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How to get a passport in one day in Florida?

Getting a passport quickly can be challenging, but it is possible to get one in a single day in Florida if you meet the requirements. This article will walk through everything you need to know to get a passport in one day in Florida.

Can You Get a Passport in One Day in Florida?

Yes, you can get a passport in one day in Florida by visiting a passport agency and requesting expedited service. However, there are specific requirements and steps you must follow for same-day passport service.

Requirements for Same-Day Passport in Florida

Here are the requirements for getting a passport in one day in Florida:

  • You must apply in person at a passport agency or center – you cannot get expedited service by mailing in an application
  • You must prove you are traveling within 14 days or need a foreign visa within 4 weeks
  • You must complete the DS-11 passport application and DS-64 lost/stolen passport form in advance
  • You must bring proper identification and citizenship documentation
  • You must pay the expedite and priority delivery fees – $60 expedite fee and $17.56 priority delivery fee

As long as you meet all these requirements, you can get a passport issued the same day you apply at a passport agency in Florida.

Find Your Nearest Passport Agency in Florida

To get your passport in one day, you must visit one of the 13 passport agencies located throughout Florida. Here are the passport agency locations in Florida:

  • Miami Passport Agency
  • West Palm Beach Passport Agency
  • Orlando Passport Agency
  • Tampa Passport Agency
  • Jacksonville Passport Agency
  • Fort Lauderdale Passport Agency
  • Naples Passport Agency
  • Sarasota Passport Agency
  • Fort Myers Passport Agency
  • Gainesville Passport Agency
  • Tallahassee Passport Agency
  • Pensacola Passport Agency
  • Daytona Beach Passport Agency

You can find the exact address and contact information for each agency on the U.S. Department of State’s website. Be sure to call ahead to confirm business hours and appointment availability.

Schedule an Appointment

Once you locate your nearest passport agency, call them to schedule a same-day passport appointment. You will need to verify you meet the eligibility requirements for expedited service.

Not all agencies may have appointments available on your desired date, so call at least a few weeks in advance if possible to improve availability. If no appointments are available, ask to be placed on a cancellation list.

Complete the DS-11 and DS-64 Forms

Before your appointment, you must fill out the DS-11 new passport application form and DS-64 for reporting your lost, stolen, or inaccessible passport. These forms are available online at the State Department’s website.

Fill them out completely and accurately well in advance of your appointment. Double check you have no errors or missing information, as any issues with your forms could delay processing.

Gather Supporting Documents

You will need to bring the following original documentation to your passport appointment:

  • Proof of U.S. citizenship – previous passport, certified birth certificate, certificate of naturalization, etc.
  • Primary identification – valid driver’s license, government ID, military ID, etc.
  • Photocopy of ID documents
  • Passport photo – must meet size and specification requirements
  • Fees – payment for expedite and priority mail delivery fees

Having all these documents in order will help ensure speedy processing. Make photocopies as backups as well.

Attend Your Appointment

Arrive at least 15 minutes before your appointment time with all your forms and documents ready. The agent will review everything for completeness and accuracy.

You will also have your passport photo taken at this time if you do not already have acceptable photos. Be prepared to answer questions verifying your identity and the urgency of your travel situation.

Pay Required Fees

You will need to pay the expedite and priority delivery fees at your appointment. As of 2023, these fees are:

  • Expedite fee – $60
  • 1-2 day delivery – $17.56

Payment can be made by check or money order payable to the “U.S. Department of State” or by credit card.

Wait for Processing

After your appointment, your passport application enters the quick processing stage. You may need to wait at the agency for 4-6 hours for it to be completed. Some agencies may allow you to leave and return later in the day.

If any issues come up, you may be contacted to provide additional verification or documents.

Verify and Review Your New Passport

Once processed, a passport agent will call you back to the counter to verify your new passport is accurate. Carefully check all the details and make sure there are no errors.

Your new passport should be valid for 10 years. Ensure any visas or requirements for your upcoming international trip are fulfilled.

Pay Delivery Fee and Depart

As a final step, you must pay the priority delivery fee if you have not already done so. Your passport will then be shipped overnight to the address you provided.

Keep your receipt and tracking number secure until your passport arrives. You now have your passport in hand within 1 day!


While getting a passport in 24 hours may seem daunting, it is achievable if you meet the requirements and follow the proper procedures. Be sure to plan ahead, complete all forms accurately, and bring all required documents to your appointment.

Same-day passport service allows you to get your passport just in time for an urgent international trip. With preparation and diligence, you can obtain this quick processing option in Florida.