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How to get unlimited gems in Cooking Fever?

Gems are an incredibly valuable currency in Cooking Fever. They allow you to purchase premium items, speed up cooking times, and fully upgrade your restaurants. However, gems can be difficult to acquire in large quantities without spending real money. This article will provide tips and tricks for getting unlimited gems in Cooking Fever without spending any real cash.

Complete Achievements

One of the best ways to earn a steady stream of gems is by completing achievements in Cooking Fever. There are hundreds of achievements you can complete, ranging from simple tasks like serving a certain number of customers, to more advanced challenges like earning 3 stars on every level.

Make it a habit to regularly review the full achievement list and actively work towards completing any achievements you haven’t earned yet. Each achievement awards gems the first time you complete it. While the gem rewards start small, they can add up quickly if you methodically work through the massive achievement list.

Prioritize Achievements That Reward the Most Gems

While completing any achievement will reward gems, some achievements give out significantly higher gem prizes. Make these high-value achievements a priority. For example, achievements that require mastering and fully upgrading restaurants tend to have some of the biggest gem payouts. Completing these achievements should be part of your long-term gem earning strategy in Cooking Fever.

Here are some of the top achievements that reward over 100 gems each:

Achievement Gem Reward
Fully Upgrade Pizza Parlour 150 gems
Fully Upgrade Pancake House 150 gems
Fully Upgrade Hot Dog Van 150 gems
Fully Upgrade Burger Bar 150 gems
Fully Upgrade Sushi Bar 150 gems
Fully Upgrade Taco Truck 150 gems
Fully Upgrade Donut Shop 150 gems
Fully Upgrade Chinese Restaurant 150 gems
Fully Upgrade Ice Cream Parlour 150 gems
Fully Upgrade Pizzeria 150 gems

As you can see, fully upgrading restaurants is extremely lucrative. Make these achievements centerpieces of your long-term gem earning strategy.

Take Advantage of Easier Achievements Too

While big achievements should be a focus, don’t ignore simpler achievements that require little effort. These can rack up gems fast. Examples include:

  • Serving 10, 50, 100 etc. customers. Each of these tiered achievements rewards gems.
  • Starting new restaurants for the first time.
  • Playing restaurants for the 1st, 10th, 100th time.
  • Making a certain number of food items.
  • Scoring combos in restaurants.
  • Earning tips from satisfied customers.

Actively watch for these achievements to pop during ordinary play sessions. Combine them with the bigger achievements for maximum gems.

Watch Advertisement Videos

Cooking Fever allows players to watch short advertisement videos in exchange for gem rewards. You can typically watch around 20 videos per day.

Each video watched awards 2-5 gems. That might not seem like much, but watching the full 20 videos per day can net you at least 40 gems, and up to 100 if you get lucky with 5 gem rewards.

Make watching ads a part of your daily Cooking Fever routine. The gems add up faster than you might think. Just be sure not to exhaust your full ad limit each day, since you want some leftover ads so you can…

Use Ads to Speed Up Waiting Periods

Advertisement videos can also be used to instantly complete required waiting periods in Cooking Fever. Examples include:

  • Completing new restaurant upgrades instantly.
  • Instantly cooking food items.
  • Immediately earning bonus gems and tips.

Use these ad shortcuts to optimize gem earnings. The faster you can upgrade restaurants, cook food, and earn bonuses, the faster you can maximize gem income from achievements.

Just be selective about when you use ad speedups. Make sure to always keep some ads in reserve so you can still watch the full 20 videos per day for direct gem rewards.

Disable Ads with an In-App Purchase

An alternative approach is to make a one-time in-app purchase to disable advertisements in Cooking Fever. This will give you unlimited use of ad shortcuts to speed up restaurant progress.

However, doing this means you lose out on the 40-100 daily gems from watching ad videos. You won’t break even on the in-app purchase for a very long time.

Hold off on disabling ads until you’ve already made significant gem progress just from watching videos and achievements. This purchase is more beneficial for late game min/maxing.

