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How do you move your lips when kissing a guy for the first time?

Kissing someone for the first time can be an exciting but nerve-wracking experience! While there are no set rules for how to move your lips, there are some tips that can help make your first kiss with a guy more comfortable and enjoyable for both of you. Having an idea of what to expect and practicing some basic techniques can boost your confidence going into it. Ultimately, being present in the moment and letting your natural instincts take over will lead you to move your lips in a way that feels right.

Relax and Start Slow

When you’re kissing for the first time, it’s normal to feel a bit anxious and self-conscious. Try to relax and clear your mind right before you go for it. Start slow with some gentle pecks on the lips to ease into it. Soft, closed-mouth kisses are perfectly fine for a first kiss! There’s no need to immediately jump into a full-on makeout sesh. Take your time warming up to each other’s lips.

Keep your body language open and affectionate to help create a safe, comfortable environment. Maintain eye contact in the moments leading up to the kiss to help gauge that you both want it. Linger close while touching or caressing to build tension. Going in slowly gives you both a chance to savor the initial excitement of your first kiss!

Tilt Your Head

Once you’re ready to progress beyond a peck, tilt your head to one side so your noses don’t bump into each other. Tilting your head prevents any awkward nose collisions and allows you to avoid stale head-on kisses. Turning your head even just slightly to the left or right makes kissing feel more natural and intimate.

Gently place a hand on his arm, chest or neck to help position yourself as you tilt. Be aware of which way he tilts his head so you can mirror the movement. If you both end up tilting the same way, gently guide him to tilt his head the other direction by applying light pressure on his jaw. Avoid overthinking it and let your bodies intuitively gravitate toward angles that work. The kiss will flow so much smoother when your heads are aligned properly!

Start Moving Your Lips

Once you’ve made a solid lip connection, it’s time to start moving your lips! The main technique is to simply mimic the way your partner’s lips are moving. Match the pace and pressure he’s using to establish a rhythm together. Letting him take the lead initially is an easy way to figure out how he likes to kiss.

Focus on your upper lip moving with his lower lip and vice versa. Try alternating between upper and lower lip kisses. Open and close your mouth slightly to catch his lips between yours. As you get more comfortable, experiment with lightly sucking or tugging on his lips. The key is to start slow and build as you sync up.

Don’t overthink your movements. Let reactions happen naturally as you pick up cues from your partner. Pay attention to whether he’s speeding up, slowing down, or changing kiss positions so you can mirror it. Being responsive will make your lip motions feel seamless and intuitive.

Use Your Tongue Sparingly

Using tongue is not necessary for a first kiss! Light tongue contact can be introduced slowly if you both seem eager to French kiss, but don’t force it. Ease into it by softly brushing tongues or just using the tips at first. Try gently touching the tip of your tongue to his lips to request entry before fully intertwining them.

However, it’s completely normal to stick with closed-mouth kissing or very minimal tongue for your first kiss. Let the buildup happen over multiple kisses as you get more bold and learn each other’s style. Rushing into intense tongue kissing often ends up feeling invasive or sloppy. Keep it intimate and savory early on.

Vary Your Speed and Pressure

Adding some variation creates a more passionate and exciting first kiss. After establishing a steady kissing pace together, try alternating between slow pecks and longer lip locks. Gently grab his lower lip with yours or increase pressure for a few seconds before lightening up again.

Throwing in some unpredictability makes the kiss feel more natural and sexy. Quicker pecks mixed with deep drawn out kisses keeps the spark alive. Don’t let it fall into a monotonous rhythm. Get creative with your speed and pressure to turn up the heat bit-by-bit.

Let Your Hands Roam Gradually

Your hands don’t have to remain static as you kiss. Let them gently roam over his body, face, neck and hair as you get immersed in the kisses. Start safe by caressing his arms, shoulders, upper back and chest. As the passion increases, glide your hands up his neck and along his jawline. Play with his hair by running your fingers through it or giving it a light tug.

Work your way up to more sexual touching over his clothes. Caress his inner thighs or grip his waist to pull him closer. Let your hands wander at the pace the kiss is escalating. Don’t grope aggressively right away. Build anticipation with soft touches that gradually explore and awaken his body.

Break for Air as Needed

Don’t forget to come up for air! It’s easy to get so caught up kissing that you forget to breathe. Catch your breath by periodically pulling back to smile, nuzzle noses or trail kisses along his neck. Place a hand on his chest to gently create some space when you need to inhale.

