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How much does StockX charge to cash out?

StockX, the popular online marketplace for buying and selling sneakers, streetwear, handbags, and other collectible items, does charge fees when sellers cash out their earnings. The exact fees charged by StockX depend on a few factors, which this article will cover in detail.

StockX Seller Fees

Whenever an item sells on StockX, the company charges both the buyer and seller fees. For sellers, StockX charges two main types of fees:

  • Seller transaction fee – This is a flat fee that StockX charges sellers on every sale. The fee is typically around 3-4% of the item’s sale price.
  • Processing fee – This fee covers the costs of processing the sale, verifying the product, and preparing it for shipment. The processing fee is typically around 8-9% of the sale price.

So in total, StockX sellers are charged fees in the range of 11-13% on every successful sale. These fees are deducted from the seller’s payout.

StockX Payouts

Once an item sells on StockX and the buyer’s payment clears, the seller receives a payout for the amount left after StockX’s fees are deducted. Sellers have two options for receiving their payouts:

StockX Balance

Sellers can choose to have their payouts deposited into their StockX account balance. The funds will show up in the seller’s StockX portfolio under “Available Balance”. The advantage of using StockX balance is that the payout is processed more quickly, usually within 1-2 business days after the sale.

However, funds in the StockX balance can only be used for purchases on StockX. Sellers cannot directly withdraw the cash from their StockX balance.

Bank Transfer

The second payout option is to have earnings sent to the seller’s bank account via bank transfer. This allows sellers to cash out their StockX funds.

StockX charges an additional fee for bank transfers:

  • Domestic U.S. transfers: $2 per payout
  • International transfers: $15 per payout

With bank transfer, it takes 3-5 business days for the payout to reach the seller’s bank account after initiating the cash out request.

How to Cash Out on StockX

Here are the steps for sellers to withdraw or cash out earnings from StockX:

  1. Go to your StockX account Portfolio page
  2. Click “Withdraw Funds” next to your Available Balance
  3. Enter the payout amount you want to withdraw. You can input a custom amount up to your full available balance.
  4. Select whether you want the payout sent to your bank account or PayPal account.
  5. For bank account, you will need to input your routing and account numbers if not already linked.
  6. For PayPal, you must connect your PayPal email address if not already linked.
  7. Agree to StockX’s terms and conditions for withdrawals.
  8. Click “Confirm Withdrawal”.

StockX will then process the payout within their standard timelines – 1-2 days for StockX balance or 3-5 days for bank/PayPal transfers.

You will receive an email confirmation from StockX when the cash out is completed. Log back into your StockX portfolio to confirm the updated available balance.

Minimum and Maximum Withdrawals

StockX does enforce minimum and maximum limits on cash outs:

  • Minimum – $25 for bank/PayPal transfers
  • Maximum – $50,000 per 7 calendar days

So you must have at least $25 in available earnings before you can submit a withdrawal request to your bank or PayPal. And even if you have a large available balance, you are limited to cashing out $50,000 per 7 days.

StockX Withdrawal Timelines

Here is an overview of roughly how long it takes to receive your payout from StockX via the different methods:

  • StockX Balance – Instantly available for purchases
  • PayPal – Typically within 2 business days after initiating withdrawal
  • U.S. Bank Account – 3 to 5 business days via ACH transfer
  • International Bank Account – May take 7 to 10 business days

Weekends and holidays can delay payouts by StockX. You should receive an email confirmation from StockX once the cash out hits your PayPal or bank account.

Failed Withdrawals on StockX

In some cases, StockX withdrawal requests can fail and be rejected by the system. Some common reasons for a failed StockX cash out include:

  • Insufficient available balance – Your request exceeds your current earnings balance
  • Invalid bank account details – Account and routing numbers entered wrong
  • Limit exceeded – You hit the $50,000 weekly withdrawal limit
  • Pending orders – You have open orders that need to clear first
  • Unverified bank account – Your bank account is not verified with micro-deposits

If your StockX withdrawal fails or gets rejected, you will receive an email from StockX explaining the specific reason. You can then take steps to fix the issue and attempt another payout request.

StockX Payout Methods

Let’s summarize the payout methods available on StockX and their key characteristics:

Payout Method Fees Speed Minimum
StockX Balance No fee 1-2 days No minimum
PayPal No fee 2 days $25
U.S. Bank Account $2 per transfer 3-5 days $25
International Bank Account $15 per transfer 7-10 days $25

Getting Paid Quickly on StockX

If you want to get paid out faster on StockX, the best options are:

  • Use your StockX balance – Instantly available funds but can only spend on StockX
  • Link PayPal account – Withdrawals processed within 2 days
  • Only cash out larger amounts – The flat fees mean smaller transfers aren’t as cost effective

Avoiding bank transfers, especially international ones, will ensure you get your StockX earnings paid out more rapidly.

Taxes on StockX Payouts

It is important to note that your earnings on StockX may be considered taxable income in many countries. Some key tax implications include:

  • You may need to report StockX earnings on your tax return
  • StockX does not automatically withhold taxes from payouts
  • You may owe income tax and self-employment tax on your profits
  • StockX will send you a 1099-K form if you exceed 200 sales AND $20,000 in gross revenues

So be sure to set aside a portion of your StockX payouts to cover estimated taxes. Consult a tax professional to understand your full obligations.

Maximizing Your Payouts on StockX

Here are some tips sellers can use to maximize their bottom line and payouts on StockX:

  • Price items competitively – Higher sale prices drive larger payouts
  • Focus on high margin products – Categories like electronics and collectibles are popular
  • Sell in-demand and limited items – Products with scarcity fetch higher prices
  • Ensure flawless condition on sales – No defects means faster verification and payout
  • Sell in bulk – Bundle products to save on individual shipping and fees
  • Withdraw larger amounts at once – Take advantage of flat withdrawal fees

Following these best practices will help sellers earn the highest profits possible on StockX after all fees.

Downsides of StockX Payouts

While StockX can be highly profitable for sellers, some downsides to be aware of include:

  • High total fees – Around 13% in commissions and charges
  • Delayed payout timing – Can take weeks for bank transfers
  • Limited withdrawal options – Only StockX balance, PayPal, or bank account
  • Difficult customer support – Long response times if issues arise
  • Tax obligations – Must report 1099-K income to IRS

StockX sellers need to factor these drawbacks into their overall business model and profit expectations.

Alternatives to StockX

If you find the StockX fees and payout terms unacceptable, here are a few alternative marketplaces to consider selling on instead:

  • eBay – Lower final value fees of 10-12% overall
  • GOAT – Competitor also focused on sneakers/apparel but with lower fees
  • Poshmark – Primarily for used clothing but fees capped at 20%
  • Grailed – Curated marketplace for menswear with flexible pricing
  • Facebook Marketplace – Free to list/sell locally with no fees

Each platform has its own pros, cons, and fee structures. Shop around to find the right marketplace fit for the products you want to sell online.

The Bottom Line

To summarize the key points:

  • StockX charges 11-13% in total seller fees
  • Withdrawals can be sent to StockX balance, PayPal, or bank account
  • It takes 1-5 days for payouts to StockX balance or PayPal
  • Bank account transfers typically take 3-10 days
  • Minimum withdrawal is $25, maximum per week is $50,000
  • Faster options are StockX balance and PayPal for cashing out

Make sure to factor in StockX’s withdrawal fees, timeframes, and limits as you scale your sneaker/streetwear resale business. Optimize your pricing and transfers to maximize your profits.