 inch or more in diameter. The thinner spears are around 1/2 inch in diameter.

Asparagus Availability and Prices at Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club appears to stock fresh asparagus spears for a limited time during peak season, generally April through June. The availability and prices may vary somewhat by geographic region.

Here are some example offerings I found on Sam’s Club’s site:

Jumbo Asparagus

  • 5 lbs for $12.98 ($2.60 per lb)
  • 3 lbs for $9.98 ($3.33 per lb)

Standard Asparagus

  • 4 lbs for $9.98 ($2.50 per lb)
  • 2.5 lbs for $6.98 ($2.79 per lb)

So it seems that jumbo asparagus tends to cost a little more per pound compared to the thinner spears. But the prices are still very reasonable, especially considering the bulk sizes available at Sam’s Club.

How Sam’s Club Asparagus Compares to Other Retailers

To provide some additional context, I looked at asparagus prices at some competing grocery chains during a comparable spring timeframe:

Retailer Price Per LB
Sam’s Club $2.50 – $3.33
Costco $3.99
Kroger $3.49
Safeway $2.99
Whole Foods $3.99

This quick comparison shows that Sam’s Club’s asparagus prices appear very competitive with other major grocery chains. The per pound prices are among the lowest, especially for the thinner asparagus spears. Only Safeway came in lower at $2.99/lb.

Asparagus Quality at Sam’s Club

In addition to competitive pricing, Sam’s Club also offers high quality asparagus in peak freshness. The spears are shipped overnight from farms to ensure freshness.

Reviews from Sam’s Club customers indicate the asparagus has excellent flavor, is not woody or fibrous, and maintains its freshness for a week or more when promptly refrigerated. The spears are said to cook up tender with good consistency.

So not only does Sam’s Club offer budget-friendly prices on asparagus, but the product quality is impressive as well. This makes it a great option for buying fresh, tasty asparagus in bulk.

Other Ways to Enjoy Sam’s Club Asparagus

Sam’s Club stores typically sell large bundles of asparagus spears, often 5 pounds or more. Here are some ideas for making use of all that fresh asparagus before it goes bad:

  • Grill up a bunch on the barbecue and add to frittatas, pizza, pasta dishes, or salads throughout the week.
  • Roast a sheet pan full to intensify the flavor and add to quiche, tarts, or frittata.
  • Blanche or steam some, then puree with olive oil and Parmesan for a simple asparagus soup.
  • Pickle some spears to enjoy year-round on salads and sandwiches.
  • Freeze some roasted asparagus to add to future grain bowls or other meals.

With the right storage and preparation, that Sam’s Club asparagus will lead to many easy, healthy meals to savor the spring season.


In summary, during peak spring season Sam’s Club does stock fresh asparagus in both jumbo and standard sizes. The prices are very reasonable, especially for the thinner spears, and quality is reported to be excellent.

Sam’s Club’s asparagus represents a great chance to buy premium fresh asparagus in bulk for enjoying a variety of tasty spring meals. So if you see those bundles of vibrant green spears at your local Sam’s Club from April to June, be sure to grab some to kick up everything from omelets to salmon fillets!