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How a narcissist treats her husband?

A narcissistic wife can make life very difficult for her husband. Narcissism is a personality disorder characterized by an inflated sense of self-importance, a lack of empathy, and a need for admiration. A narcissistic woman tends to see her husband more as an object or accessory rather than an equal partner. She will often exploit and manipulate him to suit her own needs and desires. This kind of toxic relationship can leave the husband feeling confused, frustrated, inadequate, and depressed. Here are some of the common ways a narcissistic wife is likely to treat her husband:

Lack of empathy

One of the hallmarks of narcissism is a lack of empathy and inability to care about others’ feelings. A narcissistic wife is unlikely to show real interest in her husband’s thoughts, emotions, or wellbeing. She won’t sympathize with any troubles or worries he has and will be unable to provide emotional support. He may open up to her about something that’s bothering him only to have her dismiss it as unimportant or shift the conversation back to herself. She is unable to put herself in her husband’s shoes and everything is about how situations affect her.

Constant demands and entitlement

A narcissistic wife believes she deserves special treatment and that her husband should constantly cater to her. She makes excessive demands on his time, energy, and finances, not caring about any sacrifices he has to make. She acts entitled to be pampered, indulged, and obeyed. If her husband fails to meet her expectations or challenges her requests, she is likely to fly into a rage or guilt trip him. She often leaves all domestic duties and childcare responsibilities to him while contributing little or nothing herself.

Undermining and cruel comments

Narcissists like to diminish others in order to boost their own egos. A narcissistic wife is likely to constantly criticize and belittle her husband. She may mock his appearance, career, hobbies, intellect, taste in music or movies, parenting style, and even basic everyday decisions. She will point out his every flaw and mistake to make him feel worthless. Her putdowns are often cloaked in a veneer of humor so she can claim she was “just joking” if he protests. She enjoys comparing him unfavorably to other men and will flirt with others in front of him to humiliate him.


A narcissistic woman is adept at a form of emotional manipulation known as gaslighting. She deliberately distorts the truth or reality in order to confuse her husband. For example, if he confronts her about something hurtful she has done, she will flat out deny it ever happened or insist his recollection of events is inaccurate. If he insists on the truth, she will accuse him of being mentally unstable or having memory problems. This repetitive gaslighting makes him doubt his own judgment and perception. He may even end up apologizing just to keep the peace.

Projection of flaws

It’s common for narcissists to project their own flaws onto others. A narcissistic wife is likely to accuse her husband of the very traits or behaviors that she herself exhibits, while believing she is perfect. For instance, she may constantly accuse him of being rude, selfish, arrogant, needy for attention, or a “control freak”, without seeing that she is the one demonstrating those behaviors. This form of projection causes the husband to feel blamed for things that aren’t his fault.

Exploiting vulnerabilities

A narcissistic partner seeks out and exploits her husband’s vulnerabilities. If she learns of his insecurities, fears, humiliations, or painful experiences from his past, she is likely to bring those up during arguments and tear open those wounds. She may taunt or punish him at those exact points that she knows are sources of shame or sensitivity.

Affairs and flirting

A narcissistic woman often lacks loyalty in a relationship. She may engage in emotional affairs, sexting, or full-on physical affairs with other men. She flirts right in front of her husband and disguises it as just having an outgoing personality. She will pick fights with her husband simply so she can storm off and meet another man. Having affairs and attracting other men feeds her ego and desire for validation.


She never accepts responsibility for mistakes or misbehavior. She shifts blame to everyone around her, especially her husband. She lays guilt trips on him and makes him feel that he is the cause of all the relationship problems. If he complains about being treated poorly, she claims he provoked her abuse by not fulfilling her needs. She acts the victim and makes him out to be the villain.

Lies and secrecy

Narcissists are dishonest and hide actions that might damage their image. A narcissistic wife keeps secrets from her husband, tells half-truths, spins facts, or blatantly lies to his face. When he learns of the truth, she may elicit sympathy by crying and claiming he doesn’t understand her. She justifies her lies by faulting her husband for making her lie or claiming it was for his own good.

Using sex as a weapon

A narcissistic woman may use sex as a tool to manipulate her husband. She may withhold intimacy as punishment if he does something she doesn’t approve of. Or she may shower him with affection and sexual attention after mistreating him to keep him hooked on her like an addiction. She might even engage in extreme sexually coercive behaviors justified by the mentality that being his wife entitles her to sexual access whether he wants to or not.


This is when the narcissistic wife tries to drive a wedge between her husband and other important people in his life. She feels threatened by any person who is close to him, whether friends, siblings, parents, or even the couple’s children. She uses tactics like alienation, creating drama, spreading rumors, disclosing private information about her husband, and fostering dependency to sabotage those relationships. She may also excessively compare her husband to others as a way to undermine his confidence in himself or his bond with them.

