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How much does Migos charge for a concert?

Migos is an American hip hop trio from Lawrenceville, Georgia that consists of rappers Quavo, Takeoff, and Offset. The group is known for their hit songs like “Versace”, “Bad and Boujee”, and “Walk It Talk It”. As one of the most popular hip hop groups today, Migos earns a significant amount from performing live concerts around the world.

Migos Concert Ticket Prices

Migos concert tickets typically range from $100 to over $1000 depending on the venue and seat location. Floor seats or seats near the stage tend to be the most expensive while seats in the upper levels or nosebleeds are cheaper. On average, tickets to see Migos live are around $200-$300 per seat.

For their recent “Aubrey and the Three Amigos Tour” with Drake in 2018, the average ticket price was about $430 according to secondary market ticket seller StubHub. The cheapest tickets for this tour were around $125 while the most expensive were over $2000.

VIP packages with meet and greets or premium seats can also cost more. For example, the “No Label VIP Experience” for their current tour includes a premium ticket, VIP early entry, pre-show reception, group photo with Migos, commemorative laminate and more starting at $500 per package.

Factors Affecting Migos Concert Ticket Prices

Several factors account for the wide range in Migos concert ticket prices:

  • Venue – Prices are higher at large arenas compared to small music halls or clubs.
  • Seat location – Floor seats or front row seats command the highest prices.
  • Demand – Shows in major cities like Los Angeles or New York are more expensive.
  • Special packages – VIP packages or meet and greet add-ons raise prices.
  • Supporting acts – Having other major artists also perform increases demand.
  • Tour – Headlining solo tours charge more than festival appearances.

How Much Migos Earns per Concert

As one of the most in-demand rap groups today, Migos can earn over $500,000 per concert based on average ticket prices and venue capacity.

For example, if Migos performs at an arena with 15,000 seats that has an average ticket price of $200, the total ticket revenue would be approximately $3 million. The artist typically keeps around 20% of the ticket revenue which would be $600,000 in this case. That does not include additional revenue from merchandise sales.

Major festivals like Coachella or Governors Ball can also pay top hip hop acts like Migos fees in the high six figures. Migos reportedly earned over $500,000 for their Coachella performance in 2018.

Here is an estimate of how much Migos can earn from different size concerts:

Venue Size Average Ticket Price Total Ticket Revenue Migos Earnings (20%)
5,000 seats $200 $1 million $200,000
10,000 seats $250 $2.5 million $500,000
15,000 seats $300 $4.5 million $900,000

Migos Total Net Worth

In addition to concert earnings, Migos makes income from streaming royalties, merch sales, endorsements, and other business ventures. This has led to a high total net worth for each member:

  • Quavo – Estimated $16 million net worth
  • Takeoff – Estimated $16 million net worth
  • Offset – Estimated $16 million net worth

Together, Migos is believed to have a combined net worth of around $50 million as of 2023. Their continued success through new music, touring, and other deals will likely drive their net worth even higher in the future.

How Migos Spending Habits Affect Their Wealth

Despite their massive earnings, Migos has faced some financial issues due to extravagant spending habits. All three members have purchased multi-million dollar mansions, luxury cars, expensive jewelry, and more over the years.

In 2018, Migos sued their attorney for legal malpractice and financial mismanagement. They claimed he cost them millions due to unnecessary spending that ate away their income. Some examples of their lavish purchases include:

  • Quavo – $3 million house in Atlanta, $280,000 Ferrari
  • Takeoff – $3.2 million house in Atlanta, $350,000 Rolls-Royce
  • Offset – $5.25 million house in Atlanta, $180,000 Lamborghini Aventador

The group has aimed to be smarter with their money in recent years. Despite previous overspending, they have still managed to build an impressive net worth through their chart-topping music success.


In summary, Migos can charge over $500,000 on average per concert thanks to their popularity and demand. While ticket prices vary based on the venue and tour, the group earns a substantial income from their energetic live shows. However, excessive spending habits have hindered their net worth growth at times. Regardless, Migos remains one of the highest paid and most influential hip hop groups today with an estimated combined net worth of $50 million.