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Is 32DD a common size?

While bra sizes can vary greatly, 32DD is considered to be in the range of average breast sizes for many women. However, whether it is a truly “common” size depends on a few factors.

What does 32DD mean?

The bra size 32DD indicates a band size of 32 inches around the ribcage under the breasts, with each cup being DD. The DD cup size corresponds to a 5 inch difference between the band size and bust measurement.

So a 32DD bra is designed for someone with an underbust of about 32 inches and a bust size of around 37 inches. This results in a 5 inch “difference” between band and bust, which is a DD cup.

Prevalence of 32DD

Estimates on the prevalence of specific bra sizes can vary, but several surveys provide clues as to how common 32DD is among women.

  • A 2017 study of over 100,000 women found that 32DD was the single most common bra size, worn by 8% of respondents.
  • A 2013 survey of over 15,000 women in the UK reported 7% wearing a 32DD.
  • An older study from the 1970s found 32DD to be the most prevalent size overall at 11% of participants.

So while the exact percentage differs across studies, 32DD consistently emerges as one of the most widely worn bra sizes.

Variation by country

Prevalence of a 32DD bra can vary significantly by country and region:

Country Prevalence of 32DD
United States 11%
United Kingdom 7%
Northern Europe 4%
Southern Europe 2%

As this data shows, 32DD is most popular in the United States, where over 1 in 10 women wear that size. It remains reasonably common in the UK as well. But the proportion drops off in other parts of Europe.

Changes over time

The prevalence of a 32DD bra size has increased over time:

  • In the 1970s, 32DD made up about 5% of bra sales.
  • By 2013 it had risen to about 7% of sales.
  • And by 2017, 32DD accounted for 8% of bras sold.

So while not dramatically different, 32DD does seem to be gaining in popularity compared to previous decades.

Weight changes

As a woman’s weight fluctuates, so might her bra size:

  • Gaining weight often results in an increase in bust size.
  • Losing weight can sometimes mean decreasing bust size.

So a 32DD bra might fit a woman at one weight, but not if she gains or loses a significant amount.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Pregnancy and breastfeeding can also impact breast size:

  • Hormonal changes during pregnancy often increase breast size.
  • Breast size usually increases further during breastfeeding.
  • Post-pregnancy and stopping breastfeeding, the breasts tend to shrink back down.

So a 32DD bra might fit at some stages of pregnancy or nursing, but not others. Women often go up several bra sizes and then back down again over the course of this time.

Breast shape

Breast shape also influences proper bra fit. Two women could both measure at 32DD, but find that different style bras suit their breast shape better. Shape aspects like:

  • Full on top vs full on bottom
  • Wide set vs close set
  • Shallow vs projected

All affect which bras will fit comfortably and which may not, even in the same size.

Bra fit challenges

Studies have found around 80% of women wear the wrong bra size. Some reasons include:

  • Not getting professionally fitted
  • Wearing old bras that no longer fit
  • Weight changes over time
  • Bras stretching out over wear

Even for a common size like 32DD, getting a proper fit can pose challenges. Professional bra fitting is recommended.

Sister sizes

“Sister sizes” refers to different band and cup combinations that hold the same volume. For a 32DD, sister sizes include:

Sister Size

Trying sister sizes is another tactic fitters use to find the right bra when 32DD seems close but not perfect.

Perceived cup size

When looking at a bra, many people think in general cup sizes like “small”, “medium” and “large”. But actual cup sizes are more precise:

Perceived Size Actual Cup Size
Small AA to B
Medium C to D
Large DD and higher

So while a 32DD may sound surprisingly large, it is actually on the medium side of average cup sizes.

Pop culture stereotypes

There are many stereotypes about breast sizes, particularly in pop culture:

  • Advertisements and media tend to overrepresent DD+ cups.
  • “Average” breasts are often portrayed as very large.
  • Breasts much larger than a DD are often portrayed as “normal”.

In reality, most women do not have extremely large breasts, and a size 32DD is reasonably average.

Celebrity sizes

Although celebrity bra sizes are not always known definitively, some examples around a 32DD include:

  • Katy Perry – reported to be 32DD
  • Salma Hayek – believed to be 32DD
  • Beyonce – estimated to wear 32DD
  • Scarlett Johansson – said to be 32DD

So while not all celebrities are that size, 32DD does appear to be common among Hollywood stars.

Shopping considerations

When shopping for a 32DD bra, recommendations include:

  • Get sized in person if possible
  • Try various brands/styles to find the right fit
  • Consider elasticity – stretchier bands may need to size down
  • Pay attention to breast shape for optimal fit
  • Remember sister sizes like 34D if needed

With some effort, most women can find a properly fitted 32DD bra or sister size.


In summary, while estimates vary, 32DD is considered one of the more widely worn bra sizes. It appears to be quite common among women in the United States and reasonably popular in some other countries as well. A 32DD bra is designed for an underbust of 32 inches and bust of 37 inches. On the scale of cup sizes, it falls into the average “medium” range. But getting a proper fit can still pose challenges for many women. With sister sizes and professional fitting, most can find a 32DD or similar bra that fits comfortably.