Financial abuse

Since narcissists view their partners as objects to exploit, a narcissistic wife is likely to abuse finances. She might forbid her husband from having any knowledge of their financial accounts. She may make significant purchases without consulting him or build up secret debt. She might spend lavishly on herself while depriving her husband and children. She often feels entitled to her husband’s money and assets. If he ever files for divorce, she will try to take as much as possible.

Parental alienation

If the couple has children, the narcissistic wife will often undermine her husband’s parenting. She portrays him as incompetent or dangerous with the children. She makes him out to be the unfit parent while presenting herself as the devoted protector. She won’t let him have equal time with the kids and tries to damage the kids’ attachment to their dad. She might falsely accuse him of abusing the children. Parental alienation can cause lifelong damage to the kids’ relationship with their father.

Public humiliation

A narcissistic woman tends to put on a facade of the perfect wife in public settings. But in private, she is emotionally abusive. If her husband ever challenges her public persona, she is likely to retaliate by publicly humiliating him. She may share private marital issues with friends or family members to make him look bad and elicit sympathy for herself. She may post vague social media status updates alluding that she is a victim in the relationship. She might angrily confront and denigrate him in front of others.

Unrealistic expectations

Her expectations of her husband are exaggerated and impossible to meet. She expects him to fulfill every emotional and material need while also being mind-readers to her wants and desires. It’s common for narcissistic wives to expect their husbands to work long hours providing for the family financially while also taking on a majority of domestic and childrearing duties at home. No matter how hard he tries, she paints him as unreliable, selfish, and deficient.

Pure selfishness

In the end, a narcissistic wife cannot have a truly intimate, caring relationship because she lacks empathy and only cares about herself. Her every decision and action in the marriage serves her own interests. She shows no remorse for hurting her husband and can immediately resume playing the victim. Her husband’s only worth is to validate and indulge her. This extreme selfishness creates a profoundly unhealthy and destructive dynamic that often leaves the husband depleted, isolated, and depressed.

Effects on the husband

Being married to a narcissistic woman can inflict real damage over time. Here are some common psychological effects suffered by husbands of narcissists:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Low self-esteem and sense of unworthiness
  • Feeling unappreciated, disrespected, and objectified
  • Constant anger and frustration
  • Feeling like you are walking on eggshells
  • Feeling lonely and isolated from friends and family
  • Self-doubt and confusion from her manipulations
  • Blaming yourself for all problems
  • Dependence on your wife’s approval
  • Loss of identity, goals, and interests
  • Helplessness and hopelessness
  • Physical health effects from chronic stress

These symptoms can be severe enough to be classified as “narcissistic spouse syndrome”. The cumulative wounds from emotional abuse take a major toll. It is very important for husbands in this situation to seek professional counseling to regain their sense of self and build enough strength to set healthy boundaries or exit the toxic marriage.

Is there any hope?

Narcissism is a personality disorder that typically does not improve without intensive long-term therapy. A narcissistic wife is unlikely to recognize her issues, take accountability, and seek help. Couples counseling is usually ineffective and simply provides another platform for her manipulations. Any changes she promises will only be temporary and meant to hook her husband back in. She may idealize him during brief periods when he supplies the validation she craves. But the devaluation, exploitation, and abuse inevitably return.

For the husband with a narcissistic wife, setting clear expectations and firm boundaries can help counteract some of the manipulation tactics and regain a sense of control. However, the nature of narcissism makes true intimacy and equality in the marriage nearly impossible. In many cases, cutting ties and starting a new life apart from her offers the only hope for peace and happiness. But the husband will need strong support systems and self-care practices to overcome damage from the relationship and avoid repeating dysfunctional patterns.


Marriage to a narcissistic wife often becomes an emotionally abusive situation where the husband feels belittled, conditioned, and drained dry. She treats him like an inferior, a slave, or simply a prop in her own life story, rather than an equal human partner. He is expected to suppress his own needs while constantly tending to her excessive demands to be pampered, indulged, and obeyed. When he cannot fulfill her unrealistic expectations, she punishes him with cruel belittling, silence, accusations, gaslighting, emotional neglect, affairs, and public shaming. Living with a narcissist spouse can have severe psychological impacts including depression, anxiety, low self-worth, learned helplessness, and more. Breaking free from the narcissistic relationship and rebuilding a new life is challenging but ultimately offers the only possibility of happiness and self-rediscovery. With proper support, a husband can recover his sense of self and create healthy new relationships.