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Top 22 Instagrammable Spots In Tulum, Mexico

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Tulum, Mexico’s once-undiscovered fishing village, has transformed into a coveted beach destination in just over a decade. It’s no wonder why – this tiny Mexican pueblo offers the perfect blend of natural beauty and cultural significance.

The town boasts stunning turquoise waters, soft white sand beaches, and vibrant beach clubs that are Instagram-worthy at every turn. Additionally, Tulum is home to breathtaking bohemian art displays, crystal-clear cenotes (natural jungle pools), and ancient Mayan Ruins that transport visitors back in time.

It’s little wonder why Tulum has become a photographer’s paradise, with an abundance of visually stunning opportunities lurking around every corner.

The Top Most Instagrammable Spots in Tulum

Embark on an adventure to discover the topmost coveted Instagram-worthy spots in Tulum, Mexico, as we reveal the crème de la crème of must-visit locations. From iconic landmarks to secluded treasures, this list of 22 photogenic hotspots will ensure you earn that influencer badge and leave your followers green with envy.

Ven a la Luz Tulum Statue

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Among the most coveted Instagram spots in Tulum, the Ven a La Luz sculpture at Ahau Tulum Hotel stands out as a must-visit attraction. Its popularity has even contributed to putting the town on the map of the world’s most photogenic destinations. The art installation, created by South African artist Daniel Popper, features a figure with an open chest that represents a portal between nature and human connection. The ambiguous gender representation adds an intriguing layer of interpretation for viewers. Originally intended as a temporary installation for an art festival, its enduring popularity led to it becoming a permanent fixture, currently situated near the Raw Love Cafe and Ahau Tulum Beach Resort. Interestingly, this iconic statue was once located on the main road in the hotel zone but had to be relocated in 2023 due to safety concerns. Today, visitors can find Ven a La Luz at the Tulum Sculpture Park, where an entrance fee of $3USD is required. Despite the relocation, it remains a must-visit spot for Instagram enthusiasts and art lovers alike.

Follow That Dream Sign

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Visiting Tulum, Mexico? Be prepared to snap a photo in front of the iconic Follow That Dream sign! This picturesque spot is just one of many Instagram-worthy locations along the Tulum Beach Road, where most beach clubs, resorts, and scenic spots converge. While driving a rental car may be an option, navigating this busy road can be challenging due to heavy traffic. Instead, consider renting a bike, scooter, ATV, or golf cart to get around – it’s a great way to take in the views and avoid congestion. As you pedal along the Tulum Beach Road, keep an eye out for this famous sign, which is easily spotted while exploring on two wheels. If you need the exact location, simply search ‘Lolita & Lolita boutique’ on Google Maps, and the Follow That Dream sign will be right in front of you.

Azulik Uh May

Nestled within the lush Mayan jungle, Azulik Uh May is a one-of-a-kind contemporary museum and art center that seamlessly merges art and nature. Inspired by Mayan culture and architecture, the building itself resembles an eco-friendly village where art and nature converge in perfect harmony. This unique destination offers a plethora of experiences, including artisan workshops, traditional Mayan medicine classes, and a gastronomical journey through their on-site restaurant. Located approximately 20 miles northeast of Tulum, Azulik Uh May is an ideal day-trip destination, allowing visitors to explore nearby sites such as the Coba Ruins. While professional cameras require permits, visitors are encouraged to capture memories with their mobile devices. Entrance fees typically range from $15 to $25 USD, subject to change. The scenic drive and picturesque surroundings make it a photographer’s paradise, offering an unforgettable experience for art enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

Tulum Archeological Site (Tulum Ruins)

Tulum Archaeological Site stands out from other Mayan Ruins in Mexico with its breathtaking combination of ancient history and stunning natural beauty. The site’s unique location overlooking the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea is a rare and captivating sight. El Castillo, the most prominent landmark, was originally built to monitor ocean-dwelling enemies and facilitate trade, but today it’s an iconic Instagram spot. Historians believe it may have also played a role in commerce, as ships could easily dock here to exchange goods. Beyond its famous landmark, visitors can spend hours exploring the site’s numerous ruins of houses, buildings, and ceremonial centers. As a bonus, a hidden beach below the archaeological site awaits discovery, offering an unforgettable experience.

Azulik Tulum Resort

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Azulik Tulum Resort is a coveted destination that embodies the essence of Tulum’s bohemian spirit. This unique hotel boasts 48 villas, each a masterpiece of natural materials and architectural innovation. The entire structure, crafted from bamboo, twigs, and reclaimed wood, resembles a majestic treehouse, blending seamlessly with its ocean and jungle surroundings.

Matcha Mamma Cafe

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Tucked away in a quiet corner of the bustling streets, Match Mama Tulum is more than just a street stall – it’s an Instagram sensation! This humble roadside kiosk has gained widespread popularity for its array of healthy food options, including matcha smoothies, acai bowls, and locally-sourced coffee. But what truly sets it apart is the unique blend of art, decor, and nostalgia that awaits visitors.

