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How much should top sirloin cost?

Top sirloin is a popular and delicious cut of beef that comes from the sirloin primal of the cow. When shopping for top sirloin steak, you may find a wide range of prices at the grocery store which can make it confusing to know if you’re getting a good deal or not. The cost of top sirloin steak is influenced by a variety of factors including the cut, grade, source and location of purchase. Generally speaking, prices range from $7-14 per pound on average, but could be higher or lower depending on these variables.

What cut of beef is top sirloin?

Top sirloin is located in the back half of the cow, in the sirloin primal cut between the tenderloin and top round primal cuts. It sits above the hip bone of the cow. Top sirloin is sometimes labeled as “sirloin steak” in stores but this term can be confusing since there are different cuts of sirloin steak. Top sirloin is specifically the most tender and desirable cut from the sirloin section. It is obtained when the sirloin is separated from the round primal cut.

Grades of beef

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) assigns different quality grades to beef based on its tenderness, juiciness and flavor. The major grades are USDA Prime, Choice, Select and Standard. The top grades are Prime and Choice which come from younger, well-fed cattle. Lower grades are Select (still good quality) and Standard.

USDA Prime

This is the highest quality grade, only about 2% of beef earns this distinction. It has excellent marbling, meaning streaks of fat within the muscle which makes the meat tender and flavorful. Due to its limited supply, Prime is not commonly found in most grocery stores. It is most often found in high-end steakhouses and specialty butcher shops. Prime has the highest prices.

USDA Choice

This grade makes up the majority (about 70%) of beef sold in grocery stores. It has slightly less marbling than Prime but is still very tender and juicy with good flavor. Choice provides a nice balance of quality and affordability for most consumers.

USDA Select

Select has less marbling so it is leaner and not quite as tender, but it is still a high-quality grade that is affordable and satisfying. It accounts for about 18% of graded beef. Some stores will label Select as “Choice or Better.”

USDA Standard

Standard is very lean with minimal marbling. It is fairly tough and lacking in flavor. You are unlikely to find Standard grade at most grocery stores.

Generally, Prime and Choice are recommended for optimal taste and texture when cooking steaks. Top sirloin labeled as just “USDA graded” without a specific grade is likely Select quality. The grade makes a significant difference in the price of top sirloin per pound.

Where is the beef from?

The source of the beef also affects the price. Beef labeled with a specific location like “Texas Top Sirloin” or “Midwestern Beef” indicates where the cattle were raised and processing took place.

Domestic U.S. beef

Beef from cattle born, raised and harvested within the United States. It is subject to USDA grading and regulations. Domestic beef is usually moderately priced.

Imported beef

Imported beef comes from other countries such as Australia, Mexico or Canada. It may be less expensive than U.S. beef in some cases. Import regulations vary.

Organic/Natural beef

This comes from cattle raised on an organic diet without antibiotics, added hormones or other artificial additives during their lifetime. It commands a significant price premium over conventionally raised beef.

Grass-fed/Grain-finished beef

Cattle are initially grass-fed then finished on a grain diet prior to processing. This contributes to enhanced marbling. It costs more than conventional beef.

The geographical source and production methods significantly influence the price. Domestically sourced conventional beef is moderately priced while specialty programs carry premiums.

Grocery Store Factors

Where you purchase top sirloin also impacts the price. Prime steaks are primarily found at high-end butcher shops and specialty grocers. National supermarket chains like Kroger, Safeway and Albertsons have competitive pricing on Choice grade top sirloin. Warehouse clubs such as Costco, Sam’s Club and BJ’s offer lower prices per pound due to buying in volume. Small local butcher shops and grocery stores tend to have higher per pound pricing than large chains. Generic store brands are cheaper than name brands. Consider convenience, quality preferences and budget when choosing where to shop.

Average Price Range for Top Sirloin per Pound

Taking all these factors into account, here is an overview of the price range you can expect to pay for top sirloin steak:

Grade Price Range per Pound
USDA Prime $18-26+
USDA Choice $10-14
USDA Select $7-10

The average price for Choice grade top sirloin steak at most grocery stores is $8-12 per pound. Select grade will be on the lower end around $7-9 per pound. Prime is difficult to find and expensive at $20+ per pound on average.

Of course, pricing fluctuates regionally and seasonally depending on availability and demand. Sales prices may also bring the cost down several dollars per pound below these benchmarks. Higher end retailers and butcher shops have premium prices above these ranges while budget outlets like warehouse clubs tend to be several dollars cheaper per pound.

Price Per Pound for Choice Top Sirloin by Retailer

To give you an idea of real world pricing, here are approximate price ranges for Choice grade top sirloin steak at various store types:

Retailer Price Per Pound
Upscale butcher/specialty store $14-18
Natural grocer (Whole Foods, Sprouts) $12-16
National supermarket chain $10-14
Warehouse club $8-12
Discount grocery store $7-10

These are approximate ranges for Choice top sirloin at retail, not including any discounts, coupons or markdowns which may lower the cost. Prime steaks would be $6-12 per pound higher at respective retailers.

How much top sirloin to buy per person?

When shopping for top sirloin steak, you’ll need to estimate how much to purchase per person depending on the size of the steaks and the number of people eating. Here are some general guidelines for raw weight per person:

  • 8-12 oz per person for 6-8 oz cooked steaks
  • 10-14 oz per person for 8-10 oz cooked steaks
  • 12-16 oz per person for 10-12 oz cooked steaks

Steaks will lose around 20% of their weight during cooking due to fat and water loss. Allow for some extra if you want leftovers or plan to serve a large steak. Buy the number of steaks equivalent to this weight per person. Keep the grade, cut thickness, and your budget in mind when purchasing top sirloin steak for your desired serving sizes.

Cost comparison of steak cuts

Top sirloin provides a nice balance of price and quality compared to other popular steaks. Here is a cost overview of various steak cuts:

Steak Cut Typical Price Per Pound
Filet mignon $17-26
Ribeye $15-22
Top Sirloin $8-14
Strip steak $12-18
Flank steak $7-12
Skirt steak $8-14

As you can see, top sirloin is on the affordable side for a high quality steak, compared to premium cuts like filet mignon or ribeye. It offers an excellent value for shoppers looking for tasty steak on a budget. The choice grade is recommended for optimal flavor and texture.

How to get the best deal on top sirloin

Here are some tips for getting the most bang for your buck when purchasing top sirloin steak:

  • Check weekly circulars and look for sales at grocery stores in your area
  • Compare unit prices (price per pound) instead of relying on the total package cost
  • Buy individually vacuum sealed steaks rather than pre-packaged sets to get the exact amount needed
  • Purchase whole top sirloin roasts on sale and slice them into steaks yourself
  • Buy in bulk quantities at warehouse stores to take advantage of lower per pound pricing
  • Consider choice grade for the best value instead of higher prime grade
  • Use rewards programs, coupons and mobile apps to get discounts at grocery stores

Shopping strategically by comparing prices, utilizing sales and buying in bulk can help you save $2-4 per pound on top sirloin steak.


The retail price of top sirloin steak ranges from about $7-14 per pound on average, with choice grade typically costing $8-12 per pound at most grocery stores. Prime grade will be $14-26+ per pound. Warehouse clubs offer prices on the lower end while high-end retailers are pricier. Location, grade, retailer and promotions can impact the cost significantly. Following the tips above can help you find the best deals. Aim for choice grade top sirloin when you want a tender, juicy steak with nice beefy flavor at a wallet-friendly price point. Careful shopping and smart preparation are the keys to enjoying delicious top sirloin steak while staying within your grocery budget.