Syncing your breathing together establishes chemistry. Breathe in his exhales and vice versa. Time deep kisses with long, passionate exhales that mingle your breaths. Let your chests rise and fall together in unison. Pace your kissing so neither of you feel starved for oxygen.

Stay Positive and Playful

Maintain positive, flirtatious energy while kissing to keep things light and fun. Giggle together at any awkward moments, like clashing teeth or noses. Don’t take it too seriously if the rhythm is off sometimes. Smile against his lips and continue at a slower pace until you reconnect.

Compliment or tease him playfully between kisses. Whisper how good his lips feel or give his lower lip a nibble. Have a sense of humor and let your inner confidence shine through. Don’t worry about being perfectly graceful. A little innocence and fumbling tends to make first kisses more charming!

Pay Attention to Feedback

Tune into verbal and non-verbal cues to determine if he’s enjoying your lip movements. Listen for satisfied sighs or moans. Notice if he’s leaning into you, matching your rhythm, or intensifying the kissing. Check if he’s pulling you closer with his hands or deepening the kisses.

Watch for signs he’s feeling uncomfortable, like going stiff or pulling back. Check in if you notice him wincing or turning his head away. You shouldn’t feel forced to kiss longer than you want just to avoid awkwardness. Feel empowered to stop at any time! You can always try again when the mood feels right.

End the First Kiss Organically

As the kiss naturally winds down, ‘ease off the gas’ by gradually reducing the intensity. Let it taper off instead of abruptly stopping so it concludes on a sweet, lingering note. Soften up the speed, pressure, and tongue involvement bit-by-bit. Finish with slow, gentle pecks before fully pulling away.

Gaze into each other’s eyes, nuzzle close, or hug as you bask in the after-glow. Compliment the kiss or communicate if something felt uncomfortable. Try not to criticize too much since you’re both still learning each other’s style. Leaving the door open for more practice kisses later on is ideal!


While there’s no exact formula, following your instincts and savoring the moment often leads to the best lip motion for a first kiss. Starting slow, varying your speed and pressure, responding to your partner, and staying positive will help you move your lips in a way that’s sexy yet sensitive. Talk about what you both enjoyed afterward and look forward to getting even more in sync with practice! Most importantly, relax and have fun tasting the excitement of this new romantic milestone.

Tip 1 Relax and start slow with some gentle pecks
Tip 2 Tilt your head to avoid nose collisions
Tip 3 Start moving your lips by mirroring his motions
Tip 4 Use your tongue sparingly
Tip 5 Vary your speed and pressure
Tip 6 Let your hands roam gradually over his body
Tip 7 Break for air as needed
Tip 8 Stay playful and positive
Tip 9 Pay attention to his feedback
Tip 10 End the kiss organically without stopping abruptly

Key Takeaways

  • Take it slow and ease into the kiss instead of rushing
  • Tilt your head to one side so your noses don’t bump
  • Start by mimicking his lip movements
  • Build up to using tongue if you both want it
  • Add passion by varying speed and pressure
  • Use your hands to caress him as the intimacy grows
  • Remember to come up for air when needed
  • Have fun and don’t take it too seriously!
  • Pay attention to his reactions and feedback
  • End the kiss gradually instead of abruptly pulling away


Should I use chapstick before kissing?

Using chapstick or lip balm right before kissing can help prevent dryness or chapping. Pick a flavor you enjoy, but avoid heavily fragranced balms that may irritate his lips. Make sure it has moisturized and softened your lips first before locking them with his!

What do I do with my nose while kissing?

Keep your nose mostly still and breathe through it gently while kissing. Turn your head to one side so your noses don’t collide. You can nuzzle his nose playfully or lightly brush it back and forth against his between kisses. Just be careful not to wrinkle it up or let it get in the way.

What if I’m really nervous?

It’s totally normal to feel some nerves, especially if it’s your very first kiss! Focus on your breathing to relax. Go slowly and let him set the pace at first. Giggle through any awkwardness and don’t put pressure on yourself to be perfect. The excitement and attraction can override the nerves once your lips touch.

How do I know when to stop kissing?

Pay attention to cues he’s ready to stop like pulling back, turning his head, or putting space between you. Don’t force it if the chemistry is fading or you feel uncomfortable continuing. Reign things in gradually before disconnecting your lips. End on a positive note and you can always pick back up with more kissing later!

What if I’m a bad kisser?

Try not to stress about your skill level. You’ll get more comfortable and coordinated the more you kiss. Don’t compare yourself to movies or other people. Focus on listening to your partner’s signals and finding motions that feel good for you both. As long as you’re enthusiastic and communicating, you can’t go wrong. Practice makes perfect!