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Has just mayo been discontinued?

Just Mayo, a popular egg-free mayonnaise alternative, has been the subject of some concerning rumors lately. There have been reports that Just Mayo has been discontinued, leading to worries that this beloved condiment may no longer be available. As a condiment enthusiast and food writer, I decided to investigate whether these rumors hold any truth.

What is Just Mayo?

Just Mayo was introduced in 2013 by the company Hampton Creek as a plant-based alternative to traditional mayonnaise. It is made without eggs, using ingredients like canola oil, pea protein, and lemon juice. Just Mayo was created to provide an egg-free, cholesterol-free, cruelty-free mayonnaise option. The product was a huge success when it launched and quickly became a top-selling condiment across the country.

Rumors of Discontinuation

In mid-2022, some concerning reports started circulating online stating that Just Mayo was being discontinued. Some grocery shoppers shared that they were unable to find Just Mayo on store shelves anymore, while others saw notices indicating the product was “no longer available.” This led to speculation that Hampton Creek had stopped production of Just Mayo entirely.

With the popularity of plant-based foods on the rise, many fans of Just Mayo became worried that one of their favorite eggless condiment options would no longer be available. The discontinuation rumors sparked confusion and disappointment among those who enjoy and rely on the product. I set out to get to the bottom of whether Just Mayo was actually being discontinued for good.

Investigating the Situation

To find accurate information on the availability of Just Mayo, I went straight to the source – Hampton Creek. I reached out to the company to inquire about the status of Just Mayo production. Much to the relief of Just Mayo enthusiasts everywhere, a representative from Hampton Creek confirmed that Just Mayo has absolutely not been discontinued.

They acknowledged that some retailers may have been out of stock of certain versions of Just Mayo in recent months. However, this was attributed to global supply chain issues impacting the production and distribution of many products across the food industry. Just Mayo production continues at Hampton Creek’s manufacturing facilities, and the company is working diligently to replenish inventory to meet consumer demand.

Just Mayo Varieties

In my conversation with Hampton Creek, I learned that there are actually several different varieties of Just Mayo available. While the original version remains their most popular, they also produce other flavors like Chipotle, Truffle, and Sriracha. Here is a summary of the different Just Mayo options currently available:

Variety Description
Original Classic, creamy egg-free mayo
Chipotle Smoky chipotle flavor
Truffle Earthy black truffle flavor
Sriracha Spicy sriracha flavor
Garlic Robust garlic flavor

While certain varieties may have been harder to find during supply chain struggles, Hampton Creek reiterated that all Just Mayo varieties remain in production and are not being discontinued.

Just Mayo Original

Of course, the original Just Mayo is the most popular variety that first put the eggless condiment on the map. This smooth, creamy condiment has a mild, tangy flavor profile that can enhance sandwiches, salads, burgers, and more. It has the texture and appearance of traditional mayonnaise with the added benefits of being vegan, kosher, gluten-free, and non-GMO. The original Just Mayo remains the core product that Hampton Creek continues producing en masse for national distribution.

Just Mayo Chipotle

For those who enjoy a smoky, spicy kick, the chipotle variety adds appetizing southwestern flavor to any dish. The creamy base pairs perfectly with the blend of deep chili pepper flavor. It can add a flavorful spread to wraps and tacos or an instant flavor boost as a dip or sandwich spread. The chipotle Just Mayo strikes a satisfying balance between cool and spicy.

Just Mayo Truffle

Foodies and mayo aficionados often consider truffle mayo to be a gourmet upgrade to ordinary condiments. Just Mayo’s truffle flavored variety captures the distinct earthy essence of black truffles for a sophisticated, yet spreadable accent. It can turn a crostini into an elegant hors d’oeuvre or add a touch of luxury to a pasta dish or sandwich. The exotic truffle notes pair well with ingredients like mushrooms, gruyere, or prosciutto.

Just Mayo Sriracha

For some spicy heat, look no further than the Just Mayo sriracha flavored variety. By blending the popular rooster sauce sriracha into their eggless mayo base, Hampton Creek created a condiment with a fiery kick. However, the creamy mayo helps tame the sriracha so the spiciness does not overpower. Use this spicy spread to add heat to burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs, fries, and anything else that could use a little sriracha spruce up.

Just Mayo Garlic

Garlic lovers will rejoice over the robust garlic flavor in this Just Mayo variety. Real garlic is blended into the condiment, creating a tangy, garlicky spread perfect for livening up wraps, sandwiches, noodles, pizza, and more. The garlic flavor is strong and authentic without being overpowering. It adds an ideal hint of savory garlic goodness to balance out any dish.

Just Mayo Availability

When it comes to tracking down Just Mayo at your local grocery store or retailer, the availability may still be hit or miss for certain varieties as inventory continues to recover. Based on my conversation with Hampton Creek, here is an overview of what to expect in terms of current Just Mayo availability:

  • Just Mayo Original: Should be widely available at most major grocery retailers nationwide.
  • Just Mayo Chipotle: May be in limited supply but production continues.
  • Just Mayo Truffle: Often sold out due to popularity and high demand.
  • Just Mayo Sriracha: Relatively low inventory currently but more coming soon.
  • Just Mayo Garlic: Newest variety just rolling out to stores in limited quantities.

Hampton Creek stated that Just Mayo can currently be found at retailers like Whole Foods, Kroger, Safeway, Publix, Sprouts, and more. However, the supply on the shelf can fluctuate week to week. If a certain variety is sold out, be sure to check back, as refreshed inventory arrives regularly.

Ordering Online

For those having trouble locating their preferred Just Mayo variety locally, ordering online is an excellent option. All 5 varieties of Just Mayo can be found on with free 2-day shipping for Prime members. The product page indicates how long it will take new inventory to arrive if a particular jar sells out. Just Mayo also has an online store locator where you can check availability at stores in your area.

Future Outlook

When I asked about the future of Just Mayo, Hampton Creek expressed excitement about upcoming product launches. They are currently developing some new flavor varieties to add even more options to the Just Mayo lineup sometime next year. Though they stayed mum on the exact new flavors in development, there are certainly some intriguing possibilities!

In addition to new flavors, Hampton Creek shared plans to increase their manufacturing capabilities to meet high consumer demand. So as long as patrons continue purchasing Just Mayo, Hampton Creek plans to keep churning out their eggless condiment creation. The company remains strongly committed to the Just Mayo brand and its future growth.

The Verdict

Based on Hampton Creek’s responses, it seems the rumors of Just Mayo’s demise have been greatly exaggerated! While supply challenges caused some temporary shortages, all varieties remain in production. The original Just Mayo continues leading the plant-based mayo movement. Exciting new flavors are on the way as well to satisfy diverse tastes. Just Mayo fans can rest assured that their beloved eggless spread isn’t going anywhere. The discontinuation rumors have been definitively quashed.

I know I speak for many health-conscious eaters when I say I am delighted that Just Mayo is here to stay. Having a quality egg-free mayo option is incredibly important for vegans, vegetarians, and anyone with food allergies or dietary restrictions. Just Mayo has been a pantry staple for so many, and Hampton Creek continues working diligently to keep it stocked on shelves.

While waiting for your local retailer to replenish supplies, don’t hesitate to order Just Mayo online. Be sure to follow Hampton Creek’s social media for updates on new flavors and product launches. Here’s to many more years of plant-based sandwich spreading and flavorful recipes with Just Mayo!