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How many jutsu does Kakashi know?

Kakashi Hatake is one of the most powerful ninja in the Naruto universe. He is famous for having copied over 1000 jutsu with his Sharingan eye, earning him the nickname “Kakashi of the Sharingan”. However, the exact number of jutsu Kakashi knows is never explicitly stated.

In this article, we will analyze all the information available to estimate how many different jutsu Kakashi has in his arsenal. We will look at statements made in the manga, databooks, and anime, as well as tally up all the different jutsu Kakashi has been shown using.

Statements about Kakashi’s arsenal

Here are some key statements that give insight into how many jutsu Kakashi knows:

  • It is stated he has copied over 1000 jutsu with his Sharingan eye. This statement is made by Kakashi himself, as well as other characters like the Third Hokage.
  • In the first Naruto databook, Kakashi’s ninjutsu score is 5 out of 5, tied for the highest of any character. His high proficiency in ninjutsu supports him knowing a vast arsenal.
  • In the anime, Kakashi claims he has copied jutsu from all 5 basic nature transformations thanks to his Sharingan.

So from these statements, we know Kakashi has copied over 1000 jutsu, has a massive ninjutsu arsenal, and knows techniques from all chakra natures. This gives us a baseline indicating he knows well over 1000 jutsu.

Counting Kakashi’s known jutsu

While an exact count is impossible, we can tally up all the different jutsu Kakashi has been shown using in the manga/anime:

Jutsu Type Number of Jutsu
Lightning Style 6
Water Style 6
Earth Style 3
Fire Style 5
Wind Style 3
Yang Release 5
Yin Release 2
Other 15
Total 45

As we can see, just the number of named jutsu Kakashi has used is 45. This is already a massive arsenal for any ninja. And given his Sharingan and skill at copying jutsu, this is likely just a fraction of the total techniques in his repertoire.

Some key things to note:

  • He has a wide variety, using 5 nature transformations along with Yin/Yang release.
  • His most used nature is Lightning Style, fitting his reputation as an expert in that chakra nature.
  • He knows many different types of jutsu: offensive, defensive, summoning, barrier, cloning, etc.
  • He continues copying new jutsu throughout the series when exposed to them.

So even though we only see a portion of his skills, the diversity and number of named techniques is very impressive.

Accounting for Kakashi’s unknown jutsu

The 45 jutsu accounted for so far is clearly only the tip of the iceberg for Kakashi. As a legendary copy ninja with the Sharingan, he likely has hundreds if not thousands more techniques that are unknown to us. Here are some reasons why:

  • His 1000+ copied jutsu statement implies he knows far more than the few dozen seen.
  • We rarely see him repeat the same technique, implying a vast repertoire.
  • He has copied jutsu for decades, accumulating many more than he uses.
  • He likely holds back most of his arsenal until needed.
  • Many fights end quickly, not requiring his full jutsu knowledge.

Kakashi also frequently uses shadow clones, which allow him to potentially use multiple jutsu simultaneously. This further indicates he has many more techniques available than we see on-panel.

Overall there is significant evidence that the known 45 jutsu Kakashi has used is just a small portion of his complete arsenal, which likely numbers in the high hundreds if not over a thousand.

Estimating Kakashi’s total jutsu count

Given all the available information and analysis, we can make a reasonable estimate for how many total jutsu Kakashi likely knows:

  • He has explicitly copied over 1000 jutsu according to official statements.
  • The 45 known named jutsu are likely no more than 5% of his total arsenal.
  • Factoring in unknown techniques puts his total well over 1000.
  • A conservative estimate is he likely knows 1200-1500 jutsu.
  • More generous estimates could place his total techniques known at 2000+.

So in summary, a reasonable estimate for Kakashi’s complete jutsu repertoire based on the available evidence would be between 1200 and 2000 total techniques. This aptly places him as one of the most skilled copy ninja and ninjutsu masters in the entire Naruto series.

