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How many calories are in Buffalo Wild Wings Parmesan garlic chicken wings?

Buffalo Wild Wings is a popular chicken wing chain that offers a variety of sauces and seasonings for their wings. One of their most popular items on the menu is the Parmesan garlic chicken wings. For those watching their calorie intake or following a specific diet plan, knowing the calorie count of these wings can be helpful for staying within your daily limits. In this article, we will provide a breakdown of the calorie counts for Buffalo Wild Wings Parmesan garlic chicken wings based on available nutrition information.

Calories in Parmesan Garlic Chicken Wings at Buffalo Wild Wings

According to the Buffalo Wild Wings nutrition information online, an order of 5 Parmesan garlic chicken wings without sauce contains the following calories:

Serving Size Calories
5 wings 590

So a single Buffalo Wild Wings Parmesan garlic chicken wing (without sauce) contains about 118 calories.

This is just for the wings without any sauce or dressing. Buffalo Wild Wings Parmesan garlic wings are typically served with Parmesan garlic sauce on the side for dipping. The Parmesan garlic sauce adds additional calories:

Serving Size Calories
2 fl oz Parmesan garlic sauce 140

Two ounces is a standard sauce serving size at Buffalo Wild Wings. So if you eat 5 wings with 2 oz of Parmesan garlic sauce for dipping, the total calories would be:

* 5 wings (590 calories)
* 2 oz Parmesan garlic sauce (140 calories)
* __Total Calories: 730__

This means each wing with dipping sauce would come out to around 146 calories.

Calories in Parmesan Garlic Boneless Wings

Instead of traditional chicken wings, some people opt for the boneless wings option at Buffalo Wild Wings. The boneless wings typically have a bit lower calorie count compared to wings with bones.

Here are the nutrition facts for 5 Parmesan garlic boneless wings without sauce:

Serving Size Calories
5 boneless wings 500

So each Parmesan garlic boneless wing contains approximately 100 calories without any sauce. When adding 2 oz of the Parmesan garlic sauce for dipping, the total calories in 5 boneless wings would be:

* 5 boneless wings (500 calories)
* 2 oz Parmesan garlic sauce (140 calories)
* __Total Calories: 640__

This comes out to about 128 calories per boneless wing with dipping sauce.

So the boneless wings have slightly fewer calories compared to traditional bone-in wings. But the difference is fairly small.

Ways to Reduce Calories in Parmesan Garlic Wings

If you are looking for ways to lighten up this menu item, there are some steps you can take:

– __Choose boneless__ – As shown above, the boneless wings are slightly lower in calories than bone-in wings.

– __Go easy on sauce__ – The Parmesan garlic sauce, while delicious, packs quite a calorie punch. Limiting sauce or skipping it altogether can save you around 70-140 calories per order.

– __Opt for a drizzle__ – Instead of dipping in sauce, ask for the sauce on the side and drizzle lightly over your wings. This may use less than the standard 2 oz serving of sauce.

– __Pick a lower-calorie sauce__ – Buffalo Wild Wings offers over a dozen wing sauces. Choosing a lower-calorie sauce like Hot, Medium, Mild, or Lemon Pepper can save you calories compared to cream-based sauces.

– __Try a dry rub__ – Seasonings like Cajun or Jamaican Jerk add lots of flavor without extra calories.

Making small tweaks like these can help reduce the calorie count of Parmesan garlic wings at Buffalo Wild Wings by 50-100 calories per serving or more.

Calories in Vegan Cauliflower Wings at Buffalo Wild Wings

For those looking for a non-meat option, Buffalo Wild Wings now offers cauliflower wings that can be prepared vegan. Here are the nutrition facts for Buffalo Wild Wings vegan cauliflower wings:

Serving Size Calories
5 cauliflower wings, no sauce 160

So each vegan cauliflower wing from Buffalo Wild Wings contains around 32 calories without sauce. When paired with 2 oz of Parmesan garlic sauce for dipping, the total calories would be:

* 5 cauliflower wings (160 calories)
* 2 oz Parmesan garlic sauce (140 calories)
* __Total Calories: 300__

This comes out to 60 calories per vegan wing with sauce. The vegan cauliflower wings have significantly fewer calories compared to traditional chicken wings. Going with a vegetable-based option is a great way to reduce calories at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Counting Calories for Healthy Eating at Buffalo Wild Wings

When dining at Buffalo Wild Wings, there are a few general tips that can help you watch your calorie intake:

– Stick to wings without breading, which have slightly fewer calories than breaded boneless wings.

– Research sauces online and choose lower-calorie options like Hot, Medium, or Barbeque.

– Ask for sauces on the side and control how much you use for dipping.

– Opt for small or medium wings rather than large.

– Choose celery, carrots, and ranch for dipping instead of fries or chips.

– Round out your meal with a side salad instead of fries or tots.

– Check online for nutrition info and look for healthy menu options.

– Be mindful of your portion size. Stick to the serving size listed or share wings with a friend.

With some simple substitutions and smart choices, you can enjoy flavorful Parmesan garlic wings from Buffalo Wild Wings while still minding your daily calorie intake. Moderation and balance are key for any healthy diet.


When it comes to Buffalo Wild Wings Parmesan garlic chicken wings, a single traditional bone-in wing with sauce contains approximately 146 calories. Going with boneless wings or limiting sauce can reduce the calorie count slightly. Vegan cauliflower wings with dipping sauce ring in at just 60 calories per wing, providing a lower-calorie alternative. Being mindful of portion sizes, choosing lighter sauces, and opting for veggie-based choices can all help reduce the calories when dining at Buffalo Wild Wings. At the end of the day, making informed choices based on nutrition information is key to enjoying your favorite wing flavors while maintaining healthy eating habits.