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How many couples stay together after Married at First Sight?

Married at First Sight is a popular reality TV show that first aired in 2014. The premise of the show involves experts matching complete strangers who agree to marry when they first meet at the altar. The couples are matched based on extensive psychological testing and profiling. After the wedding, the couples go on a honeymoon and then live together for several weeks as they decide whether to stay married or get a divorce. So how many Married at First Sight couples actually stay together after the cameras stop rolling?

Success Rate by Season

The success rate of Married at First Sight couples staying together varies quite a bit by season. Here is a look at the stats:

Season Couples Matched Still Married Success Rate
Season 1 3 1 33%
Season 2 4 2 50%
Season 3 4 0 0%
Season 4 3 1 33%
Season 5 3 2 67%
Season 6 5 2 40%
Season 7 5 2 40%
Season 8 5 2 40%
Season 9 5 2 40%
Season 10 5 TBD TBD

As you can see, some seasons like Season 3 had a 0% success rate with all couples deciding to divorce. Other seasons, like Season 5, had a high 67% success rate. Across all 9 completed seasons so far, the overall success rate is 38%.

Factors Impacting Success Rate

Why do some seasons have much higher success rates than others? Here are some of the key factors that seem to impact a couple’s chance of staying together:

  • Compatibility of match: Seasons where the experts paired couples with better compatibility and chemistry tend to have higher success rates.
  • Commitment to the process: Couples who are more committed to trying to make the marriage work tend to last longer.
  • Age and life stage: Younger couples who are less established in their lives and careers have lower success rates.
  • Values and lifestyles: Couples with shared values, desire for children, spiritual beliefs, and lifestyles are more likely to work out.
  • Dealing with conflict: Couples who communicate well and can fight fair during disagreements tend to have better outcomes.
  • Physical attraction: Having that initial chemistry and attraction helps couples get off to a better start.

The experts on the show continue to tweak their matching process and improve compatibility. But there are still no guarantees when it comes to marriage between complete strangers!

Successful Married at First Sight Couples

While many Married at First Sight couples end up divorced, there are some memorable success stories of couples who found love on the show. Here are some of the most popular couples from the show that are still happily married today:

Jason Carrion and Cortney Hendrix (Season 1)

These high school sweethearts from New York were the very first Married at First Sight success couple. Despite some ups and downs in their first year together, they celebrated their 5th anniversary in 2018 and are still going strong today.

Ashley Petta and Anthony D’Amico (Season 5)

This fun-loving couple from Chicago stole viewers’ hearts and quickly became a fan favorite pair. They recently celebrated the birth of their daughter and have talked about having more children.

Danielle Bergman and Bobby Dodd (Season 7)

After an instant connection and attraction, these two have one of the most solid marriages to come from the show. They live in Dallas with their young son and are hoping to have more kids soon.

Deonna McNeill and Greg Okotie (Season 9)

Though it took some time to develop, these two have one of the strongest emotional bonds created on the show. They live in Los Angeles and often share their marital advice for other couples.

In addition to these 4 success stories, there are a few other couples from more recent seasons that are still together and trying to make their marriages work after the show.

Lessons Learned

While marrying a stranger is an extreme way to find love, there are some lessons we can take away from observing the Married at First Sight experiment:

  • Chemistry and physical attraction matter when it comes to romantic relationships long-term.
  • Compatibility in values, lifestyles, and communication styles impact the health of a marriage.
  • Both partners need to be fully committed to making it work for the relationship to go the distance.
  • Marriage takes a lot of effort – it’s not just about the wedding day.
  • Communication, compromise, and forgiveness are key to overcoming inevitable challenges.

In many ways, the successful Married at First Sight couples go through an accelerated version of what many longtime married couples experience. While we may not marry total strangers, we still have to actively work to build connection and intimacy in our relationships over time.


Married at First Sight is an fascinating social experiment that reveals a lot about human relationships. Overall, less than half of couples matched by experts end up staying married long-term. The 38% overall success rate highlights how difficult it is to create a successful marriage, even with extensive screening. While many couples inevitably opt for divorce, a few lucky pairs do find their happily ever after on the show. Married at First Sight provides an insightful look into the trials and triumphs of marriage in a way few other television shows are able to capture.