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How do you fry an egg in a Ninja Foodi?

Frying an egg in a Ninja Foodi is quick and easy! The Ninja Foodi is an air fryer that uses super-heated air to cook foods to a crispy, fried finish using little to no oil. This makes it the perfect small appliance for whipping up delicious fried eggs in just minutes.

What is a Ninja Foodi?

The Ninja Foodi is a popular kitchen appliance that functions as both a pressure cooker and air fryer. It has a 6.5 quart ceramic-coated pot that can pressure cook ingredients quickly, then switch over to air fry mode to crisp them using superheated air. The Ninja Foodi allows you to make fried foods like eggs with minimal oil, resulting in a healthier version of typically oily fried eggs.

Some key features of the Ninja Foodi include:

  • 6.5 quart ceramic coated pot and 4 quart cook & crisp basket
  • TenderCrisp Technology allows you to pressure cook then air fry foods
  • Ability to pressure cook, air fry, roast, bake, broil, dehydrate, sear/sauté, and keep foods warm
  • Digital control panel with preset programs
  • Recipe book with 45 recipes to try out

The Ninja Foodi is popular for its versatility and ability to make crispy fried foods without all the oil. It’s a great appliance for whipping up quick weekday breakfasts like fried eggs.

Benefits of Frying Eggs in a Ninja Foodi

There are several benefits that make the Ninja Foodi a great choice for frying eggs:

  • Less oil: Air frying uses significantly less oil than traditional frying, keeping your eggs healthier.
  • Quick cooking: Eggs can be fried in just a few minutes in the Ninja Foodi.
  • Crispy texture: The super-heated air gives you delicious crispy edges on the fried eggs.
  • Consistent results: The Ninja Foodi’s air fry setting cooks the eggs evenly every time.
  • Easy cleanup: With minimal oil, cleanup is a breeze compared to pan frying.

In addition to great taste with less guilt, the Ninja Foodi offers a fast and easy way to cook up perfect fried eggs for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

How to Fry an Egg in a Ninja Foodi

Frying eggs in the Ninja Foodi is very simple to do. Here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Preheat the Foodi: Turn on the Ninja Foodi and select Air Fry at 400°F. Allow it to preheat completely, around 5 minutes.
  2. Prepare eggs: Crack 1 or 2 eggs into a small ramekin or cup. If desired, season with a pinch of salt and pepper.
  3. Grease the basket: Use cooking spray or brush a thin layer of oil onto the bottom of the air fry basket.
  4. Add eggs: Carefully pour the eggs from the ramekin into the preheated air fry basket.
  5. Air fry: Cook the eggs for 3-5 minutes until the whites are set and yolks reach desired doneness. For sunny side up eggs, cook just 3 minutes. For over-easy, cook 4 minutes. Over-hard is 5 minutes.
  6. Season and serve: Remove the basket and use a silicone tipped tong to transfer eggs to a plate. Season with salt, pepper, hot sauce if desired. Enjoy!

Cooking times may vary based on number of eggs and your preferred level of doneness. It’s a quick and easy process to whip up delicious fried eggs in the Ninja Foodi!

Tips for the Best Ninja Foodi Fried Eggs

Use these tips for getting perfect fried eggs from your Ninja Foodi every time:

  • Don’t overcrowd the basket. Fry just 1 or 2 eggs at a time for even cooking.
  • Allow the Foodi to preheat fully before adding eggs so the air is nice and hot.
  • Brush a very thin layer of oil on the basket so eggs don’t stick. A little goes a long way.
  • Use a ramekin to transfer eggs to the basket for easy pouring.
  • Don’t open the lid while eggs are cooking. This preserves heat and texture.
  • Use tongs to remove eggs when done for clean removal from the basket.
  • Let eggs rest 1-2 minutes before eating. This allows the yolk to thicken a bit.

Ninja Foodi Fried Egg Recipes to Try

The Ninja Foodi lends itself well to making all different kinds of fried egg dishes. Get creative with these recipe ideas:

  • Eggs Benedict: Poach eggs in the Ninja Foodi using the steam function. Use the air fryer to quickly crisp up some ham slices and English muffins. Top with hollandaise sauce.
  • Breakfast sandwiches: Fry eggs along with sliced potatoes for a filling sandwich. Top with cheese, bacon, and creamy sauce.
  • Egg in a hole: Cut a hole in bread, fry an egg in the basket, then place bread on top for an egg in a hole.
  • Huevos rancheros: Layer fried eggs over warmed tortillas with refried beans, salsa, avocado, Cotija cheese.
  • Fried rice: Make a quick fried rice by stir frying riced cauliflower, scrambled eggs, mixed veggies, and soy sauce.

Get creative with worldwide egg recipes too! The Ninja Foodi can make dishes like shakshuka, frittatas, Aussie avocado toast, and more.

Cleaning Your Ninja Foodi Basket After Frying Eggs

One of the benefits of using the Ninja Foodi to fry eggs is that cleanup is quick and simple. Here is how to clean the air fry basket after cooking:

  1. Allow the basket to cool slightly after cooking. Remove any excess food debris.
  2. Hand wash the basket in hot soapy water using a sponge or brush to remove any stuck on bits.
  3. Rinse the basket thoroughly and dry off with a towel.
  4. A damp paper towel can help remove any residue oil from the bottom of the basket.
  5. Avoid abrasive scouring pads as they can damage the nonstick coating.

The ceramic coating on the Ninja Foodi basket makes cleanup much easier than traditional pans. A little soap and water is all you need for a sparkling clean fryer basket!

Frying Eggs in a Ninja Foodi vs Pan Frying

While you can certainly pan fry eggs the traditional way, using the Ninja Foodi has some notable advantages:

Ninja Foodi Pan Frying
Uses 75% less oil for a healthier fried egg Requires more oil to pan fry eggs
Super hot air cooks eggs evenly Hot spots in pans can lead to uneven cooking
Easy cleanup of the nonstick basket Pans require more scrubbing to clean
Consistent results each time you cook Results can vary each time you pan fry

While pan frying certainly works, the Ninja Foodi offers some nice advantages for ease of use, minimal oil, and consistent results every time you want to enjoy a delicious fried egg.

Common Questions About Frying Eggs in a Ninja Foodi

What is the best oil to use?

Choose a high smoke point oil like avocado, vegetable, canola, or grapeseed oil. Avoid olive oil since it can burn from the high heat of the air fryer.

How long does it take to cook 1-2 eggs?

Cook 1-2 eggs for 3-5 minutes depending on your desired yolk firmness. Sunny side eggs take just 3 minutes while over-hard eggs may need 5 minutes.

Can you cook a whole carton of eggs?

It’s best to fry eggs in small batches to prevent uneven cooking. Try cooking just 2-4 eggs at a time for even results.

Do eggs stick to the Ninja Foodi basket?

Lightly greasing the basket before adding eggs prevents sticking. Cooling the basket slightly before removing eggs also helps prevent sticking.

Can you cook scrambled eggs in a Ninja Foodi?

Yes, cracked scrambled eggs can be cooked in the Foodi basket. Stir occasionally for even cooking. Add any mix-ins like cheese, veggies, or meat in the last 1-2 minutes.


Frying eggs in the Ninja Foodi is a quick, easy, and healthier way to enjoy this breakfast staple any time of day. The super hot air allows you to cook eggs in just minutes with minimal oil. Add creative toppings or use the fried eggs in dishes like breakfast sandwiches, bowls, tacos and more. With a few simple tips, you’ll be whipping up restaurant-quality fried eggs from home with ease.