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Does Sprite go good with champagne?

Whether Sprite goes well with champagne is a matter of personal taste. Some people enjoy the sweetness of Sprite contrasted with the dryness of champagne, while others find the combination unappealing. There are a few things to consider when deciding if Sprite and champagne make a good pairing.

The Sweetness of Sprite

Sprite is a lemon-lime flavored soda that gets its sweetness primarily from high fructose corn syrup. It has a crisp, sugary taste that is quite different from the dry, acidic taste of champagne. The sweetness of Sprite is one of the main reasons some people like mixing it with champagne – it helps mellow out and balance the dryness of the bubbly.

Potential Issues with Mixing Sprite and Champagne

While the sweet-dry contrast can work nicely, there are a couple potential issues with mixing Sprite and champagne:

  • The high sugar content of Sprite can make the champagne taste flat or syrupy.
  • The carbonation levels are different – champagne is generally more effervescent than Sprite.
  • The flavors may clash instead of complementing each other.

The sugar and carbonation imbalance means you need to get the proportions right. Adding just a splash of Sprite to a full glass of champagne is likely to work better than a half-and-half mixture.

Cocktails that Use Sprite and Champagne

There are a few cocktails that successfully combine Sprite and champagne:

  • The French 75 – gin, lemon juice, simple syrup, and champagne, with a splash of Sprite for extra sweetness.
  • The Mimosa Royal – orange juice and champagne, with a splash of Sprite.
  • The Royal Rickey – gin, lime juice, and soda water, topped with champagne and Sprite.

In these drinks, the Sprite adds a touch of sweetness but is just one component among several. This prevents the issues that can come from mixing Sprite and champagne in equal proportions.

Other Champagne Mixers

If you find Sprite clashes with champagne, there are other options for sweetening it up. Some other common champagne mixers include:

Mixer Flavor Profile
Orange juice Citrus, mildly sweet
Pineapple juice Tropical, moderately sweet
Cranberry juice Tart, subtly sweet
Red wine Fruity, semi-sweet
Liqueurs like St. Germain or Chambord Sweet, layered flavors

The fruits juices complement champagne’s acidity without being too sugary. Sweet wines and liqueurs add flavor complexity. These can allow you to sweeten champagne without completely changing the flavor profile.


Sprite and champagne can work well together, but getting the balance right is key. A splash of Sprite in mostly champagne, like in a mimosa royal, can add a touch of sweetness. But equal parts Sprite and champagne are more likely to clash. If the flavors don’t appeal to your taste, juices, wines, and liqueurs can provide other ways to sweeten up a glass of bubbly.