Located in two different spots – one on Tulum Beach in the Hotel Zone, and another in Downtown Tulum (Tulum Town) – Match Mama’s original location has become a hotspot for locals and tourists alike. The iconic rope swing chairs and vintage-inspired surfboard sign have become synonymous with the brand.

Insider Tip: If you’re looking to capture the perfect shot, be sure to arrive early, as this spot can get quite busy by mid-morning. Take your time to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy a delicious meal while taking in the artistic touches that make Match Mama Tulum so special.

Casa Malca Pablo Escobar House

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In the 1980s, Casa Malca was the vacation home of notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar, an individual whose reputation precedes him. While his actions were certainly questionable, one cannot deny his impeccable taste in architecture. Today, this luxury hotel is owned by NYC art dealer Lio Malco, who has transformed the property into a masterpiece that’s as much a work of art as it is a place to rest. The pièce de résistance is undoubtedly the lobby, where a show-stopping couch swing dangles from the ceiling, surrounded by an array of wedding dresses. This one-of-a-kind setup makes for a truly Instagram-worthy moment. Even if you’re not staying at the hotel, you can still experience the property’s charms by visiting the restaurant and indulging in a meal that will set you back around $500 MXN pesos (approximately $30 USD). In exchange, you’ll receive permission to capture a photo of this architectural marvel. The restaurant itself is a treat, offering an impressive selection of drinks and making it well worth your while to linger over a meal rather than just snapping a quick picture.

Cenote Manatí

About 15 minutes inland from downtown Tulum lies Cenote Manatí, an Instagram-perfect spot that stands out from its peers due to its larger size and unique jungle-beach combination. Nestled among lush vegetation, this visually stunning cenote appears more like a winding river than a typical freshwater sinkhole. The water clarity is unparalleled, making snorkeling a must-do experience as you’ll have the opportunity to spot an array of tropical fish and even sea turtles gliding effortlessly by.

Despite its rising popularity, Cenote Manatí remains relatively less crowded compared to other attractions in the area, allowing for a peaceful and serene atmosphere perfect for capturing stunning photos without the distraction of throngs of people. For those seeking exclusive experiences, there are select areas within the cenote that can only be accessed through guided tours.

To further enhance your experience, kayak rentals are available at the entrance, enabling you to explore deeper, less crowded sections of the cenote.

Coba Mayan Ruins

While Coba Ruins may not be as bustling as some other Mayan sites in the Yucatan Peninsula, its remote jungle location makes it an underrated gem for those seeking a quieter experience. The site’s massive size and sprawling network of white stone roads – 16 of which are open to the public – make it easy to find a peaceful spot to capture stunning photos. Visitors can explore on foot or take advantage of bike rentals or bici-taxis (taxi bicycles) if they prefer not to walk long distances. One of the site’s most unique features is its accessibility; unlike many other ancient Mayan ruins, visitors are allowed to climb up pyramids, including the towering 137-foot Coba Pyramid that offers breathtaking views of the surrounding jungle and ruins. While the climb may be challenging for some, the panoramic vistas from the top make it an Instagram-worthy experience like no other.

Playa Xcacel Beach

Xcacel Beach in Tulum stands out for its seclusion and untouched beauty, making it an ideal spot for capturing those Instagram-worthy moments. The almost pristine beach boasts soft white sand and vibrant blue waters that are simply breathtaking. And, as a bonus, you can enjoy your tranquil experience without the crowds, allowing you to preserve the natural ambiance in all its glory.

As a unique treat, if you’re visiting between May and October, you’ll have the chance to witness an unforgettable sight – white turtles (caguamas) laying their eggs on the beach. This is their designated nesting site during that time period.

Roc Luxe Tulum

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Roc Luxe Tulum is a charming boutique hotel that stands out from the crowd with its one-of-a-kind design. The property’s entrance is an impressive white dome, punctuated by deliberate holes that allow natural light to filter in and create a striking visual effect. While this unique feature might not be as widely known as some other Instagram spots in Tulum, it provides ample opportunities for creative photography. Even if you’re not staying at Roc Luxe, you can still enjoy the hotel’s amenities and snap a few photos with a day pass. Inside, there are plenty of visually appealing areas to explore, including the pool, where you can unwind and enjoy DJ sets, refreshing drinks, and a lively atmosphere.

Cenote Calavera

Cenote Calavera stands out from the rest with its unique opening that resembles a calavera, or human skull, on the ground. This hidden gem remained under the radar until 2020, when it became an Instagram sensation overnight. The real draw here is not just the visually striking appearance but also the opportunity to take a leap of faith and jump directly into the water from the opening, creating an otherworldly effect that’s perfect for capturing on camera. Inside the cenote, you’ll find a rope to swing Tarzan-style off of before plunging into the crystal-clear waters, making it a photographer’s paradise. With its newfound popularity, it’s essential to arrive early to beat the crowds and secure those coveted Instagram photos with zero distractions.

