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How are girls supposed to flirt?

Flirting can seem intimidating for many girls, but it doesn’t have to be. With some simple tips on reading body language, making eye contact, and keeping conversation light, any girl can become an expert flirt.

How to Tell if a Guy is Interested

Before flirting, it’s helpful to get a read on whether the guy is open to interacting. Here are some signs a guy is interested:

  • He makes strong eye contact and holds your gaze
  • He points his shoulders and feet towards you
  • He smiles or laughs a lot during conversation
  • He asks you questions about yourself and remembers the details

Flirting with Eye Contact

Our eyes convey a lot of information. Maintaining eye contact is one of the easiest ways to show a guy you’re interested. When flirting:

  • Make direct eye contact and hold it for a few seconds
  • Break eye contact briefly before looking back at him
  • Smile or laugh when you lock eyes
  • Let your eyes wander over his face and body occasionally

Body Language Signals

Your body language can say a lot without having to say a word. Try these flirty body language signals:

  • Point your shoulders toward him
  • Lean in when he’s talking
  • Play with your hair while chatting
  • Gently touch his arm, shoulder or leg briefly
  • Fidget or preen a bit to look cute

Starting Conversations

The most important step is starting a conversation. Keep it casual by:

  • Asking open-ended questions about his job, interests, or travel
  • Complimenting his appearance or style
  • Makingobservations about your shared environment
  • Keeping it light – don’t get too personal too fast

Flirty Conversation Tips

Once you’ve started chatting, you can amp up the flirt factor with these tips:

  • Find excuses to keep talking like asking follow-up questions
  • Mirror his body language
  • Laugh at his jokes and lightheartedly tease him
  • Pay sincere compliments about his looks, personality, talents
  • Use playful banter and make funny observations
  • Get closer as you talk – reduce physical distance

Giving Him Your Number

If the flirting is going well, it’s time to make a bolder move. You can give him your number by:

  • Mentioning you need to get going but would love to continue the conversation
  • Pulling out your phone, unlocking it, opening up a new contact, and handing it to him to enter his info
  • Suggesting grabbing coffee together sometime and asking for his number to coordinate schedules

Flirting Without Words

You don’t always need words to flirt. Some additional tips include:

  • Wearing perfume so you smell nice when you’re close
  • briefly touching his arm when you’re making a point in conversation
  • Holding his gaze for a few seconds before smiling and looking away
  • Texting him after meeting to say you enjoyed the conversation

Determining if He’s Interested

Wondering if your flirting is working? Signs a guy is flirting back include:

  • Pointing his body toward you
  • Making and holding eye contact
  • Complimenting your appearance
  • Asking you lots of questions
  • Finding excuses to keep the conversation going
  • Recalling small details about you
  • Laughing frequently and smiling a lot

How to Flirt Without Being Obvious

Some flirting tips for subtlety include:

  • Let him notice you checking him out then look away
  • Momentarily touch his arm or leg then withdraw
  • Compliment his appearance without gushing
  • Laugh at his jokes but not loudly or for too long
  • Ask thoughtful questions and listen intently to his answers
  • Drop hints that you’re available without stating it outright

What Not to Do When Flirting

To avoid embarrassment or discomfort, do NOT:

  • Stare constantly without break
  • Get too close to his personal space
  • Compliment his body explicitly or make sexualized comments
  • Touch him frequently or grab his arm/leg tightly
  • Ask incredibly personal questions too soon
  • Talk about marriage, kids, or the future
  • Overshare emotional issues or trauma
  • Drink too much alcohol

How to Recover if Rejected

If your flirting falls flat, no need to stress. Just:

  • Laugh it off with a line like “No worries! Can’t blame a girl for trying”
  • Casually withdraw from flirting behavior
  • Stick to neutral topics if you have to keep chatting
  • Excuse yourself from the interaction soon after
  • Don’t take it personally – chemistry is complicated


Flirting comes naturally for some girls, but takes practice for many. Learning to read body language, make eye contact, initiate conversations, and find the right balance between interested and aloof will help any girl hone her flirting skills. Remember to keep it light, have fun, and not take rejection personally. With some courage and these simple tips, any girl can become an expert flirt.