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How do you comfort a crying Aquarius?

Aquarius is an air sign known for their independence, intellect, and humanitarianism. However, they can be quite emotionally sensitive at times despite their logical exterior. When an Aquarius gets upset and starts crying, it’s important to comfort them in a way that respects their need for space while also providing emotional support.

Why Do Aquarius Cry?

There are a few key reasons an Aquarius may be brought to tears:

  • Feeling like an outsider – Aquarians often feel misunderstood and can get upset when they don’t feel like they fit in.
  • Relationship problems – Aquarius values freedom and gets upset when a relationship starts feeling restrictive.
  • Empathy for suffering – Aquarians feel deeply for human rights causes and can be brought to tears by injustice.
  • Stress overload – Aquarians think constantly and can get overwhelmed when responsibilities become too much.

Crying is a release valve for these emotions. But Aquarius often tries to repress their feelings until they build up and are expressed through tears.

Give Them Space

When an Aquarius is upset, the first thing to do is give them space. Aquarians need time alone to process their emotions and come back into equilibrium. Trying to smother them with affection will often have the opposite effect.

Some tips for giving an upset Aquarius space:

  • Don’t demand they talk about it – let them open up in their own time.
  • Suggest a walk or solo activity to clear their mind.
  • Avoid too much physical touch or affection until they initiate it.
  • Keep conversation light and give them room to retreat.

Respecting their space allows the Aquarius to ground themselves and get clarity. Once composed, they’ll be better able to articulate what’s upsetting them.

Encourage Communication

While initially needing space, it’s important to eventually draw out what’s upsetting your Aquarius. Keep communication open by:

  • Asking open-ended questions like “What’s been on your mind lately?”
  • Being a patient and non-judgemental listener.
  • Not demanding too much too fast – let them reveal feelings at their own pace.
  • Sharing your own vulnerabilities to create a safe space for honesty.

Having a thoughtful discussion allows the Aquarius to air their feelings instead of bottling them up. Make sure to validate their emotions and perspective too.

Provide Reassurance

Aquarians often cry from feeling isolated in their emotions or worldview. Providing reassurance reminds them that they are understood and not alone. Some thoughtful ways to reassure an upset Aquarius include:

  • Reminding them of times you connected deeply and felt the same.
  • Validating their unique perspective and emotional experience.
  • Sharing quotes or ideas from thinkers who share their views.
  • Affirming your care and acceptance of them.

This reassurance helps the Aquarius feel grounded again in the closeness of your bond. They see they don’t have to fully go it alone.

Engage Their Intellect

The airy Aquarius is most comfortable relating through thoughtful discussion of ideas. After giving them space, appeal to their intellectual side to process emotions by:

  • Having philosophical discussions about emotions, society, human nature, etc.
  • Recommending a thought-provoking book, article, or movie.
  • Analyzing the logical reasons behind their mood and outlook.
  • Exploring innovative solutions to problems troubling them.

Engaging their intellect helps the Aquarius gain a broader perspective on their feelings. They prefer this rational approach to simply venting emotions.

Add Lightness and Humor

Laughter and amusement are healing for Aquarius in times of sadness. After seriously exploring their emotions, inject some lightness by:

  • Watching a silly show or funny videos.
  • Going out dancing or to see a comedy show.
  • Spending time with friends who make them laugh.
  • Reminiscing about funny memories.

Laughter releases tension and helps the Aquarius relax. Humor reminds them not to take life or themselves too seriously. Levity restores their characteristic Aquarian charm.

Inspire Hope and Idealism

Aquarians are idealists at heart. When feeling low, inspire hope in a brighter future by:

  • Envisioning dream goals like travels, activism, or inventions.
  • Supporting their vision for a better world.
  • Exploring technology, culture, and ideas that excite their sense of possibilities.
  • Reminding them of how much they’ve grown and overcome.

Restoring their idealism renews the Aquarius’ spirit. They feel more optimistic about uplifting the world and actualising meaningful change.

Respect Their Independence

Aquarians prize their freedom and individuality. While needing comfort, be careful not to smother them. Keep respecting their independence by:

  • Not demanding constant companionship or emotional availability.
  • Giving them time to follow their own interests and pursuits.
  • Not overloading them with your own emotional needs.
  • Understanding their desire to process things internally.

Balancing emotional support with respect for their autonomy nurtures the Aquarius. They feel accepted while maintaining their sense of individual identity.


Aquarians can be deeply emotional beneath their logical exterior. By providing patient space, engaging their intellectual side, adding lightness, inspiring hope, and respecting their independence, you can thoughtfully comfort a distraught Aquarius. Meeting their needs while respecting their individuality deepens your bond and nurtures their spirited Aquarian soul.