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How many PF Chang’s locations are there?

PF Chang’s is a popular Asian-inspired restaurant chain known for its flavorful dishes like lettuce wraps, pad thai, and mongolian beef. With a focus on made-from-scratch recipes and fresh ingredients, PF Chang’s has become a go-to choice for many when craving Chinese food. But just how many PF Chang’s locations are there across the United States?

A Brief History of PF Chang’s

PF Chang’s was founded in 1993 by Paul Fleming and Philip Chiang in Scottsdale, Arizona. Fleming had a background in the restaurant industry while Chiang’s family owned several restaurants in Taiwan. Together, they aimed to create an upscale casual dining Chinese restaurant focusing on quality ingredients and made-from-scratch cooking techniques.

The first P.F. Chang’s restaurant opened in Scottsdale’s Desert Ridge shopping center in 1993. It proved to be a success, leading Fleming and Chiang to start expanding to new markets. Over the next decade, P.F. Chang’s opened locations across the United States. Popular menu items like Chang’s chicken lettuce wraps helped drive interest as the brand grew.

In 1998, P.F. Chang’s was acquired by the Center Partners Investment Group. This gave the company access to capital to fuel its expansion plans. By the early 2000s, P.F. Chang’s had over 100 locations across the United States. The restaurant continued growing in popularity for its freshly made cuisine and inviting dining atmosphere.

P.F. Chang’s was sold to Trimaran Capital Partners in 2006. Under new ownership, the focus remained on providing high-quality dining experiences for guests. New menu items were introduced to keep offerings fresh while maintaining customer favorites. The company also began exploring international expansion, bringing P.F. Chang’s to markets like Mexico, the Middle East, and South America.

PF Chang’s Locations in 2023

Today, in 2023, there are approximately 300 P.F. Chang’s locations worldwide. This includes around 210 locations across 42 U.S. states and the District of Columbia. When it comes to domestic presence, P.F. Chang’s has restaurants in most major metropolitan areas and many suburban communities.

Some states with a particularly high number of P.F. Chang’s locations include:

  • California – 29 locations
  • Texas – 27 locations
  • Florida – 17 locations
  • New Jersey – 12 locations
  • Arizona – 10 locations

Major metropolitan areas with multiple P.F. Chang’s restaurants include Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Miami, Seattle, Baltimore, Boston and Minneapolis. The brand is well-represented across suburban communities surrounding large cities as well.

International Locations

In addition to its significant U.S. presence, there are approximately 90 P.F. Chang’s restaurant locations internationally. Countries with P.F. Chang’s include:

  • Mexico – 14 locations
  • Saudi Arabia – 6 locations
  • United Arab Emirates – 6 locations
  • Philippines – 5 locations
  • Puerto Rico – 4 locations
  • Lebanon – 3 locations
  • Turkey – 3 locations

Some other markets with P.F. Chang’s include Panama, Aruba, Qatar, Kuwait, and Colombia. The brand continues to explore expanding its international footprint to bring its signature Asian cuisine to new parts of the world.

Most Popular Menu Items at P.F. Chang’s

Over nearly 30 years in business, P.F. Chang’s has built an extensive menu of Asian-inspired favorites. Some of the most popular menu items ordered at locations include:

Chang’s Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Chang’s chicken lettuce wraps are arguably P.F. Chang’s most famous menu item. It features wok-seared chicken, mushrooms, and water chestnuts served with cool, crisp lettuce cups. Customers assemble each bite themselves at the table, making for an interactive dining experience. It’s a tasty and lighter option that has become a signature dish.

Mongolian Beef

Tender slices of filet mignon stir-fried with scallions in a savory brown sauce. Mongolian beef is a classic Chinese takeout dish made exceptionally well at P.F. Chang’s. Their version comes sizzling to the table ready to be enjoyed with steamed rice.

Kung Pao Chicken

Spicy and flavorful kung pao chicken features diced chicken, peanuts, vegetables, and chili peppers wok-seared in a bold sauce. It’s another Chinese favorite done right at P.F. Chang’s, often requested by guests craving something flavorful and filling.

