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How do you talk to an Aries man?

Understand Who They Are

Aries men are known for being bold, passionate, and adventurous. They love taking the lead and being spontaneous. When talking to an Aries man, it’s important to appeal to his fun-loving and daring nature. Compliment his courage and initiative. Let him know you admire his gusto for life. Feed his ego by making it clear you find his bravery and zeal attractive.

Appeal to His Competitive Side

Aries men are extremely competitive. They want to be number one and hate losing. When conversing with an Aries man, engage in some friendly competition. Debate topics you disagree on and don’t be afraid to challenge him intellectually. Just don’t bruise his ego too much or be overly critical. Let him win arguments here and there. He needs to feel like he has the upper hand.

Keep Up with His Energy

Aries men are bursting with fiery energy. They move fast and live life in the fast lane. You’ll need to keep up if you want to hold their interest. Respond quickly to texts or calls. Be spontaneous and impulsive. If they want to take off on an adventure, go for it. Match their vigor for life and don’t drag your feet. They find laziness extremely unattractive.

Flirt and Tease Boldly

Aries men love the chase when it comes to romance. They want a partner who plays hard to get. Don’t be too eager to give yourself away. Flirt in an audacious way but then pull back to keep them wanting more. Tease and challenge them subtly. Test their boundaries but don’t overwhelm them. The pursuit is everything for an Aries man.

Give Them Space

While Aries men enjoy chasing, they also need their freedom. They are not the clingy or smothering type. If you try to monopolize all their time, they will run. Set clear boundaries and maintain your own interests, hobbies and friendships outside the relationship. Give them room to breathe and time with their own buddies. Absence makes an Aries man’s heart grow fonder.

Compliment and Stroke Their Ego

Aries men have large egos that require frequent praise and adulation. Let them know how strong, manly and tough they are. Compliment their appearance, intelligence and talents often. This feeds their confidence. Just be careful not to go overboard or seem insincere. Also avoid wounding their pride at all costs. An Aries man whose ego feels threatened can turn combative.

Be Adventurous and Spontaneous

Aries men crave adventure and spontaneity. Every day is a new conquest. Be willing to drop everything and go on a sudden road trip or try a new extreme sport. Get excited about their newest obsession and jump in headfirst. Aries men don’t like to plan everything out in advance. Go with the flow and savor the unpredictability.

Give Them Your Full Attention

When you are conversing with an Aries man, put your phone away. Don’t let your eyes wander around the room. Listen intently to what they are saying and react. They want to feel like the center of the universe. Laugh at their jokes, ask them questions and hang on their every word. If you seem bored or distracted, they will lose interest fast.


Talking to an Aries man requires energy, confidence and a sense of adventure. Feed their egos, keep up with their intensity and be willing to engage in some competition. Give them space when needed but also shower them with praise. Avoid slowing them down and show your bold, passionate side. With the right approach, connecting with an Aries man can be fun and electrifying.