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How do you get a Golden Egg?

Getting a golden egg is no easy feat. Golden eggs are extremely rare and valuable, sought after by many but possessed by few. Their alluring golden shell contains immense magical power, promising fortune and blessings to those who obtain one. But golden eggs do not appear by chance or luck alone – acquiring one requires immense skill, patience, and determination. This guide will walk through the arduous journey of obtaining the legendary golden egg, from understanding where to find one to hatching techniques. Read on to learn the secrets of this mystical prize.

Where to Find Golden Eggs

Golden eggs come from only the most exceptional breeds of laying hens. Normal chicken eggs would never produce anything so precious. One must seek out the following ultra-rare birds who are the exclusive providers of golden eggs:

Aurora Hens

Aurora hens inhabit the highest peaks of isolated mountains in the Far North. Their lustrous feathers shine every color of the rainbow. They roost in flocks no larger than three to five at a time, nesting in caves warmed by hot springs. An aurora hen may lay one golden egg in its lifetime, if conditions are ideal. Seeking out an aurora hen requires a perilous journey into harsh, frigid environments rife with avalanches, blizzards, and treacherous climbing. One must be properly equipped and experienced in arctic survival to locate an aurora hen.

Thunderbird Hens

This powerful magical creature resembles a massive eagle, with feathers of reds, oranges, and yellows like flickering flames. Thunderbird hens are typically found in desert canyons in the Southwest United States, building nests on nearly vertical cliff faces. Approaching their nests is extremely dangerous, as thunderbirds are fiercely territorial and will summon destructive storms and lightning bolts to drive away intruders. But their eggs are well worth the risk – a thunderbird hen will lay 1-3 golden eggs in her lifetime. Seeking them requires knowledge of desert survival and climbing. Enchantments to withstand lightning may also prove useful.

Celestial Hens

Said to be descended from the phoenix, celestial hens dwell in the heavens themselves. Their feathers glimmer like stardust and their eyes shine like planets. They construct their nests in the boughs of cosmic cloud trees floating in the starry sky. Reaching them requires powerful magic or ultra-advanced technology to travel into space. Their eggs are extraordinarily rare – a celestial hen may only lay a single golden egg in its 1,000 year lifespan. The difficulty of reaching celestial hens means their golden eggs are the most prized and coveted.

How to Get a Golden Egg

Simply finding a golden egg-laying hen is not enough – procuring one of their precious eggs requires patience and care. Here are some tips:

Locate a Nest

Use tracking and observation skills to locate an active nest. Aurora hens, thunderbird hens, and celestial hens all have distinct nesting behaviors and environments. Take care not to disturb or threaten the hen.

Wait for the Right Time

Do not take eggs directly after they are laid – allow 1-3 days for the hen to bond with and warm the egg before collecting. Removing eggs too soon may cause the hen to abandon the nest. Be patient and pay close attention.

Approach Cautiously

When the time is right, carefully approach the nest. Move slowly and keep noise/disruption minimal to avoid provoking an attack. Have defenses and escape tactics prepared in case the hen becomes aggressive.

Retrieve the Egg

If all goes well, gently take a single golden egg, being careful not to damage the shell. Place the egg in soft padding inside a insulated container to transport it. Depending on the hen, there may be 1-3 golden eggs to choose from. Only take what you need – leaving some encourages the hen to continue laying.

Reward the Hen

Leave an offering of food, shimmering stones, flowers, or other gifts near the nest to reward the hen and encourage future golden eggs. Building a bond of trust with the hen improves chances of recurring golden eggs.

Incubating the Golden Egg

Once acquired, golden eggs require special care and incubation before they hatch. Improper methods could destroy the egg and all its magic. Follow these incubation steps closely:

Keep Warm

Maintain a consistent temperature between 99°F-105°F. Use an incubator, nest of hot coals, or magic fires sustained by a skilled pyromancer. The egg must stay warm for the chick to develop.

Rotate Regularly

Turn the egg gently at least 3 times per day. This prevents the chick from sticking to the shell as it grows. Be careful not to rotate too vigorously and damage the embryo.

Control Humidity

Ideal humidity is around 60% to keep the egg from drying out. Use a hygrometer and try sand, moss, or cloth to modulate moisture. Magical barriers can also maintain humidity. Too much or too little humidity can kill the chick.

Candle Periodically

Candling involves shining a bright light through the egg to observe the chick’s growth. Watch for blood vessels, motion, and other signs of healthy development. Candling lets you monitor for problems.

Play Sounds

Chicks begin responding to noises from outside the shell in the final days of incubation. Play encouraging vocalizations from the mother hen or similar sounds to stimulate growth. This imprints on the hatchling.

Follow these steps diligently until the egg hatches after 15-21 days. Any neglect could prevent hatching and waste the valuable egg. Patience and care will be rewarded with a rare magical chick.

Raising the Golden Chick

Hatching the golden egg is only the beginning. The exceptional golden chick requires equally exceptional care and training to mature into its magical potential. Here are some key tips:

Provide Complete Nutrition

Feed an intensive, high-protein diet with lots of insects, small fish, reptiles, seeds, and greens. The chick needs substantial food to fuel its rapid growth and magical abilities. Give small meals 4-5 times a day at first.

Monitor Health Closely

Weigh and examine the chick daily to watch for any issues. Have an avian medic or magical vet on hand in case intervention is needed. Spotting problems early improves outcomes.

Facilitate Magical Practice

Provide open space and small objects for the chick to practice any emerging elemental magic, like casting sparks or mini lightning storms. Guide their abilities with your own demonstrations. Nurture their gift.

Give Mental Stimulation

Golden chicks are highly intelligent. Provide toys, training games, and challenges to exercise their minds. Work on communication and bonding through vocalizations. A sharp intellect matches their magical prowess.

Foster Companionship

If possible, raise the chick around other younghatchings or under the guidance of mature hens. Socialization with their own kind supports development and relationships that enrich the chick’s life.

With meticulous care and training, the golden chick will grow into a glorious hen or rooster – a legendary companion of magic, luck, and wonder.


Obtaining a golden egg to hatch your own extraordinary golden chick is a monumental undertaking fraught with challenges and risks. But overcoming the perilous quest will bring a power beyond imaginings. If properly incubated and raised, the mature golden hen or rooster will impart game-changing magic, fortune, and companionship to its caretaker. Tame the celestial, aurora, or thunderbird hen, and claim your destiny with powers drawn from the cosmic cradle of the golden egg. Just believe in the legend – and never underestimate what you might hatch.