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How long is a normal shower?

Taking a shower is a daily routine for many people. But how long should a normal shower last? The answer depends on several factors.

What is Considered a Normal Shower?

There is no definitive answer for how long a normal shower should be, as people’s preferences vary. However, experts generally recommend keeping showers to 5-10 minutes.

Showers that last longer than 10 minutes are usually considered excessive. Very long showers (over 20 minutes) waste large amounts of water and energy to heat the water.

Factors That Influence Shower Length

Several key factors impact how long a person chooses to shower:

  • Personal preference – Some enjoy long showers while others prefer quick rinses.
  • Daily hair washing – Washing and conditioning long or thick hair adds time.
  • Shaving – Shower shaving can double shower length.
  • Bathing children – Bathing kids lengthens shower time.
  • Water flow – Low pressure showers take longer.
  • Water heater capacity – Small heaters may limit hot water.
  • Climate – Hot humid climates discourage lingering.
  • Age and mobility – Elderly may require more time.
  • Shower habits – Some meditate, sing, or review their day.

These factors help explain the wide variation in normal shower times from person to person.

Average Shower Length Statistics

Research studies have polled people to collect data on typical shower lengths. The published statistics show:

Country Average Shower Length
United States 8.2 minutes
Canada 8.1 minutes
Australia 7.6 minutes
United Kingdom 7.8 minutes

The table shows that most developed countries have an average shower time of 7-8 minutes. However, keep in mind these are only means. The actual distribution for any country ranges from very short to very long showers.

Regional Differences

Average shower times differ across regions. Factors like climate, culture, and plumbing affect regional averages. For example:

  • Cool northern areas shower longer than hot southern climates.
  • Cultures that value efficiency tend to shower quicker.
  • Older plumbing systems reduce water pressure and length.

Within a single country, these factors can create regional shower length differences. However, most fall within the normal 5-10 minute range.

Shower Lengths Around The World

Shower lengths reflect local customs and conditions. Here are average times from regions around the world:

Region Average Shower Length
North America 8 minutes
South America 9 minutes
Europe 7 minutes
Asia 6 minutes
Middle East 5 minutes
Africa 4 minutes

The data shows shower times tend to be shortest in hot climate regions like the Middle East and Africa. Efficiency focused cultures like Asia also have shorter showers. The longest showers are in the Americas and Europe.

Shower Length Recommendations

Based on research data, here are some general recommendations for normal shower length:

  • Aim for 5-10 minutes to balance hygiene, enjoyment, and water/energy efficiency.
  • Adjust your shower habits if your times are consistently over 10 minutes.
  • Set a timer or alarm if you lose track of time while showering.
  • Take navy style “sea showers” (30-60 seconds) when in a hurry.
  • Limit children’s bath time to the recommended 10-15 minutes maximum.

The average American shower is over 8 minutes. So most people could stand to reduce their shower length a bit. But the right duration depends on your personal needs and situation.

Very Long Showers

Some health experts consider showers over 15-20 minutes excessive. Very long showers over 20 minutes offer few health benefits but carry these disadvantages:

  • Waste large amounts of water. 20 minute showers use over 50 gallons.
  • Consume unnecessary energy heating water.
  • Increase risk of mold growth in bathrooms.
  • Dry out hair and skin with over-washing.
  • Limit hot water availability for other uses.

If your normal shower is over 20 minutes, aim to gradually reduce the time over several weeks. This will reduce your water and energy footprint.

Short Showers

At the other extreme, some people take “Military” style showers under 3 minutes. While water conserving, very short showers have drawbacks:

  • May not fully cleanse skin and hair.
  • Insufficient time to warm up muscles.
  • Reduced relaxation and therapeutic benefits.
  • Requires rushed experience rather than leisurely enjoyment.

Occasional short showers are fine when needed. But most experts don’t recommend shortening normal showers below 5 minutes. Doing so reduces hygiene and enjoyment while saving little additional water or energy.

Shower Length for Water Savings

Many people want to know the optimal shower length to conserve water. Here are some guidelines:

  • 5 minutes – Saves substantial water while still allowing adequate cleansing.
  • 7-8 minutes – Balance of moderate water savings and comfort.
  • 10 minutes – The maximum recommended length for conservation.

Showering for just 5 minutes daily would save thousands of gallons of water per person each year. But keeping showers in the 7-10 minute sweet spot still provides meaningful conservation for most people.

Shower Water Usage Statistics

The amount of water used by showers depends on:

  • Shower head water flow rate (gallons per minute)
  • Shower duration (minutes)
  • Frequency of showering (showers per day)

Multiplying these numbers yields total daily or annual water use. Typical values are:

Typical Value
Shower head flow rate 2.1 gallons/minute
Shower length 8.2 minutes
Showers per day 1
Daily shower water use 17.2 gallons
Annual shower water use 6,288 gallons

The table illustrates how daily showers impact overall water consumption. Simply reducing length from 8 to 5 minutes could save thousands of gallons per year.


Most experts recommend keeping typical showers between 5-10 minutes. The ideal length depends on your personal preferences and situation. Many people could reduce water waste by shaving just a minute or two off excessive showers.

In the end, choose a shower time that balances getting clean, feeling relaxed, and conserving water. Just be sure to keep an eye on the clock to avoid drifting into marathon shower territory!