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Is crackers a snack?

Crackers can certainly be considered a snack. They are typically eaten between meals and come in small portions. Crackers make a handy, portable snack that can be eaten on-the-go or while relaxing at home.

What are crackers?

Crackers are a dry, crunchy baked food made from flour, shortening, and water. Salt, leavening agents, and other flavorings are often added as well. There are many varieties of crackers including:

  • Saltine crackers – Simple, flaky crackers with a bit of salt on top
  • Oyster crackers – Small, round crackers often served with soup
  • Graham crackers – Sweet crackers made with graham flour
  • Ritz crackers – Round, buttery crackers often topped with cheese or peanut butter
  • Triscuit crackers – Rectangular whole wheat crackers
  • Cheese crackers – Crackers with cheese baked inside or powdered cheese coating
  • Whole grain crackers – Crackers made from whole grains like whole wheat or brown rice

Why are crackers considered a snack?

There are a few key reasons why crackers make such a good snack:

  • Portion size – Crackers come in small, snack-sized portions perfect for one person.
  • Easy to eat – Crackers are dry and handy to eat on-the-go without utensils or prep.
  • Shelf stability – Crackers have a long shelf life compared to other snacks.
  • Variety – There are lots of flavors, shapes, and textures to choose from.
  • Pair well with other foods – Crackers go great with cheese, peanut butter, jam, etc.

Nutrition facts of crackers

The nutrition content of crackers can vary greatly depending on the type and brand. Here are some general nutrition facts about crackers:

Nutrient Amount
Calories 70-110 calories per 1 oz serving
Carbohydrates 15-20g per serving, mostly from refined grains
Protein 2-3g per serving
Fat 2-7g per serving, from vegetable oils or cheese
Fiber 0-2g per serving
Sodium 100-350mg per serving

As you can see, crackers are relatively high in refined grains and sodium compared to other snacks. However, whole grain and lower sodium varieties are available for a healthier option.

Are crackers a healthy snack?

Whether or not crackers are a healthy snack depends on a few factors:

  • Ingredients – Whole grain crackers are healthier than those made with refined flour. Look for fiber-rich grains like whole wheat or bran.
  • Portion size – Stick to a 1-2 oz serving listed on the package.
  • Sodium content – Choose low-sodium crackers if possible.
  • Added toppings – Avoid piling on high-fat cheeses or sugary jams.
  • Eaten occasionally – Crackers shouldn’t replace fruits and vegetables as daily snacks.

Overall, crackers can be part of a healthy diet when chosen wisely and eaten in moderation. They provide an energy boost between meals. Just be mindful of portions and ingredients.

Are crackers a filling snack?

Crackers are generally not very filling on their own compared to snacks with more protein, fiber, or healthy fats. However, here are some tips to make crackers a more satisfying snack:

  • Choose whole grain crackers for more fiber.
  • Eat crackers with a protein source like cheese, peanut butter, or hummus.
  • Combine crackers with fruits and vegetables for more volume.
  • Drink water with crackers to help fill your stomach.
  • Have crackers after a light meal or snack rather than when very hungry.

Pairing crackers with other whole foods can help them become a more filling part of a snack. But don’t rely on crackers alone to tide you over for long.


Crackers are certainly considered a convenient, tasty snack food by most people. They have a crunchy texture and portable size perfect for snacking anywhere, anytime. While crackers are not the most nutritious snack compared to fruits or vegetables, they can be a wholesome part of your diet when chosen carefully. Look for whole grain varieties low in sodium and calories. Combine crackers with other proteins and produce to make a balanced, satisfying snack. Just be sure to watch your portions and not fill up on crackers alone. Eaten in moderation as part of an overall healthy diet, crackers can absolutely be an enjoyable snack.