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How many carbs are in stuffed chicken breast?

Quick Answer

The number of carbs in stuffed chicken breast can vary depending on the filling ingredients. However, a 6 oz chicken breast stuffed with cheese may contain around 5-15 grams of carbs. The chicken itself is very low carb, while breadcrumb stuffing or cheese fillings add some carbs. Overall, stuffed chicken breast can be a great lower carb option compared to chicken dishes with batter, gravy or pasta.

Stuffed Chicken Breast Nutrition Facts

Here are the nutrition facts for a typical 6 oz stuffed chicken breast without skin:

Nutrient Amount
Calories 230
Fat 8g
Carbohydrates 5g
Fiber 0g
Sugars 0g
Protein 35g

As you can see, a 6 oz stuffed chicken breast provides 35g of protein and only 5g net carbs, along with some healthy fats. This makes it a nutritious lower carb main dish option.

Stuffing Ingredients and Carb Content

The number of carbs in stuffed chicken will depend on the ingredients used in the stuffing. Here are some common stuffing ingredients and their carb contents:


Cheese adds about 1-2g net carbs per ounce. Using a couple ounces of cheese like cheddar, mozzarella or cream cheese adds only a minimal amount of carbs.


Plain breadcrumbs add about 15g carbs per 1/4 cup. Panko or Italian seasoned breadcrumbs are similar. To lower carbs, use breadcrumbs sparingly or skip them altogether.


Chopped spinach, mushrooms, zucchini, peppers and other low carb veggies can all be used. Each adds only 1-3g net carbs per 1/2 cup.


Beef, pork sausage, bacon crumbles and deli meats are very low carb stuffing options under 1g carbs per ounce.


Finely chopped walnuts, pecans or almonds add flavor and crunch with about 2-4g net carbs per ounce.

Herbs and Spices

Fresh or dried herbs like parsley, basil, oregano, garlic and spices are great no carb ways to add flavor.

Low Carb Stuffed Chicken Breast Recipes

Here are some stuffed chicken breast recipes using low carb ingredients:

Spinach and Cheese Stuffed Chicken

– Chicken breasts
– Spinach
– Cream cheese
– Parmesan
– Garlic
– Onion
– Italian herbs

This flavorful filling adds just 3-5g net carbs per breast.

Chicken Cordon Bleu

– Chicken breasts
– Deli ham
– Swiss cheese
– Dijon mustard

Classic flavors with only about 2g net carbs per serving.

Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Breasts

– Chicken breasts
– Shredded cheddar
– Buffalo hot sauce
– Ranch dressing

Spicy buffalo flavor with minimal carbs from the cheese.

Chicken Bacon Ranch Stuffed Breasts

– Chicken breasts
– Cooked bacon
– Ranch dressing
– Shredded cheddar

Savory and delicious, the small amount of cheese adds little carbs.

Tips for Low Carb Stuffing

Here are some tips for keeping carbs down in stuffed chicken breast recipes:

– Use cheese, vegetables, meat or nuts for the stuffing instead of breadcrumbs.

– Minimize breadcrumbs or skip them entirely and increase the amount of veggies.

– Look for lower carb marinara sauce or skip breading and opt for baking or grilling.

– Avoid recipes with batter, gravy or pasta as the side dish. Choose a side salad instead.

– Use fresh or dried herbs and spices instead of sugary sauces for flavor.


Stuffed chicken breasts are a versatile lower carb main dish option. While the chicken itself has 0 carbs, the stuffing ingredients affect the total carb count. Choosing fillings like cheese, veggies and meat keeps net carbs in the range of 5-15g per breast. Avoid breadcrumbs, batter and high carb sauces for the lowest carb stuffed chicken.