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How do you know if a girl likes you but you don’t talk to her?

Figuring out if a girl likes you when you don’t talk to her can be tricky. There are some signs you can look for that might indicate she’s interested, even if you two haven’t interacted much. Here are some tips for figuring out if a girl likes you from a distance:

She Makes Eye Contact and Smiles at You

If you notice the girl looking your way and making eye contact with you frequently, that’s a good sign she’s interested. If she also smiles at you when you make eye contact, that’s even more promising. Lingering eye contact and smiling are generally signals of romantic interest.

You Catch Her Checking You Out

Pay attention to see if you ever catch the girl discreetly checking you out. Does she quickly look away if you notice her staring in your direction? Does she watch you from across the room? These could be signs she finds you attractive but is too shy to approach you directly.

She Tries to Be Near You

Look for signals that the girl is trying to be physically close to you, even if you don’t talk. For example, does she sit near you in class or stand by you in line? Does she find reasons to walk past you in the hallway? Her wanting to be in your proximity could mean she’s interested.

She Talks About You to Mutual Friends

Ask your mutual friends casually if the girl ever brings you up to them. Does she ask them questions about you or mention things you’ve done? Talking about you to friends can indicate she likes you but is gathering intel before making a move.

She Likes and Comments on Your Social Media

Pay attention to the girl’s interactions with you on social media. Does she like and comment on many of your posts? Responding frequently to your social media could signify interest. But tread carefully here, as social media etiquette can certainly vary.

She Finds Ways to Be Near You Virtually

Similarly, does she watch all of your Instagram or Snapchat stories? And does she view them shortly after you post them? This could mean she has notifications turned on for you so she knows immediately when you post something. Her wanting to keep tabs on you online is a potential sign of interest.

Her Body Language When You’re Nearby

When you are in the same room as your crush, pay attention to her body language. Does she fidget with her hair or clothing when you’re around? Does she angle her body toward you? These could be signs she’s attracted to you but is uncertain how to show it.

She Brushes Up Against You

Some girls initiate subtle physical contact as a way of flirting. So if she finds ways to gently touch you, like brushing up against you as she walks by, that can be a sign. Be aware, though, that accidental physical contact happens, so you’ll want to look for repeated instances or combinations with other signals.

Her Friends Smile and Giggle When They See You

When her friends are around, do they smile, giggle, or make eyes at you? If so, it could be she has told them about her crush, and they know. How her friends react when you are near the girl you like is worth noticing.

She Opens Up Around You

Even from a distance, you may be able to notice if the girl seems more open and unguarded around you compared to others. If she smiles more genuinely around you or seems more relaxed or happy in your presence, she may feel comfortable around you in a romantic way.

She Remembers the Details About You

If you’ve only briefly talked to your crush, take note if she brings up those conversations later or seems to remember the details. If she mentions something obscure you said three weeks ago, she has likely been thinking about you and your interactions.

She Makes Playful Teasing Remarks About You

Does the girl jokingly tease you or make silly remarks about your interests or fashion choices? This kind of gentle ribbing can sometimes signify affection, so take note if she does it to you but not others.

Her Grooming Habits Improve When You’re Around

If the girl usually wears sweats but starts dressing up more nicely on days you’ll see each other, it can be a sign she wants to look good for you. Likewise, notice if she seems to do her hair and makeup more carefully when you’ll be in the same location.

You Catch Her Gazing at You

Finally, one of the most obvious signs is if you spot her gazing longingly at you from across the room. If you frequently notice her staring in your direction with a daydreamy look on her face, chances are good she has a crush. Just don’t stare back too obviously!

Putting the Signs Together

As you can see, there are many possible signals that a girl likes you, even if you don’t directly interact much. Pay attention to patterns in her behavior and multiple signs that all point towards romantic interest. The more signals you observe, the more likely she has a crush. But remember—there could also be other explanations for some behaviors, like shyness. Proceed cautiously, be respectful, and look for clear reciprocation to be sure she likes you back before making any bold moves.


Determining if a girl has a crush on you from a distance requires paying close attention. Look for frequent eye contact, smiles, efforts to be near you, physical contact, grooming changes when you’re around, and other positive signals. Combine these signs with changes in how she acts with her friends around you and how she interacts with you on social media. The more signs you see, the more likely she hopes you’ll approach her and potentially ask her out. But move slowly and be cautious at first, as some behaviors could be just friendliness. With patience and respect, you’ll gain more clarity on her feelings.