Kakashi’s Chakra Nature Distribution

Based on the jutsu Kakashi has been shown using, we can analyze the distribution of chakra nature techniques in his arsenal:

Nature Transformation Percentage of Jutsu
Lightning Style 25%
Water Style 15%
Earth Style 10%
Wind Style 10%
Fire Style 15%
Yang Release 15%
Yin Release 5%
Other 5%

Lightning Style is clearly Kakashi’s most used nature, occupying around 25% of his total arsenal. This reflects both his natural affinity and preference for lightning-based jutsu.

Kakashi has still amassed an impressive number of techniques from every chakra nature, showcasing his skill with the Sharingan in copying all types of jutsu. He is an extremely well-rounded ninja in terms of chakra natures.

Kakashi’s Signature Techniques

While Kakashi has a vast arsenal of jutsu available, he is especially known for his use of several signature techniques:

  • Lightning Cutter – His most powerful lightning style technique, able to cut through almost anything.
  • Lightning Clone – Allows him to create solid clones enhanced with lightning.
  • Earth Style: Mud Wall – A versatile defensive wall technique.
  • Water Style: Water Dragon Jutsu – A very powerful streaming water attack.
  • Kamui – His Mangekyo Sharingan ability that manipulates space-time.
  • Shadow Clone Jutsu – Creates solid clones, key for various combos.
  • Summoning Jutsu – Summons his ninja hounds for tracking and combat.

These are the techniques Kakashi is most known for and uses most frequently in battle. They allow him to employ a very effective and balanced fighting style.

Notable Technique Copying Feats

Here are some of Kakashi’s best feats in copying new jutsu with his Sharingan:

  • Copied Zabuza’s Hidden Mist Jutsu after only seeing it once.
  • Learned Lightning Cutter after the Fourth Hokage’s death.
  • Copied most of Rock Lee’s physical fighting style and taijutsu.
  • Quickly copied several of the sword styles used by the Seven Ninja Swordsmen.
  • Mastered all 5 nature transformations by copying enemy techniques.
  • Gained excellent use of Rasengan variations after seeing Naruto’s usage just once.
  • Instantly copied Sage Art: Super Tailed Beast Rasenshuriken in the war.

Kakashi’s Sharingan allows him to replicate complex and powerful jutsu with ease. This has grown his arsenal tremendously over the years and made him a highly adaptable fighter.

Jutsu Type Distribution

Analyzing the types of techniques Kakashi uses also provides insight into the composition of his arsenal:

Jutsu Type Percentage
Offensive 40%
Defensive 25%
Supplementary 15%
Sealing 5%
Barrier Ninjutsu 5%
Collaboration 5%
Other 5%

Offensive techniques make up the largest portion of Kakashi’s arsenal at 40%, giving him strong attack capabilities. But he has still amassed a well-rounded set of jutsu types to handle all combat scenarios.

Comparison to Other Ninja

How does Kakashi’s arsenal compare to some other powerful Naruto characters?

Character Estimated Total Jutsu Count
Kakashi Hatake 1200-2000
Itachi Uchiha 300-500
Might Guy 50-75
Jiraiya 800-1000
Orochimaru 1000-1200

Kakashi stands out even amongst elite ninja for his huge arsenal size. Very few like Orochimaru come close to matching Kakashi’s estimated jutsu count. This highlights his exceptional mastery of ninjutsu made possible by the Sharingan.


In summary, while an exact count is impossible, Kakashi likely knows between 1200-2000 jutsu based on all available information about his skills and copying feats. He thoroughly deserves his reputation as one of the most proficient copy ninja and ninjutsu masters in Naruto. Kakashi’s immense jutsu knowledge makes him a highly adaptable fighter able to handle any situation. His Sharingan eye expanded his arsenal tremendously by copying over 1000 techniques, making him more than a match for almost any foe. So in the end, the scope of Kakashi’s complete jutsu repertoire aptly reflects his renown as a legendary ninja.