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How long should a bottle of perfume last?

Perfume is a beloved beauty product for many, allowing us to smell beautiful and boost our confidence. However, perfume can also be quite an investment. With prices ranging from drugstore to luxury, how long should we expect a bottle of perfume to last before it expires or goes bad? Here we’ll explore the shelf life of perfume and factors that affect longevity so you can get the most out of your signature scent.

How Long Does An Unopened Bottle of Perfume Last?

An unopened bottle of perfume will generally last 1-2 years from the manufacturing date before the scent starts to deteriorate. However, an unopened bottle can last significantly longer if stored properly.

Here are some tips for extending the shelf life of an unopened perfume:

  • Store in a cool, dry place away from heat and sunlight which can break down the fragrance over time.
  • Keep the bottle sealed and upright to prevent air exposure.
  • Avoid extreme temperature fluctuations – don’t store perfume in the bathroom or near windows.
  • Check the packaging for a PAO (period after opening) symbol which indicates how many months the perfume should be good for once opened.

Following these storage guidelines, it’s not uncommon for an unopened bottle of perfume to last 3-5 years past its manufacturing date before the scent fades. Luxury or high-end perfumes often have greater longevity thanks to higher perfume concentrate and quality ingredients.

How Long Does Perfume Last After Opening?

Once a bottle has been opened, the shelf life decreases significantly. This is because air exposure causes the perfume alcohol and volatile aromatic compounds to evaporate and degrade. However, how long a bottle lasts still depends on some key factors:

  • Oxygen exposure – Frequent use and improper storage leads to more air entering the bottle which accelerates scent breakdown.
  • Sunlight & heat – High temperatures and UV rays destroy fragrances.
  • Perfume ingredients – Citrus and light floral scents deteriorate faster than musk, amber, vanilla and woodsy notes.
  • Concentration – Higher perfume concentration means longer lasting scent.

Taking these into account, here is a general timeline for how long to expect different types of perfume to last after opening:

Perfume Type Typical Shelf Life After Opening
Citrus, green, light floral scents (Eau de Cologne) 6-12 months
Fruity, floral, light woody scents (Eau de Toilette) 1-2 years
Rich floral, oriental, musk, amber scents (Eau de Parfum) 2-3 years
Heavy musk, woody, spicy scents (Perfume concentrate) 3-5 years

Tips to Make Your Perfume Last Longer

To get the most longevity out of your perfume once opened, be sure to:

  • Keep tightly sealed after each use.
  • Store away from heat, light and humidity.
  • Spray down to avoid excess air exposure when dispensing.
  • Use within 18 months for lighter scents.
  • Transfer to smaller bottle once about 1/3 is left to limit oxygen.

How to Tell If Perfume Has Gone Bad

It’s important to know when it’s time to toss an old perfume. Here’s what to look out for:

  • Appearance – Perfume can oxidize and change color, becoming darker and cloudy.
  • Scent – A sour, unpleasant odor means the top notes have deteriorated.
  • Performance – Poor silage and longevity signal the fragrance has weakened.
  • Texture – Separation or clumping in the juice is a red flag.
  • Skin reaction – Irritation or rashes from application indicates spoilage.

If you notice any of these signs it’s time to say goodbye to that bottle. Using expired perfume is unlikely to be harmful but will result in a less pleasant experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does perfume expire?

Yes, perfume does expire and goes bad after a period of time. Unopened perfume generally lasts 1-2 years. Once opened, an Eau de Parfum will last around 2-3 years before expiring. Citrus colognes may only last 6-12 months. Proper storage extends a perfume’s shelf life.

Can old perfume make you sick?

Expired perfume is unlikely to make you sick or be dangerous to your health. However, using old perfume may cause skin irritation, rashes or allergic reactions in some people as the chemical composition degrades. The scent will also be compromised. It’s best to discard perfume once it goes bad.

What happens if you use expired perfume?

Using an expired perfume typically results in a weaker, altered scent. The top fresh notes will have faded while the base notes linger, creating an unbalanced smell. The sillage and longevity will be poor. Oxidation can also cause discoloration and an unpleasant odor. Overall, the experience will be less than ideal.

Can you fix a perfume that has gone bad?

Unfortunately there is no good way to fix or restore a perfume that has already expired and degraded. Once the fragrance chemical compounds have broken down, it cannot be reversed. Adding essential oils or mixing with fresher perfume will not salvage the scent. It’s best to discard expired perfume.

Does perfume last longer in the fridge?

Storing perfume in the refrigerator can help extend its shelf life by protecting it from heat damage. However, the cold dry air can still evaporate the perfume over time. Leaving the cap on and keeping the bottle in an airtight container is best for any fridge storage. While it may prolong scent, refrigeration often isn’t necessary.

The Bottom Line

A bottle of perfume can be safely enjoyed for 1-5 years depending on whether it’s unopened, the fragrance notes, concentration and how you store it. Citrus colognes and light Eau de Toilettes will expire faster than rich Parfums. To maximize longevity, keep perfume away from heat, sun and oxygen. And remember to always do a sniff test – if it smells off, it’s time to say goodbye!