Level Up Restaurants

Each restaurant in Cooking Fever has 20 levels of upgrades. Every other level grants a gem reward the first time you reach it.

That means potentially 10 gem rewards per restaurant just for leveling them up through ordinary play. With 81 total restaurants, that translates to over 800 gems you can earn from restaurant levels alone.

Once again, this combines especially well with achievement gems. Upgrading restaurants not only directly rewards gems, but also contributes to achievements for fully upgrading each restaurant (which, as shown earlier, reward 150 gems each).

Maximize Gems by Leveling All Restaurants Evenly

To really optimize gem income, level up all restaurants evenly rather than focusing on just a few. This allows you to earn gems from hitting milestone levels across the board.

Without even leveling, you risk some restaurants stalling out while you concentrate on others. That leaves gems from milestone levels on the table.

Make leveling up each restaurant to level 20 part of your long term gem strategy. The combined level up and fully upgraded achievements will be hugely lucrative.

Participate in All Events

Cooking Fever regularly introduces limited-time events that offer opportunities to earn additional gems.

Examples of recurring events include:

  • Restaurant Rivals – Compete against other players for the highest coin total in a restaurant.
  • Cupcake Challenge – Complete cupcake orders as fast as possible to earn points.
  • Breakfast Battle – Earn points by cooking breakfast foods quickly.

Events like these will periodically reward gems for reaching certain point thresholds. The gems are often very achievable with moderate effort.

Be sure to participate in all limited-time events when they become available. Even if you only reach the first 1 or 2 gem prize tiers, those are easy extra gems.

Maximize Gems by Reaching the Top Tiers

For big gem hauls, aim to reach the top tier prizes in events. This is where the biggest gem jackpots are. The requirements will be very high, but are attainable with focus and perseverance.

Treat events as short term sprints. Really grind them out obsessively during the limited availability windows to maximize your gem income.

Also watch for events that offer multiple gem rewards along the entire prize path. These provide more opportunities to earn gems at lower tiers.

Spin the Bonus Wheel

The Bonus Wheel is a free daily mini-game in Cooking Fever that awards prizes at random. These can include gems, coins, power ups and more.

The wheel must be spun manually each day. Make this part of your routine. The gem rewards may seem small at first, but do add up.

An average spin will award between 1-5 gems. With consistent spins every day, you can reliably generate at least 500 extra gems per month. That number will be even higher if you get lucky with gem jackpots.

Never miss a spin! The consistent slow drip of gems from the bonus wheel generates a respectable chunk of income.

Increase Gem Rewards with Power Ups

Your long-term goal should be to unlock higher tiers of the Bonus Wheel that offer greater gem rewards. This is done by obtaining power up collectibles that improve the wheel.

Watch for these specific collectibles:

  • Blueprints – Increase the bonus wheel prize slots
  • Elevator – Adds a second prize wheel floor with bigger rewards
  • Penthouse – Adds a third top floor with the biggest prizes

Power ups are awarded randomly. As you earn them over time, keep applying them to your Bonus Wheel. This will steadily increase the gem income from your daily spins.

Never Spend Gems

This last tip sounds obvious, but is critical: be very selective about spending your hard-earned gems! It’s tempting to cash them in for rewards as soon as you get enough.

However, spending gems – no matter how few – will only slow down your accumulation. Avoid spending gems unless absolutely necessary.

Hold onto gems for as long as possible and let your balance build up. Only make strategic investments that will accelerate gem earning, like purchasing certain upgrades or power ups.

With patience, persistence, and discipline, you’ll watch your gem balance consistently grow into the thousands.


Gems may seem scarce at first in Cooking Fever, but with the right strategies, unlimited gems can be obtained for free. Focus on completing gem-rewarding achievements, always watch ad videos, participate in events, spin the Bonus Wheel, and avoid unnecessary spending.

Most importantly, turn gem earning into a daily habit. Consistency compounds over time. With regular play, you’ll be swimming in gems before you know it!