Shrimp Lo Mein

One of P.F. Chang’s most popular noodle dishes, shrimp lo mein features seasoned shrimp, vegetables, and lo mein noodles tossed in their signature house sauce. It’s a menu staple that delivers a satisfying mix of textures and flavors in each bite.

Chang’s Spicy Chicken

For guests wanting to add extra flavor and heat, Chang’s spicy chicken delivers. Seasoned, breaded chicken is cooked until crisp and glazed in a spicy sweet and tangy sauce. Served over rice, it’s a dish packing some pleasant punch.

Dining Experience at P.F. Chang’s

In addition to its cuisine, P.F. Chang’s has always placed emphasis on crafting an inviting dining experience. The decor and atmosphere at P.F. Chang’s locations help transport guests to an upscale Asian bistro setting through intentional design details.

Some signature elements found at P.F. Chang’s restaurants include:

  • Giant horse statues flanking the entrance
  • Double lion stone sculptures greeting guests
  • Bamboo, mosaic tiles, and Chinese lanterns
  • Open kitchens allowing guests to view wok cooking
  • Hand-painted murals depicting Chinese scenes

The music played also helps create an immersive Asian dining experience. Tables and booths allow for both intimate and large group dining. Overall, P.F. Chang’s restaurants offer visual interest everywhere you look while still feeling warm and welcoming.

Menu Offerings

In addition to traditional Chinese fare, P.F. Chang’s also offers a diverse menu with dishes from across Asia. Popular sections include:

  • Dim Sum – Dumplings, potsickers, and other steamed bites
  • Wok Fired Entrees – Stir-fry dishes and noodles
  • Chicken & Seafood – Poultry, beef, and seafood preparations
  • Vegetarian – Meatless options including tofu dishes
  • Sushi – Rolls and sashimi from their sushi bar
  • Dessert – An array of sweet treats

There are options for all appetites and tastes, ensuring every guest can find something tempting to order. P.F. Chang’s also offers gluten-free and vegetarian menus for guests with dietary needs. Takeout and delivery are available as well.

Special Menu Offerings

On top of its core menu, P.F. Chang’s also provides some unique dining experiences through special offerings that are sometimes available for limited times. Past special events and menus have included:

  • Chinese New Year festivities and specials
  • Summer luau with tropical cocktails
  • Family feast menus perfect for sharing
  • Regional Chinese cuisine spotlights
  • Holiday dining menus
  • Three course prix fixe meals

These special menus keep the dining experience feeling fresh and give customers new flavors and dishes to discover during different times of the year. It helps provide a reason for guests to come back again and again.

Fun Facts About P.F. Chang’s

Over nearly three decades in business, P.F. Chang’s has seen tremendous growth while bringing its trademark cuisine and hospitality to millions of diners. Here are some interesting facts about the enduring restaurant brand:

  • P.F. Chang’s serves more than 20 million pounds of chicken each year systemwide.
  • On average, over 200,000 lettuce wraps are served daily across P.F. Chang’s restaurants.
  • The original P.F. Chang’s in Scottsdale, AZ still operates today as one of the highest volume locations.
  • The massive horses that flank P.F. Chang’s entrances weigh over 1 ton each.
  • P.F. Chang’s chefs hand-slice and grill over one million pounds of sushi-grade salmon annually.
  • Fortune Magazine named P.F. Chang’s one of the “100 Best Companies to Work For” every year from 2000 to 2009.

From its humble start in Arizona to a global operation, P.F. Chang’s has certainly made its mark as a go-to destination for Asian cuisine done right. Its popularity endures thanks to quality ingredients, skilled chefs, and a fantastic dining experience customers love to return to.


With around 300 locations worldwide today, P.F. Chang’s has successfully grown into one of America’s most beloved Asian restaurant chains. Its focus on made-from-scratch cooking and hospitality shines through in dishes like lettuce wraps, Mongolian beef, and kung pao chicken that keep guests coming back. The brand continues to expand its reach while staying true to its roots and culinary ethos. For Asian flavor done right in a polished casual dining setting, P.F. Chang’s has secured its place as a dependable choice for quality and taste.