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Is it risky to shave your balls?

Why do some men shave their balls?

There are a few main reasons why some men choose to shave their genital area:

  • Hygiene – Shaving can help reduce sweat and odor in the groin area.
  • Appearance – Some men feel shaving gives a “cleaner” look.
  • Enhanced sensation – Shaving removes hair that may dull sensitivity during sexual activity.
  • Partner preference – Some partners find shaved genitals more appealing.
  • Comfort – Shaving can reduce itchiness that longer genital hair can cause.
  • Athletics – Shaving can help avoid pulling of genital hair during athletic activities.

Ultimately, men shave their balls for personal preference regarding comfort, hygiene, appearance and sexual sensation. It’s a personal choice that comes down to individual tastes.

What are the risks of shaving your balls?

While shaving the groin area appeals to some men, it does come with some potential risks:

  • Cuts and nicks – The scrotum skin is thin and wrinkled. A slip of the razor can easily cause small cuts and nicks.
  • Ingrown hairs – When freshly shaved hair starts to regrow, it can curl back into the skin and become ingrown. This leads to red, itchy bumps.
  • Razor burn – Friction from the razor can irritate the delicate skin of the scrotum, causing razor burn.
  • Bumps and rashes – Shaving can create an environment where bacteria, fungi and other pathogens can more easily infect hair follicles.
  • Abscesses – In some cases, infected hair follicles develop into painful abscesses that require drainage.
  • Itchiness – Genital shaving often causes itchiness as the hair starts to regrow back in.

These potential risks demonstrate why special care must be taken when shaving the genitals. Proper tools, prep, technique and aftercare help minimize the chances of the above problems occurring.

How to shave your balls safely

If you wish to manscape your nether regions, here are some tips for safely shaving your family jewels:

Use a fresh, sharp razor – Dull razors tug and pull, causing cuts. Use a new disposable razor or well-maintained safety razor. Change disposable razors frequently.

Trim first – Use scissors or an electric body groomer to clip longer hairs down to about 1/4 inch. This reduces tugging and clogging of the razor.

Use a moisturizing shave product – Quality shave gels, foams and oils moisturize skin and provide glide for the razor. Avoid soap, as it can dry out skin.

Warm up with a hot towel – Apply a warm, moist towel to the scrotum for 2-3 minutes before shaving to soften hairs and prepare skin.

Pull skin taut – Use your free hand to pull skin of the scrotum tight, allowing a closer shave with less chance of catching wrinkles.

Use gentle, short strokes – Resist the urge to rush. Make slow, light, short strokes in the direction of hair growth. Thoroughly rinse razor after each swipe.

Stretch and shift – Adjust your body position frequently to ensure you are not missing hairs in any creases and wrinkles of the scrotum.

Moisturize after – Apply aloe vera, moisturizing balm or post-shave lotion after shaving to calm and hydrate skin.

Avoid tight clothing – Wear loose, breathable underwear and pants while skin heals to prevent irritation.

Watch for infection – If you develop painful, red bumps, see your doctor, as antibiotics may be required.

The verdict

While manscaping the groin area comes with some inherent risks, taking proper precautions can reduce chances of nicks, bumps and other issues. Trim first, use quality shaving products, pull skin taut, take gentle strokes, moisturize after and allow time for the skin to heal. Avoid shaving over the same area too frequently. If problems develop, cease shaving the area. Overall, shaving your balls is relatively safe with the right approach, but may not be worth the hassle for some men. It’s a personal choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does shaving make hair grow back thicker?

No, shaving does not cause hair to grow back thicker or darker. This is a common misconception. Shaving hair simply cuts it off at the skin surface. It has no effect on the structure, growth rate or color of regrowing hair. However, shaving creates blunt-cut hairs with thicker ends rather than tapered tips. This gives the illusion of thicker growth.

Should I use shaving cream, gel or soap?

Quality shaving gels, foams and oils designed for sensitive skin are ideal for the groin. They moisturize, provide a smooth shave and contain soothing ingredients. Soap can dry out and irritate delicate genital skin. But in a pinch, using soap is better than a dry shave.

What’s the best razor for shaving your balls?

A single blade safety razor often provides the closest, cleanest shave. Or use a newer 3, 4 or 5 blade razor with lubricating strip. Avoid old, dull disposable razors. Change cartridge razors after 5-7 uses as they become dull. Many men prefer razors designed specifically for groin shaving.

Can I use hair removal creams on my scrotum?

Chemical depilatory creams are not advised for genital shaving. The scrotum skin is too sensitive for caustic hair removal creams. Using them risks chemical burns, blisters and skin peeling. They can also irritate the urethral opening. Stick to wet shaving or waxing by a professional.

How can I avoid razor bumps in my pubic area?

Exfoliating with a gentle scrub before shaving can help. Always shave using a sharp, high quality razor. Shave in the direction of hair growth, not against. Avoid shaving the same area too frequently. Use a moisturizing shave product. After shaving, apply aloe vera or tend skin lotion. Wear loose fitting clothing while skin heals. If bumps develop, stop shaving the area.

Should I use aftershave on my balls?

Use an alcohol-free balm or sensitive skin lotion on your scrotum after shaving. Products labeled as “aftershave” often contain alcohol, fragrance, menthol and other ingredients that can irritate freshly shaved genitals. Opt for soothing aloe, vitamin E or natural moisturizers when possible. Apply post-shave products to clean, dry skin.

What direction should I shave my pubes?

Always shave in the direction that the hair grows, not against it. Shaving against the grain increases the chances of irritation like ingrown hairs and razor burn. Pull skin taut using your free hand and take gentle, short strokes downward toward the base of the penis to shave with the grain.


While shaving the balls appeals to some men, it does require special care and technique to avoid nicks, irritation and ingrown hairs. Using a sharp, quality razor with proper shaving cream and taking gentle strokes in the direction of hair growth can help minimize the risks. Moisturizing and allowing time to heal after shaving are also important. Overall, groin shaving is relatively safe if done carefully, but men should weigh the pros and cons vs simply trimming the hairs. It ultimately comes down to personal preference.