Nomade Tulum Resort and Beach Club

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For those seeking the ultimate bohemian-inspired photo shoot for their social media feed, Nomade Tulum’s boutique hotel and beach club is a reality that’s hard to resist. This haven of relaxation features an entire beach club area meticulously crafted with intricate macrame-woven decorations, plush sunbeds overlooking the ocean, and lush palm trees providing the perfect backdrop. Every detail is meticulously designed to transport you to a serene hippie paradise. To gain access to this Instagram-worthy spot, reservations are highly recommended, along with a minimum spend commitment. Despite the requirements, the experience is well worth it, as you’ll have ample time to capture stunning photos while also indulging in their delectable drinks, mouthwatering cuisine, and comfortable beach beds amidst a picturesque atmosphere.

Tulum Crooked Palm Trees

Sometimes, stumbling upon hidden gems on Instagram in Tulum can lead to the most unforgettable experiences! The picturesque palm trees that line the beaches of Tulum offer endless opportunities for creative photography. Whether you’re posing dramatically under their twisted branches or using them as a prop with friends, these unique trees are sure to elevate your Instagram game. One particularly iconic spot is located outside the Playa Paraiso Beach Club – while this may be the easiest access point to Paradise Beach, keep in mind that a fee is required for entry. Despite the cost, it’s well worth it for the chance to snap that perfect shot and soak up the laid-back atmosphere of Tulum.

The Best Photo Spots In Tulum

As we near the culmination of our list, we’re curious – did any of these visually striking locations resonate with you? Which ones stood out and caught your attention? Moreover, what are some other Instagram-worthy gems in Tulum, Mexico that didn’t make it onto this comprehensive list? While we’ve compiled a significant number of favorites, there undoubtedly exist numerous renowned spots waiting to be discovered. For those interested in exploring additional treasures, a quick visit to [insert link or URL] will yield even more inspiration.

Colorful TULUM

The vibrant Tulum tourism destination sign stands out among its counterparts found across Mexico, with its bright colors and unique design mirroring the charm of this popular travel spot.


Coco Tulum Beach Club & Hotel is just one example where the classic charm of beach swings has been beautifully integrated. A closer look reveals that these iconic swings are actually a ubiquitous feature on many beaches, with Coco Tulum being no exception. The sight of beachgoers gently swaying back and forth in these weathered wooden seats as they take in the breathtaking ocean views is truly idyllic.

Here is the Dream Sign

As we’ve previously highlighted on this list, the Follow That Dream sign has been accompanied by its newer counterpart, the Here is the Dream sign. This additional marker serves as a convenient landmark for visitors who want to combine their spiritual pursuits with some refreshment. Situated just outside Santo Mercado Tulum, travelers can stop by to grab a bite or quench their thirst with a cold coconut or other beverage of choice.

The Hands Bridge and Vaglume Entrance

As you approach Vagalume Beach Club, you’ll be struck by its distinctive entrance, featuring a thought-provoking hand sculpture that sets the tone for the Instagram-worthy experience that awaits inside. Once inside, you’ll discover a visually stunning environment where artistic design and decor blend seamlessly with the surrounding ocean views. The pièce de résistance is the iconic ‘hands bridge’, a photographer’s dream come true, offering a unique backdrop for capturing memories with an unparalleled view of the sea in the distance.

Entrance to Selina

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Upon arriving at the Selina Tulum Hostel & Mia Beach Club, you’re immediately struck by the stunning architecture that sets the tone for a unique and unforgettable experience. This esteemed establishment boasts one of the most impressive beach club entrances in all of Tulum, effortlessly combining style with functionality.

I Scream Bar

A popular Instagrammable location in Tulum is the iconic I Scream Bar, which features a unique setup with vintage turquoise Tuk Tuks situated directly across from Vagalume. This visually striking setting has garnered widespread attention and popularity among social media enthusiasts.

Dear Tulum, I’m not over you.

If you’re a fan of Instagram-worthy spots, be sure to swing by Hashtag Poke and pay homage to the ‘Dear Tulum, I’m not over you’ pink wall – your followers will thank you. This trendy poke bar is a must-visit for anyone seeking a visually appealing dining experience.

Papaya Playa Project Beach Club & Resort

The Papaya Playa Project Beach Club & Resort is a luxurious haven renowned for its stunning beachfront bungalows, which offer ample opportunities to capture breathtaking moments. While the Cancun Airport itself may not be an obvious choice for photography, it’s surprisingly Instagram-worthy! As you explore Tulum, don’t forget to indulge in the simple pleasures – like savoring a fresh coconut – and make sure to add it to your itinerary. We’re always looking to expand our list of must-see spots in Tulum, so please share your thoughts in the comments section. Your input will help us create an even more comprehensive guide for future travelers.