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How many calories in a Strawberry custard pie from McDonald’s?

Quick Answer

A whole Strawberry Custard Pie from McDonald’s contains approximately 3,520 calories. This is based on the nutrition information provided by McDonald’s.

Detailed Answer

The Strawberry Custard Pie is a seasonal dessert item offered by McDonald’s. It is made with a buttery crust filled with creamy vanilla custard and strawberries.

As per McDonald’s nutrition information, here are the calorie details of their Strawberry Custard Pie (whole pie):

Serving Size Calories
1 whole pie (201g) 3,520

As you can see, the entire pie contains a whopping 3,520 calories.

Some key reasons for the high calorie count are:

Buttery Pie Crust

The pie crust is made from refined flour, butter/margarine, sugar, and oil. This makes it high in calories and fat. The crust alone may contain over 1,000 calories.

Custard Filling

Custard is made from milk/cream, eggs, and sugar. This creamy filling adds a significant amount of calories coming from fat and carbs.

Added Sugars

Large amounts of sugar are added to the filling to make it sweet. Added sugars bring extra calories without nutrition.

Large Serving Size

As it’s meant to be shared, the pie is very large in size. So even 1/8th slice can end up being 200+ calories.

To put the 3,520 calories into context, that’s more calories than most people need in an entire day! The recommended daily intake is around 2,000 calories for an average adult.

So while an occasional slice of pie can be enjoyed, it’s best to share one pie between multiple people. Moderation is key when indulging in a high calorie dessert like McDonald’s Strawberry Custard Pie.

Nutrition Comparison to Other McDonald’s Pies

How does the Strawberry Custard Pie compare to other pies sold at McDonald’s? Here is a nutrition comparison:

Pie Calories (whole pie)
Strawberry Custard Pie 3,520
Baked Hot Apple Pie 2,550
Holiday Pie 3,830

The Hot Apple Pie has the least calories since it lacks a custard filling. The Holiday Pie has the most calories as it contains even more sugar and cream.

Among the regular pies, the Strawberry Custard Pie is one of the more calorific options. But ultimately, all McDonald’s pies are high in calories because of their buttery crust and large portion size.

Ways to Make It Healthier

Here are some tips to enjoy McDonald’s Strawberry Custard Pie in a healthier way:

– Share one pie between 4-6 people. Limit your own portion to 1 small slice.

– Choose a small McFlurry instead to satisfy your sweet craving with fewer calories.

– Ask for a pie without the glazed topping to trim some calories.

– Enjoy the pie occasionally as a treat, not regularly.

– Balance it out by eating lighter at the other meals and exercising that day.

– Be mindful of your portion and stop eating once satisfied even if some pie is left.

– Substitute healthier options like fresh fruit as often as you can.


McDonald’s Strawberry Custard Pie packs a whopping 3,520 calories for the entire pie. A few slices can already exceed your calorie needs for the whole day. It’s best enjoyed occasionally and in moderation. When craving this dessert, go for a small slice and balance it out with healthier choices for your other meals and snacks. Sharing one pie between several people is also recommended. While it’s fine to indulge in your favorite pies in moderation, it’s important to be mindful of portions and nutritional value.